Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 156

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While Samantha’s mother, Shirley Lane, leisurely walked down the stairs, Gwendolyn and her
companions had already entered the garden.

There were so many people that the entire courtyard was crowded.

Even though the bodyguard at the door wanted to stop them at first, he appeared so helpless and
underpowered when faced with the overwhelmingly large crowd, and he could not stop them from
entering at all.

Gwendolyn had someone bring over a lounge chair that was in the courtyard.

Once it was placed in the center of the courtyard, she proceeded to sit on it, looking casual and laid

Meanwhile, Maverick went straight to the orange tree in the backyard of the Lane residence to pick
some oranges, then stood quietly at the side as he peeled them for her.

That scene left Shirley dumbfounded as soon as she stepped out of the villa.

Still, with her years of experience being in charge of the Lane Group, both her composure and manners
were excellent.

“What’s going on here, every—” Before she could finish speaking, Shirley suddenly took notice of the
orange in Maverick’s hand.

She instantly went as white as a sheet while exclaiming, “Oh, no! Maverick, you clueless child! This is
the Lane family’s Fruit of Prosperity.

It is not to be touched!” “Not to be touched, you say?” Gwendolyn beamed charmingly at the older
woman as her slender fingers reached for the peeled orange in Maverick’s hand.

Parting her rosy lips slightly, she tasted a segment of the fruit, her actions exuding grace and elegance.

Upon tasing the orange, her lips curled into a wider smile.

“As expected of a fruit that’s being meticulously taken care of by the Lane family.

It’s pretty tasty,” she remarked.

The sight of Gwendolyn finishing the entire orange only made Shirley’s heart bleed.

Shirley had people airship the orange tree from Epea at great expense.

The ever-thriving tree signified wealth and prosperity, and a single orange was worth its weight in gold.

However, Maverick picked quite a few of them! Shirley dug her nails into her palm, trying her very best
to tamp down the anger in her heart.

Then, she curled the corner of her lips into a smile and spoke, “You really are an incredible woman.

Despite leaving your marriage with nothing, you managed to take control of Wright Construction Group
in such a short time.

There aren’t many women in this world that I, Shirley Lane, consider to be admirable, but you’re one of

That said, you’re always welcome to visit me at the Lane residence, but what’s the meaning of this,
bringing so many people along with you?” Gwendolyn did not even lift her eyelids.

She waited patiently for Maverick to finish peeling the orange, then after eating another one, she
uttered lazily, “You’re overthinking, Mrs. Lane.

I’m not here for a visit today; I’m here to settle the score with Samantha.

” “Settle the score?” Shirley blurted, looking baffled.

Just then, Samantha happened to descend the stairs.

Upon seeing that it was Gwendolyn who came, a venomous look flitted across her eyes.

However, she soon noticed the group of men behind Gwendolyn.

They were all clad in black suits, standing tall and straight.

Their stern expressions made them look as if they were ready to devour someone, which was quite a
terrifying sight to behold.

Samantha was afraid.

Nevertheless, she approached them and stood beside Shirley before trying her best to muster her

Samantha then glared at Gwendolyn and warned the other woman, “You barged into my home with so
many people in broad daylight.

I can sue you for trespassing and malicious harassment!” Hearing that, Gwendolyn waved her hand

“Mrs. Lane just said that I’m always welcome to visit the Lane residence, so here I am.

Is this considered trespassing?” The mother and daughter gritted their teeth, not uttering a word.

On the other hand, the team of bodyguards behind Gwendolyn shouted in unison, “It’s not trespassing!”
Their voice was loud and clear, and their presence was overwhelming.

Shirley and Samantha were startled by the thunderous response, so much so that the colors drained
from their faces.

Satisfied with their reactions, Gwendolyn sat up gracefully before mentioning, “A couple of days ago, I
was returning home from a charity gala when my car exploded all of a sudden.

To my surprise, forty people emerged out of nowhere, wanting to kill me.

” All that came from Samantha was a snort.

“What does that have to do with me? It’s obviously because you didn’t keep yourself in check and
made others hate you.

Alas, b*tches like you are lucky.

It takes so many people to bring you down, yet you’re still alive.

” Gwendolyn’s face remained largely devoid of emotions.

“Yeah, all thanks to you.

I’m not dying for the being, though I’m a little injured.

That’s why I’m here to settle the score.

Otherwise, I won’t feel at ease.

” At the mention of Gwendolyn’s injuries, the faces of the “bodyguard team” behind her grew darker and
darker, making them appear increasingly scarier and more terrifying.

Maverick, however, kept his head down, focusing all of his attention on peeling an orange for
Gwendolyn as if everything else was none of his business.

