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Chapter 88

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Chapter 83 Did The Trainee Run Away Samantha promptly replied to her and made arrangements.

A group of people chattered as they got into the car at the talent show base.

67% +25 Bonus The lake’s surface shimmered with sparkling waves, rippling in the wind.

The rustling of the leaves by the shore added a touch of charm to the peaceful lake area.

The talent show manager separated all the contestants into six teams for the competition.

One contestant, Charmaine Zacker, got on the boat and chose to sit behind a wealthy heiress.

Right after the referee blew the whistle, the two boats sped forward.

As none of the competitors had any prior experience with rowing, the small boat rocked and swayed
precariously as they pushed forward.

Their voices filled with a mixture of high-pitched screams and cheerful laughter.

Due to the lively atmosphere, the entire scene at the filming set seemed vibrant.

wind on the lake gradually picked up, and the already unstable small boats suddenly began to rock
more violently.

Suddenly, out of sight of the camera, there was a loud splash.

“Ah! Help!” Nancy Forester, who was the wealthy heiress, had fallen into the water! She flailed about in
the water in a state of panic and shouted, “Somebody comedy quick! I’m drowning!” The others on the
boat were caught off guard by her sudden fall and panicked, shouting for help from the people on

Fortunately, the lifeguard was not far away, and upon hearing the cries for help, he immediately swam
over and rescued Nancy, who was now drenched like a drowned rat.

At this point, the filming had been paused.

Nancy wiped the water off her face.

She was furious and started to curse loudly.

“What kind of film planning is this? What if something happened to me today? Can you afford to
compensate me?” The talent show manager hurried over to check on Nancy’s condition.

After confirming several times that the latter was not seriously injured, she let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Nancy then turned her anger at the talent show manager, “Why did you have to organize this kind of
outdoor activity? It’s because of this I made such a big fool of myself.

Your management of the filming set is also negligent!” The person in charge felt guilty and remained
silent, allowing Nancy to vent her frustrations.

Someone in the crowd was watching the spectacle and quickly typed to report that the mission was

67% 14:06 Mon, May 15 Chapter 83 Did The Trainee Run Away +25 Bonus capture Since it was a
blind spot for the area’s surveillance, the accompanying photographer couldn’t the incident.

Furthermore, with the boat rocking violently, nobody noticed what had happened at that moment.

Even Nancy was confused.

“Both your show and the lake area are responsible for this incident.

I won’t let this go easily! Just wait for this to be exposed!” Nancy spat out these words with hatred and
left the scene in a huff.

The talent show manager and the person in charge exchanged glances, unsure what to do next.

They were well aware of Nancy’s background and whether what she said was true or not; as long as it
caught on as a trending topic and triggered a wave of online criticism, it would definitely have an impact
on Angle Corporation and the show.

“What should we do now?” The talent show ‘manager’s expression was anxious.

“If she really exposes this matter, we will be the ones who get into trouble! “What else can we do? Let’s
contact Ms. Shalders first!!! The person in charge made a decisive decision and took out the phone to
call Gwendolyn.

“An incident?” After listening to the person in charge’s report, Gwendolyn furrowed her brows.

“I’ve carefully reviewed your application, and the safety measures in that filming area are excellent.

It’s not very likely that such an incident could happen easily.

Don’t worry.

You guys continue with the filming as usual.

I will handle this matter.

” The person in charge took a deep breath to calm down and asked the trainees to quiet down amidst
the murmurs.

He then escorted them back to the training base.

The outdoor shoot was interrupted by this unexpected incident, and he had to quickly plan new filming
content and shoot the next episode before it aired the following week.

On the other hand, Gwendolyn put aside her current work and decided to handle this situation first.

She immediately called Joanne to arrange for the staff to conduct a thorough safety check again.

“All right.

” After hearing about the arrangements, Joanne didn’t leave immediately.

Instead, she stood there as if she had something else to say.

Gwendolyn didn’t even lift her head and asked, “Is there anything else?” “Ms. Shalders! The contestant
who fell into the water has already posted about the incident, claiming that our company’s safety
measures are inadequate and threatening to demand compensation!” Gwendolyn finally looked up and
curved her lips meaningfully.

