Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 47

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Reaped What She Sowed +25 Bonus Just when Natasha was feeling smug, a Twitter
account suspected to be Gwendolyn’s posted a tweet.

It was a video that filmed the wine-splashing incident from a different angle.

The video clearly showed Gwendolyn passing the phone to Natasha, seemingly showing her
something on her phone.

Natasha was immediately infuriated after viewing the contents of the phone.

and picked up the glass of red wine, wanting to throw the contents at Gwendolyn.

Despite that, Gwendolyn grabbed Natasha’s hand to prevent her from doing so, resulting in Natasha
being splashed with wine by her backhanded movement instead.


Even though the video posted was even clearer and more complete, the person who splashed the wine
was still Gwendolyn.

There was still not much information to be gained from it.

The allegedly Gwendolyn’s account posted another tweet before the throng of trolls even had a

to bash her in the comments section.

We are divorced and have nothing to do with each other now.

Everyone was perplexed.

What does that mean? Does this mean that she’s actually the legal wife and not the mistress? Even
though both tweets were concise and clear, it doesn’t look convincing at all since there isn’t any actual
proof, right? Soon, trolls gathered in the comments section, and almost every comment they made was

Some netizens displayed their support for Natasha, expressing their belief that there was no
unexpected turn to the incident.

Otherwise, they swore they would live stream themselves eating their foot.

However, the tables were turned in less than two minutes.

Some other insiders had posted a piece of evidence on Twitter, proving that Natasha was the one who
had drugged Maverick.

The posts they made were all confirmations of what she had done.

The shocking posts caused a commotion among the netizens.

What kind of woman would take the initiative to use such dirty tricks on her future husband? Unless
she’s his mistress, of course.

The divorce announcement posted on Twitter by Gwendolyn suddenly seemed more credible and
convincing now.

In spite of that, there were still some who doubted the video posted online, saying that Gwendolyn was
being too arrogant.

Fortunately, some netizens were more clear-headed this time.

If Gwendolyn is indeed the ex-wife of Mr. Wright that he had kept secret for three years, that would
make Natasha the real mistress, right? Judging from the unedited video, it’s obvious that Natasha was
the one who wanted to splash the glass of red wine first.

Gwendolyn’s actions don’t seem too extreme to me.


24 Mon, May 15 73% Chapter 47 Reaped What She Sowed +25 Bonus I was there! Because there
was a shortage of staff at the Mossey family, I was temporarily assigned to work as a waiter at the

Ms. Mossey and Gwendolyn were wearing the same dress, but Ms. Mossey accused Gwendolyn of
wearing an imitation.

In the end, Ms. Mossey’s dress was confirmed to be the knock-off item instead.

Perhaps it was because of this issue that she held a grudge against Gwendolyn, so she thought of
splashing red wine on her.

Who knew Gwendolyn would happen to… A helpful netizen described everything so vividly and in
detail, leading the gossipy bystanders to reply below the comment.

The helpful and enthusiastic netizen also patiently explained the matter to the others.

Soon, two more videos were posted online.

The first video was a vertical shot of Natasha dancing to “Lover,” while the second was a humiliating
video of her dress tearing after she lost her temper.

Most uninformed netizens gradually shifted their attention and came to gossip about those videos

Meanwhile, Natasha was just monitoring the comments posted on her Twitter and felt suspicious.

When she returned to the main page and checked out the trending topics, she found that the few topics
criticizing Gwendolyn had stopped trending, so she had to search hard to find them again.

As it turned out, several new search terms and topics on the trending list were actually related to her.

Second heir to the Mossey family’s “Lover” dancing skills, Natasha’s humiliation, The Mossey family
imitation dress Those keywords irritated her terribly.

With her fingers trembling, Natasha tapped on it to take a look.

Sure enough, someone had leaked a video of herself being embarrassed at the banquet.

How can this be? Before the banquet was over, Jerome had obviously mentioned to the guests to keep
this private, while the Mossey family housekeepers would never dig their own graves by exposing the
matter to the public.


Natasha discreetly switched to her alternate account and left a comment, attempting to defend her
image and reputation.

I’ve met Ms. Mossey before, and she’s quite a nice person! Iink she must have been framed for the
replica dress.

