Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 170

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Waking From The Dream Charles was truly on the verge of exploding.

He suppressed the fury in his heart and spoke with a gentler tone.

“Gwen, I can do all those things too, and I’m better looking than him.

Wouldn’t that make you happier?” Gwendolyn once again lifted Maverick’s chin, examining his facial

“You are good-looking, but he is handsome.

It’s not the same,” she retorted.

Charles had gentle and delicate features, with a pair of deep blue eyes that added a touch of color and
made him look more beautiful than a gorgeous woman.

On the contrary, Maverick’s eyes were dark and deep, and his facial features were extraordinarily

When he was not smiling, he would exude a cold aura.

But when he softened the look in his eyes, feigning innocence and playing the victim, he gave off the
vibe of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which made Gwendolyn want to punish him.

His face was, above all, strikingly attractive.

This time around, with his thin lips gently holding his shirt and his hands bound, he was the
embodiment of desire and submission.

This gave her a strong urge to tease him relentlessly.

Gwendolyn’s words fell softly into Maverick’s ears, sounding especially pleasant and soothing.

He obediently held his hands up high and kept the shirt in his mouth without moving an inch.

Under Gwendolyn’s teasing, his face turned slightly red.

“Such a good boy.

” Gwendolyn was quite pleased with Maverick’s performance.

She picked up the glass of red wine on the table and brought it to his lips, saying, “This is your reward.

” Maverick parted his lips, and his shirt slipped off.

With Gwendolyn feeding him, he drained the glass of red wine in one gulp.

As the wine entered his throat smoothly, a sweet and intoxicating aroma filled his senses.

It was the most delicious wine in the world.

For a moment, Maverick was completely immersed in the sweet aroma of the wine.

Upon seeing the dark red wine dripping from the corner of his mouth, Gwendolyn gently wiped it away
with her index finger.

The drop of wine was transferred to her fingertip.

She glanced at it, then brought her finger to Maverick’s lips.

“It’s yours.

Lick it clean.

” Maverick’s cheeks flushed.

He gently extended his tongue, carefully licking the wine off her finger and sending a tingling sensation
through it.

Seeing him in this extremely obsequious manner delighted Gwendolyn.

Throughout their three years of marriage, he always remained aloof, condescending, and full of

Whenever she saw him, his face was cold, stern, and filled with arrogance.

He had treated her as if she owed him money.

Yet now, the man sat on her lap, cautiously and attentively doing everything he could to please her.

He was much like a big dog intoxicated by affection and waiting for its owner’s loving touch.

Such a scene was something she could never have imagined before.

Feeling extremely satisfied, Gwendolyn let out a series of hearty laughter.

While Maverick took in her bright expression, he began to please her with his tongue more

Gwendolyn could not help but giggle.

Meanwhile, Charles’ eyes were red with anger as he glared at Maverick furiously.

There was a strong urge within him as he wished that he was the one sitting on top of Gwendolyn and
making her laugh so happily.

He found it hard to accept the reality.

“Gwen, do you dare to say you’ve never had feelings for me? Were all those years of affection just my
wishful thinking?” Gwendolyn withdrew her finger.

Then, she lifted Maverick’s shirt and brought it back to his lips.

Maverick, knowing better, bit down gently, while Gwendolyn’s caresses over his body continued.

As she played with Maverick, she responded to Charles’ words.

“Charles, I won’t lie to you—I did like you once.

But you stepped back when I needed you the most.

From that moment on, it was destined that we could never be together in this lifetime.

Now, my fondness for you has completely disappeared.

” Charles looked dejected, unable to utter a single word for quite some time.

Gwendolyn added, “As you can see, I’m doing quite well now.

If you truly feel that you owe me something, you should stay far away from me and never disrupt my life

” Pain brimmed in Charles’ eyes as he stared at her blankly.

He eagerly anticipated Gwendolyn to turn around, look at him, and reveal even the slightest hint of
reluctance in her expression.

Unfortunately, she did not.

She was too busy teasing Maverick with a beaming smile.

Maverick was growing increasingly restless due to Gwendolyn’s actions.

As his breathing became rapid, the frequency of his whimpers escalated.

