Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 57

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What A Domineering Woman Linda was stunned by her icy and condescending look.

+25 Bonus Before she could react, Gwendolyn took out her phone and read, “Throughout her five-year
employment at Celeste, Linda Dervalier had cheated on the property management division vice CEO
with a few other managers in the company.

She even seduced a few clients when she was on business trips.

” She turned to Linda and sneered, “Wow, I can’t believe you’re capable of committing such acts.

” “How dare you!” Linda immediately toned down her arrogance.

“How dare you accuse me without evidence? I can sue you for defamation!” “Be patient.

Let me finish,” Gwendolyn responded.

She continued reading the information she gathered, “Besides that, she had also misappropriated
twenty thousand from the company.

Still haven’t kicked the habit you picked up from the orphanage, huh? You might not be put behind bars
for embezzling that twenty thousand, but if your company learns about this…” Gwendolyn paused for a
moment and smirked.

Linda froze for a bit before taking a deep breath.

“At this stage, getting fired by your company is inevitable.

But I wonder if the other companies in the industry will blacklist you when they find out all the things
you did?” Gwendolyn put aside her phone, looked at the exasperated expression on Linda’s face, and
flashed her a faint smile.

“Evidence? Where’s your evidence?” Linda refused to give in.

“You’re so good at making up stories that I nearly believed you.

But don’t you dare point the finger at me if you don’t have any evidence against me!” She rolled her
eyes at Gwendolyn.

As soon as she finished saying that, her phone rang.

Gwendolyn arched her brows and smirked.

“Here comes the evidence.

” Linda responded with a murderous look.

Upon realizing the caller was her boss, she started panicking.

Her hands trembled when she answered the call.

Before she could greet him, her superior lambasted her right away.

“Linda Dervalier, I’ve always thought you’re someone with integrity.

How bold of you to do all these things behind our backs?” He continued roaring.

“I’m aware of all things you did! I can’t believe Celeste has hired a good-for- nothing! You’re doomed!”
“No, sir! Please listen to me!” Linda felt her heart threatening to leap out of her chest.

She tried defending herself in between sobs.

“Someone must have framed me.

You must believe me!” “Framed you? Do you think I’m an idiot?” Her superior was so mad that he

“Come to my office right now.

I’ll show you the evidence before kicking you out of the company!” Before Linda could explain further,
the impatient man hung up on her.

Feeling utterly desperate, she put down her phone and looked at Gwendolyn with imploring eyes.

Her 1/3 1:20 M Chapter 57 What A Domineering Woman arrogant attitude had vanished into thin air.

+25 Bonus Linda began to feel that Gwendolyn was not someone she should mess with.

Not only did she rise to the top and become the boss of the entire automobile city in less than thirty
minutes, but she also managed to dig out my secrets in just a matter of minutes when the argument
with Jamie took place.

“Who exactly are you?” Linda, who still had not regained her composure, stared at Gwendolyn.

Yet, Gwendolyn smirked and responded with an icy gare.

Though she was merely standing still, she exuded a domineering aura as if she was born with it Linda
finally realized Gwendolyn was no longer the divorcee and the ordinary girl from the orphanage she

“I’m sorry, Gwendolyn! Please forgive me!” She humbled herself and pleaded with Gwendolyn.

can’t lose this job.

I admit it’s all my fault.

Please have mercy on me!” Gwendolyn ignored her.

It was as if she was waiting for Linda to continue.

“What I did was wrong, I shouldn’t have humiliated you just now.

Since we grew up together in the orphanage, please just let bygones be bygones, okay? I can’t lose
this job.

I’ll be doomed if the industry blacklists me!” Linda bowed apologetically before Gwendolyn.

Her lowly behavior now was a stark contrast to her arogant attitude earlier.

She got even more anxious when she noticed Gwendolyn continued giving her the cold shoulder.

She dropped to her knees and pleaded, “Gwendolyn know what I did was wrong.

I’m sorry, please let me off! I know you’ve always been compassionate to others, so please have mercy
on me!” “Are you done?” Gwendolyn walked up to Linda.

She lifted the latter’s chin and forced her to look her in the eyes.

“You’re wrong.

I’ve always been vengeful and will always be, so quit playing the sympathy card.

I did give you a chance, but you screwed it up.

” After shoving Linda’s chin aside, Gwendolyn drew a piece of tissue from her bag to wipe her hands.

“Send her out.

” Gwendolyn let out a cold snort.

“From now on, these two are prohibited from entering the premises.

” The general manager immediately got up and ordered the security guards, “Did you not hear what

Shalders said? Escort them out!” A few guards went up and chased them off with mop sticks.

Jamie and Linda, who instantly became the two most hated people in the automobile city, were kicked
out of the place.

Gwendolyn was pleased with the turn of events.

She rned around and returned to the main store.

The general manager followed behind, trying to get to introduce you to the brands around the
automobil Ithought you might need someone to explain how the her good books.


Shalders, do you want me city? Since you’ve just bought over the business, industry works, so-” “That
won’t be necessary.

I know what to do.

” Gwendolyn gave him a glare as a warning.

She did not want him to speak more than he should.

13:26 Mon, May 15 Chapter 57 What A Domineering Woman +25 Bonus “Okay, okay, okay.

I shouldn’t have asked so much.

My fault.

” The general manager smiled wryly and gently slapped his check.

He was afraid of losing his job for stepping on her toes.

Gwendolyn stopped in front of a Volkswagen Passat and studied the bright red car next to her.

After a pause, she opened the door and got into the vehicle.

1 “Don’t tell anyone I acquired the entire automobile city,” Gwendolyn warned in a deep voice.

She continued, “If words get out, I’ll….


” A corner of her lips quirked up.

Her baffling smile sen chills down the general manager’s spine.

The general manager shuddered.

He patted his chest with his hand and assured her, “Don’t worry! This secret is safe with me!” “Moving
forward, you’ll still be in charge of the sales and marketing of the automobile city.

Report to me once a month, but leave me alone on the other days.

” With that, Gwendolyn floored the accelerator and sped off.

The car was merely an ordinary vehicle, but she drove it like a sports car.

The general manager’s jaw dropped as he watched the red car speed into the distance.

He could not help but sigh.

“What a domineering woman.

Our new boss is indeed one of a kind.

” After witnessing how she taught Jamie and Linda a lesson, he knew he must never offend her.

While hitting the road in the new car, Gwendolyn turned on the speaker.

Unperturbed by the incident that had just happened a while ago, she whistled to the tune of the music.

as she was driving back to Angle Corporation.

Suddenly, Gwendolyn heard a familiar ringtone.

She glanced at the phone and realized it was Joanne.

After a short hesitation, she turned on her Bluetooth earpiece.

“I’m on my way back to the office.

Cut to the chase,” Gwendolyn said curtly.


Shalders, you made headlines again!” Joanne uttered.

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