There were fifty-nine gloomy-looking people standing in front of the mother-and-daughter duo.

If it had not been for their strong mental fortitude, Samantha and Shirley would’ve been scared out of
their wits.

Feeling threatened, Samantha instinctively gripped her mother’s arm and cast a warning glare at

“What are you trying to do?” Gwendolyn maintained a smile on her face.

Even her eyes curved into a smile, exuding a delicate charm.

She then waved her hand gently, and the group of bodyguards simultaneously took a step forward.

That frightened Samantha, causing her face to turn ashen as she instinctively stepped back.

She shot a glare at Gwendolyn, gritted her teeth, and said, “There are strict laws in Chanaea.

You don’t have the guts to kill me! Besides, I didn’t do anything.

You don’t have any evidence, so how dare you try to lay a finger on me!” “Who said I wanted to kill
you? Everything will be solved once and for all with your death.

Where’s the fun in that? As for evidence, I’ll find it sooner or later.

But for now, I suppose we can get down to settling the score.

” As soon as those words left her lips, the smile on Gwendolyn’s countenance vanished, and a cold
glint flitted across her beautiful eyes as she ordered in a low voice, “Hold her down.

” With that, the bodyguards rushed forward to grab Samantha.

The large group advanced toward her at once.

Samantha was a petite woman.

The pressure from the intimidating group was enough to crush her.

She was scared out of her wits.

When Samantha recalled the time when she was being held down by Gwendolyn’s bodyguards while
the woman slapped her, her entire body began trembling in fear.

Shirley, on the other hand, was much more composed.

She quickly regained her senses and ordered her own bodyguards, “What are you waiting for? Get all
of the bodyguards and housekeepers out here to protect Ms. Lane!” The Lanes’ bodyguards moved
swiftly at her behest.

However, they were no match for Gwendolyn’s people.

Less than a minute was all it took for Gwendolyn to put the Lanes’ people under control.

Samantha noticed that things were not looking good for her and immediately wanted to make a run for

Before she could even lift her leg, however, her shoulders were restrained.

Gwendolyn’s people showed no mercy, treating Samantha roughly as they forced her to kneel on the

Samantha’s face contorted in pain as she screamed at the top of her lungs, “You wretch! I won’t let you
off easily if you dare to touch me! I’ll make sure you die a horrible death, you hear me? Ah, it hurts! Let

go of me!” “You’ve gone too far! The Lane family is a prominent family in Fairlake.

You can’t just bully us as you please!” Shirley, at the side, could only hurl threats and cusses at
Gwendolyn, for she was also being restrained by the bodyguards.

However, Gwendolyn ignored them and continued eating the orange.

Her pair of pretty eyes under her long eyelashes were staring intently at the mother and daughter.

There was a grin tugging on her lips, though her cheeks were puffed up as she ate.

Her playful mean-girl demeanor made Maverick’s heart skip a beat.

He had the impulse to discreetly pinch those pale and soft cheeks of hers.

While he was staring intently at Gwendolyn, Shirley was looking and shouting at him, “Maverick, Louis
is your uncle! He’s not home, so are you just going to let your ex-wife bully us, your family, like this?”
Maverick’s handsome face was pale as he uttered in an icy tone, “Aunt Shirley, Samantha must’ve told
you that I signed an agreement with Gwendolyn.

I’m one of her people now, so there’s nothing I can do to help.

” “You… What you’re doing now is no different than holding a candle to the devil.

We’re your family!” Shirley continued to say.

Gwendolyn thought the older woman was too noisy, and a slight frown marred her countenance as she
ordered, “She’s making too much noise.

Shut her up.

” One of the guards immediately went to find a piece of cloth and gagged Shirley’s mouth with it.

Since they still had to question Samantha, her mouth wasn’t gagged.

Gwendolyn took the dagger from Nico’s hand and toyed with it as she approached Samantha until she
was right at the woman’s feet.

She then gently lifted the woman’s chin with the dagger.

Feeling the slight stinging sensation on her chin, Samantha was so terrified that she dared not breathe,
her pupils trembling helplessly.

Finally, she softened her tone.

“Gwendolyn, it had nothing to do with me, really.

It’s useless to seek revenge on me.

” Gwendolyn sneered.

“I know there’s a mastermind behind you, who’s planned everything.

If you hand that person over, along with Natasha, I’ll let you go.

We can also call it even for everything else that happened in the past.

How does that sound?” In other words, Gwendolyn was implying that she wouldn’t touch Lane Group
anymore, and the Lanes could finally live peacefully in the future.

Yet, Samantha was still slightly hesitant.

This b*tch slapped me in public back then, utterly humiliating me! How can I just move past that

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