Gwendolyn saw his struggle to hold himself back and gently asked, “Do you want it?” Maverick bit
down on his shirt, his lips trembling slightly.

With his brows furrowed, he unconsciously let out a soft groan in affirmation.

Gwendolyn appeared extremely patient and smiled indulgently.


This isn’t the right place, so I’ll satisfy you when we go home.

” She gently patted Maverick’s waist, signaling him to stand up, and then untied the belt that bound his

After that, she returned the belt to him.

“Put it on and straighten your clothes.

” There were red marks on Maverick’s wrists from the tight grip of the belt, but they were like a trophy to
Charles’ eyes.

As the red marks moved around in Charles’ vision, he felt his eyes sting.

Not only that, his heart hurt even more.

After Maverick tidied himself up, Gwendolyn gently took his large, well-defined hand in her small one.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with warmth as she said, “Let’s go back home.

” The entire time, she did not glance at Charles on the couch even once.

Soon, Gwendolyn and Maverick left Realm Bar hand in hand.

They got into the car to head back to Bay Villa, and it was then that Gwendolyn finally withdrew her
hand with a cold demeanor.

It was particularly tiring to put on that show.

While she gently closed her eyes to rest, her face regained its previous coldness, and her aura became

The sudden change left Maverick a bit overwhelmed.

In the private room of Realm Bar just now, he had heard the most beautiful words from Gwendolyn.

If I had to choose between you and him, I would choose Maverick.

You are good-looking, but he is handsome.

It’s not the same.

Maverick’s ears were still tinted red.

Hesitantly, he reached out his hand, wanting to ask if there was even the slightest bit of sincerity in
those words she had uttered.

“Gwendolyn…” Before he could touch her sleeve, Gwendolyn frowned in disgust and instinctively
moved her arm away.

Her face displayed the epitome of indifference.

At least she had the patience to explain things to Charles.

But when it comes to me, she can’t even be bothered to say an extra word.

This indifference served as a reminder to Maverick that what had just happened was merely an act,
that everything was fake, and that he should stop deceiving himself.

She simply had a disagreement with Charles, and she did all those only to provoke him.

To her, I mean nothing at all.

I’m just a disposable tool that can be easily discarded once used.

Maverick endured the dull pain in his chest, remaining silent as he followed her out of the car.

When they approached the entrance of the villa, Gwendolyn stopped in her tracks and turned around to
give him an emotionless stare.

“Don’t think that I’ll let you off so easily for skipping work to meet Charles today.

Sweep the yard thoroughly.

You may only go to sleep after you’re done.

” After she finished speaking, she coldly withdrew her gaze and entered the villa first.

The door slammed shut with a loud bang.

It was like a barrier between them that was impossible to overcome.

All of a sudden, Maverick recalled Charles’ words from earlier.

To her, you are just a pet.

She rewards you when you obey and punishes you when you don’t.

She stopped loving you a long time ago.

Maverick’s heart ached so much that his chest was stuffy.

He felt as if he had woken up from the dream.

The realization was very painful.

The flicker of hope that had just been ignited was mercilessly doused, causing heartache and
disappointment far heavier than when there was no hope at all.

The feeling was suffocating.

Maverick clenched his chest tightly, leaning against the wall and trying to endure the intense pain in his

As he did that, the image of Gwendolyn’s ultimate tenderness at Realm Bar kept flashing in his mind.

Even though he knew it was all just an act, he could not help but fall into it.

In the end, he was the one who lost.

“What’s taking so long?” A chilly voice suddenly questioned from behind.

Gwendolyn had opened the door and was standing beside it, watching Maverick.

He sniffled sadly, then turned to face her with his head hung low.

In a muffled voice, he said, “I’ll sweep the yard right now.

” Gwendolyn, with her keen perception, noticed that something was off with Maverick.

She approached him and gently lifted his chin.

The light at the entrance of the villa fully exposed his face to her eyes.

His eyes were rimmed with red, and his long, curled eyelashes trembled slightly, dotted with tiny
droplets of moisture.

The sadness in his gaze was too overwhelming to conceal.

Gwendolyn sneered with amusement.

Did he… cry?

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