“Give me the phone.

” She understood internally after scanning the post and the number of views casually.

I see.

Go and handle the task I just assigned you.

Also, have someone retrieve all the videos from that time and bring them to me.

” 14:06 Mon, May 15 b/% Chapter 83 Did The Trainee Run Away +25 Bonus Joanne had worked with
Gwendolyn for some time and understood her style of handling things, but this time it was a filming
accident, so she was still worried.

She couldn’t help but remind Gwendolyn, “Ms. Shalders, are we not going to address this issue?” If this
trend continued, the company’s reputation would be significantly affected.

Gwendolyn didn’t explain too much.

She had already made up her mind.

When she knew that the drowning incident had occurred precisely in the blind spot of the camera, she
became even more convinced of her analysis.

323 After only one episode of the show had been filmed, so many things happened in succession, with
three contestants requesting to withdraw from the competition one after another.

It was too much of a coincidence for all of them to happen at once.

However, this time, she decided to go in person to check the situation.

– With one hundred girls staying together all day, she needed to take charge and assert her authority,
or else more trouble could arise in the future.

– The news of Gwendolyn’s arrival at the filming location spread quickly.

Most people were still looking forward to the director’s arrival, but Charmaine, who knew the purpose of
Gwendolyn’s visit, was not so calm.

She didn’t have much support to rely on, and realizing Gwendolyn was serious about investigating the
incident, she secretly contacted Samantha from a blind spot of the surveillance camera.

When the call was connected, she directly expressed her intentions.

“Angle’s talent director has already started to suspect something.

We won’t be able to cover incident.

Let’s end our collaboration here.

After all, you’ve achieved your goal!” up this Samantha, who was on the phone, didn’t expect
Charmaine to be so cowardly.

The situation had not caused any actual harm to Gwendolyn yet, and Charmaine was already planning
to bail out.

“Don’t you want a future that’s filled with success and fame?” Surprisingly, this girl seemed to have an
open-minded perspective.

“I didn’t know Gwendolyn before, but I’ve heard some of her stories lately.

This woman is so shrewd that she has even brought down the previous heir of the Mossey family.

Don’t talk about being famous in the future.

If she found out the truth regarding this incident, I’ll be finished!” Seeing other trainees approaching in
the distance, Charmaine quickly hung up the phone and deleted.

the call record before blocking Samantha’s number.

Meanwhile, Samantha’s eyes darkened.

How daring of that b*tch to hang up on me! Her eyes glinted with a cold determination as she began to
plot her revenge.

Since Gwendolyn arrived at the filming set quite late, she chose to stay at a hotel nearby.

However, the following morning brought een event.

Gwendolyn woke up early and arrived at the filming location Just in time to see the talent show
manager urging the contestants to wake up from their slumber.

However, after gathering and taking a headcount, they discovered that one of the contestants was
found missing.

“Charmaine Zacker.

” The talent show manager carefully reported the missing contestant’s name to Gwendolyn.

She looked at Gwendolyn’s face, which was younger than hers, and was surprised that the latter
remained calm and composed.

It was unclear whether Gwendolyn was trying to appear mature or simply unaware of the seriousness
of the situation.

However, once news of the missing contestant got out, it could ruin the company’s reputation! “Has the
news been blocked?” Gwendolyn asked while looking at the girl’s photo.

“It has, but some rumors have spread online.

” The talent show manager was previously puzzled about how rumors could still spread online despite
the news being blocked.

Gwendolyn appeared to pay little attention to the second part of the sentence and passed the photo to
the person in charge.

“Please conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether Charmaine was sitting next to Nancy on
the day the latter fell into the water,” she requested.

“Uh…” In fact, the talent show manager couldn’t remember all the contestants on that day, as there
were so many of them.

“All right, go and comfort the others first.

Let me handle the rest.

” As soon as the person in charge left, Gwendolyn quickly made a phone call.

“Boss, how can I assist you?” came a voice on the other end of the phone.

“Help me find someone-Charmaine Zacker.

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