Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 106

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A Thoughtful Little Gift She Prepared #5 Bonus After hanging up the phone, Maverick
instructed Nico and the others to return to their respective.

positions and await further orders.

Meanwhile, he hurriedly made his way to Wright Construction Group.

It was about time to clock out, and there were only a few people left in the company.

He made his way smoothly into the building and went straight to the CEO’s office on the top floor.

Upon opening the door, he noticed the entire room had been redecorated.

Unlike the black and white style he used to favor, the sofa was now green, and even the tablecloth on
the coffee table was green.

He instinctively frowned as he hated this color.

In front of the desk, a slender figure was sitting with her back toward him.

“Mr.Wright, long time no see!” As if she heard him enter, the woman turned her chair and radiantly
smiled when she looked at him.

“Are you surprised to see me sitting in your seat? Did you expect this?” Maverick pursed his thin lips
and stared unwaveringly at the woman before him.

After not seeing her for half a month, her face seemed even more beautiful.

Her skin was delicate and flawless, and her red lips were always bold and unrestrained whenever she

However, all that remained in her eyes was coldness.

He had been searching for her for so long, and she now appeared before him unharmed.

He thought he would be overjoyed but realized he couldn’t even muster a smile.

While Maverick was observing Gwendolyn, she was also sizing him up.


It had been a while since they last saw each other, and he seemed to have lost weight.

She wondered what he had been through during this time.

Seeing him staring at her with a gloomy expression, Gwendolyn smirked with a hint of sarcasm.

“You must be disappointed to see that I not only survived but also caused the Wright family to go
bankrupt and became the person in control of Wright Construction Group, right?” Maverick remained
silent, his darkened eyes fixed on her.

Gwendolyn felt annoyed under the intensity of his gaze.

Despite losing everything, he could still put on an appearance of composure and grandeur.

However, she was determined to shatter his prideful facade.

“In fact, it’s not just that.

Your beloved fiancée, Natasha, and that lackey, Noah, have both been sent to rot in jail by me.

Now even the Wright residence is mine.

” She propped her chin on her hand while her elbow rested on the desk.

Her delicate face lifted slightly as she smiled audaciously and locked eyes with the motionless man
standing not far away.

Beneath this innocent and enchanting expression lays an extremely wicked heart.

Chapter 106 A Thoughtful Little Gift She Prepared Maverick’s face turned cold, his expression grave.

He had spent over half a month searching for her in the mountains from Fairlake to Lightspring.

And how did she repay him? -She had Treyton bring Asher’s men to hunt him down and meticulously
orchestrate the downfall of the Wright family.

It was simply outrageous! “Why?” His voice was slightly hoarse due to a fever he had had a few days
ago as he spoke, and his deep black eyes.

brimmed with anger.

Gwendolyn’s expression turned cold in an instant.

He didn’t say anything when she mentioned the downfall of the Wright family.

It seemed that only Natasha, whom he cherished, could elicit a different reaction from him.

“You know exactly what you’ve done.

” Maverick was baffled, yet his eyes still glimmered with anger.

Ignoring the anger in his eyes, Gwendolyn recalled the surprise gift she had prepared for him, and a
smile once again adorned her red lips.

“To celebrate your return, apart from the Wright family’s downfall, I’ve specially prepared a surprise gift
just for you!” She calmly retrieved an agreement from the drawer and lightly pushed it in Maverick’s

direction with her slender fingertips.

Maverick stepped forward and opened the agreement before carefully reading through it.

The contents were unbelievably absurd! He chuckled, a hint of irony playing on his pale lips.

“What makes you think I would sign this?” Gwendolyn leisurely took a sip of her coffee.


“I was a full-time wife in the Wright family for three years.

Now, if you serve as my personal butler for a full year, I’ll return both Wright Construction Group and
the Wright residence to you.

Isn’t this at profitable deal? Or do you think you’re incapable of fulfilling the role?” Maverick sneered, “I
don’t need a year to regain control of Wright Construction Group.

” Gwendolyn applauded.

“Well said.

I certainly believe you have the capability.

But your mother and sister have already signed employment contracts.

Don’t you care about their well-being?” His face suddenly turned icy and stern.

“I can’t believe you used them as leverage against me.

Don’t you think that’s despicable?” Chapter 106 A Thoughtful Little Gift She Prepared Both of them
exuded strong, unyielding auras.

They were evenly matched.

+5 Bonus “Why should I adhere to morals dealing with unreasonable people like you and your family?
You’re the one who didn’t properly assess your position and mistakenly believes you have the
qualifications to negotiate terms with me.

Besides signing this agreement, you have no other choice because this is the debt you’ve accumulated
over three years!” Debts? His past indifference had hurt her.

His disregard had led to her being mistreated by Frida and Sheralyn for years.

Also, what happened with Natasha… Maverick fell silent.

Back then, he had thought Natasha was the little girl who had saved him years ago.

Natasha wanted him to be her protector, and he became one.

Natasha wanted a status, to be the legitimate Mrs.

Wright, and he gave her that too.

Regarding this, he really owed Gwendolyn.

C He had wanted to divorce her early on but held on because of Declan.

He reluctantly dragged it out and wasted three years of her youth.

“All right, I’ll sign it.

” His well-defined fingers took the pen from the desk, and he signed his name at the bottom right corner
of the agreement without hesitation.

He thought it would end there.

However, Gwendolyn pulled out a beautifully wrapped small gift box from the drawer, her eyes curving.

into a smile.

“This is also for you.

Would you like to open it and have a look?” Maverick hesitantly took the gift and opened the lid.

Inside laid a syringe about the size of his pinky finger.

The syringe was filled with an unknown transparent substance.

It was obviously not something good.

Seeing his furrowed brow, Gwendolyn explained, “I know you’re skilled in martial arts, and I can’t defeat

So I have to be cautious.

” Indeed, it wasn’t something good! Maverick’s expression grew even more serious as he stared
intently at the tiny syringe.

Gwendolyn seemed to understand what he was’thinking.

“Don’t worry.

It’s not poison.

It will only weaken your physical strength for two months, making you unable to defeat me.

It won’t affect you in doing normal household chores and tasks.

It may sting a little during the injection, but you’ll have to self- administer it every two months.

” Chapter 106 A Thoughtful Little Gift She Prepared She spoke as if she was describing an ordinary

The smile on her face seemed as if she were discussing what to have for dinner.

She completely disregarded Maverick’s increasingly cold and icy expression.

+5 Bonus hint of danger sparked in Maverick’s dark eyes.

“Since you know you can’t defeat me, are you not afraid of provoking me? Should I take action against
you right now?” Gwendolyn waved her hand nonchalantly.

“You’re in my territory, and if you make any moves, the building’s security guards will storm in.

I know you’re strong and capable of effortlessly handling ten opponents.

But what about twenty? Or thirty?” She paused, her lips curling up into a wicked smile.

“Would you like to give it a try?” Maverick remained silent.

Their eyes locked, sparks flying between them.

Neither of them was willing to back down an inch.

“Once your strength wanes and you get knocked down, I will still have someone inject the syringe into
your body.

Don’t forget.

You’ve already signed the agreement.

You have to obey me.

The choice is yours.

Do you want to be forcibly injected by me or maintain your dignity and do it yourself? I’ll leave the
decision to you.

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