Who knows? Gwendolyn might have been responsible for it! In no time, someone replied to her

But it’s really hilarious after she made a fool out of herself! Furthermore, the pastel-colored lingerie set
was quite eye-catching too! Hahaha! Natasha was fuming in anger at the remark.

In response, she refuted the words of the other party straight away.

That instantly set off a heated argument between the two.

Unfortunately, Natasha was no match for the experienced netizen this time, and her momentum was
rapidly drowned out.

Furthermore, because her statements were overly aggressive, the others began to suspect something
was amiss.

Why are you being so defensive of her? Don’t tell me that you’re Natasha Mossey.

Did you set up an alternate 13.

24 Mon, May Chapter 47 Reaped What She Sowed account? +25 Bonus Someone had done a quick
search on both Natasha’s official and alternate accounts, while another netizen tracked the network
cable and discovered that both accounts were logged in from the same IP address.

At that point, Natasha’s reputation and image were completely shattered.

All of the public accounts she had paid to market and promote herself, as well as the pure and

image she had created for herself, had all been wasted.

Natasha was now known to have drugged her fiancé, wore replica dresses, and even deliberately
created an alternate account just to clear her name and throw Gwendolyn under the bus.

On the other hand, Gwendolyn merely posted an unedited video and only a few words regarding the

Natasha’s attempt to hide the truth led to the situation becoming even clearer instead.

On the Internet, a wave of condemnation was unleashed against her.

While Gwendolyn monitored the online fracas in the office, she realized the situation was more or less
settled and advised Joaquin, who had been posing as the Mossey family’s temporary staff, to withdraw
from the heated debate.

As she thought of Natasha shooting herself in the foot this time, Gwendolyn could only shake her head
with a chuckle.

Natasha tried to use online public opinion to tarnish my reputation, but she failed to realize that I’m
working in an entertainment company now, and what I do best is public relations counterattacks! Calm
and unruffled, she placed her phone down and continued to work.

Unbeknownst to her, her name was on the trending list again around ten minutes after she returned to

It was because a video of her dancing to “Lover” at the banquet was posted online.

It was sexy yet innocent and ethereal to see her in light makeup and wearing First Snow while dancing
to a pure but sensual song like “Lover.

” In contrast with Natasha’s earlier dance video, Gwendolyn’s dance performance astounded the

With astonishing speed, the video shot to the top of the trending list.

Simply amazing! This is practically the best tango dance I’ve seen in a while! Is this actually “Lover,”
the dance that has been hailed to be the most difficult to master? She pulled off this dance perfectly! It
is only fitting that she should be a legend! That dance by that Mossey woman was simply an eyesore
compared to this amazing performance! I’m supporting Gwendolyn this time! You’re simply too
gorgeous, Gwendolyn! Please debut as a celebrity, I beg of you! Chapter 47 Reaped What She Sowed
+25 Bonus Many netizens were enthralled by Gwendolyn’s dance performance, and they became
instant fans.

after seeing her video.

They even commented on Gwendolyn’s Twitter account, asking her to debut as a performer.

Meanwhile, some netizens called out those who promised to live stream themselves eating their foot to
come out and be bashed.

As Gwendolyn stared intently at the computer screen Joanne entered the room, holding her phone.

Her face was filled with excitement and amazement as she exclaimed, “You’re really awesome,
Gwendolyn! From now on, I shall be a fangirl of your.

I pledge my utmost loyalty toward you!” Gwendolyn was bewildered by Joanne’s words until the latter
showed her the video, which made her realize that she was now the center of attention on the Internet.

Who is behind this? Could Treyton be responsible for the video’s speedy rise to the top of the trending
list? Since Treyton knew Gwendolyn preferred to keep things low-profile, he would not have done such
an extravagant favor for her.

Who else can it be? Without putting much thought into it, Gwendolyn smiled helplessly as she looked at
Joanne, who was still chattering away happily next to her.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Mossey residence was very tense.

Madelyn sat on the couch with her legs crossed as she ate some fruits, as if she had nothing to do with
the situation.

On the other hand, Natasha was standing obediently in the middle of the mansion’s living room while
Jerome was pacing back and forth with a darkened expression on his face.

The more Jerome thought about it, the angrier he became.

His face was contorted with rage as he walked toward Natasha and slapped her ruthlessly in the face.

“You good-for-nothing of a daughter!”

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