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Chapter 68

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Please Punish Me +25 Bonus “Theyton’s villa?” All of the drowsiness immediately left
Eloise as she sat up from the bed in surprise.

“Explain yourself.

How did Inez get involved with him?” “Have you forgotten? Gwendolyn has been very close with
Treyton ever since she and Mave divorced.

Although Mave has transferred the ownership of Bay Villa to her, she never moved in, and we’ve never
been able to find out where she lives.

” “What do you mean by that?” Eloise frowned.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Natasha rolled her eyes.

“This means that she’s most probably living with Treyton! We’ve searched the entire Fairlake, and
there’s no sign of Inez, so it’s highly possible that Gwendolyn hid her in Treyton’s villa!” Eloise gave it
some thought and felt that Natasha made a valid point.

He immediately sent someone to investigate.

Natasha tossed her phone aside irritably after she hung up and leaned against the headboard while
she waited for an update.

Inez didn’t die; instead, she became a vegetative state patient.

This fact had always been like a thorn in her heart.

No matter how proud Natasha was in public, Inez’s presence always reminded her that she was born
as an illegitimate daughter.

Natasha had been looking for a chance to get rid of Inez ever since she became the heir to Mossey

However, Madelyn was so vigilant that she was practically inseparable from Inez’s hospital room.

Natasha couldn’t find the right moment to make a move.

As long as Inez was alive, her position as the heir to Mossey Group wouldn’t be secured.

Natasha would inevitably be compared to the other person by the outside world.

Inez’s disappearance this time presented a golden opportunity.

I must take advantage of this opportunity and get rid of the two most annoying people! The sky
gradually brightened at the horizon, and the morning sun shone into every corner, gently awakening the

Natasha gazed at the increasingly bright sky outside the window and grew anxious.

When the phone rang, she quickly reached for it, unlocked it, and answered the call.

“How is it? Any news?” “Although we can’t be sure that Inez is definitely at Tryton’s villa, the people I
sent there reported that the number of bodyguards in the villa has nearly doubled, and the security is
extremely tight.

This is very suspicious.

” “So, what do we do now? No matter how powerful Mossey Group and Ferguson Group are, we can’t
possibly provoke Treyton, especially on his own turf,” Natasha sighed.

13:59 Mon, May 15 Chapter 68 Please Punish Me She was at her wit’s end.

She didn’t know what else could be done.

+25 Bonus “I’ve got a plan, and you don’t need to get involved.

” Eloise hung up the phone and forcefully threw her phone to the side before Natasha could respond.

Treyton had always been cold to her, but he showered Gwendolyn, who suddenly appeared with
endless care and affection, which greatly annoyed her The thought of Gwendolyn and Inez possibly
being his house made her sick with envy.

Eloise became angrier the more she thought about it.

She decided to take matters into her own hands.

and visit Treyton’s villa while he was away.

“Stop sleeping and get up right now!” Eloise called Gunnar and woke him up.

“I want to go to Treyton’s place this morning.

Arrange it for me immediately.

I will hold you accountable if something goes wrong.

” Gunnar sleepily rubbed his eyes.

He wanted to argue that he was just a bodyguard and that an assistant should be handling these tasks.

However, he reluctantly agreed in the end, “Understood.

” Noah completed the task assigned to him by Natasha.

He immediately boarded the earliest flight out of Lightspring to return to Fairlake as soon as the flight

He went back to his apartment to avoid being suspected by Maverick and decided to take a shower
before going to the office to clock in.

He parked his car in the garage and gently opened the door to his apartment.

He saw a figure smoking a cigarette while sitting on the couch before he could close the door tightly.

He turned around and saw that it was Maverick.

His face was somber under the rising smoke.

The two of them locked eyes and Noah panicked.

He tried his best to hide any signs of emotion on his face.

Maverick had personally arranged Noah’s residence, so he naturally knew the password to Noah’s
apartment door.

“Boss, did you need me for something?” Noah tried his best to stay calm and set down the bag in his

“You could have just called me if you needed something.

You don’t need to come here in person.

It’s still early.

Have you had breakfast yet? Do you need me to prepare it for you?” “Where have you been?”
Maverick ignored the series of questions thrown at him.

He put out the cigarette held between his slender fingers in the ashtray, and his icy gaze seemed like a
sharp sword ready to pierce through Noah.

Noah feigned light-heartedness as he said, “I think we shouldn’t always be cooped up in the office.

I want to exercise more, but I usually don’t have time, and I’m afraid it might interfere with my work, so I
made the most of the morning by going for a run.

” “Is that so?” Maverick’s sharp gaze fell on him.

He stretched out his long leg and crossed it over the other, his fingers resting on the back of the couch
occasionally tapping the painted solid wood decoration.

Chapter 68 Please Punish Me Noah felt immense pressure just from that.

+25 Bonus He could only reply stiffly.

“Yes, Boss.

I was just going for a morning workout.

Please don’t overthink it.

” “Noah, you’ve let me down.

” A tired look crept onto Maverick’s face.

“Did you really think I was clueless?” Noah shook his head subconsciously.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.

” Te “Natasha’s phone tap has been removed, and you did it under my name.

What did you do after leaving Fairlake last night?” Maverick cut to the chase and stared at him with his
eagle-like eyes.

“Could it be… you’ve been wary of me all along?” These few words struck down from the sky like a
lightning bolt.

Noah knelt in front of Maverick with a thud and pleaded, “Boss, it’s my fault.

I shouldn’t have crossed the line.

Please punish me!” “Where did you go after leaving Fairlake last night? What did you do? Answer me

” Maverick suppressed his anger, stood up, walked over to him, and looked down at him.

“This is your last chance.

You know what happens when you defy me.

” Noah fell silent.

A moment later, he gritted his teeth, mustered up the courage, looked up, and met Maverick’s gaze.

“Boss, don’t you think you’re being unreasonable? Ms. Mossey is your fiancée, yet you don’t seem to
care about her at all.

” Maverick furrowed his brow slightly as he didn’t expect Noah to accuse him in return.

“You’re so protective of Gwendolyn, yet you ignore your own fiancée.

You transferred the villa to Gwendolyn and made Ms. Mossey move to another apartment.

Is that what a responsible fiancé would do? Ms. Mossey was framed by Gwendolyn and severtly
injured, yet you didn’t even stand up for her,” Noah said it all in one breath and stared straight at
Maverick’s cold face.

“Are you done?” Maverick was unfazed by Noah’s words as he touched his wristwatch.

“I’ll ask you one last time.

What did you do after you left Fairlake? Does it have anything to do with Gwendolyn?” Noah had been
working alongside Maverick for many years.

He was very familiar with all of his habitual actions.

He knew Maverick was holding back his anger.

Maverick would still send someone to look into everything even if Noah kept his mouth shut and said
nothing, so he took all the responsibility upon himself “Gwendolyn is dead! I hijacked the plane she was
on last night, and she jumped out mid-flight.

You may be able to forgive her for hurting Ms. Mossey, but I can’t!”

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