Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 200

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Is She Telling The Truth Upon noticing Maverick’s puzzled expression and the faint hint of
surprise in his eyes, Gwendolyn explained, “Didn’t you say that ordinary ointment is useless for injuries
caused by the S40 strong corrosive potion? Yesterday morning, I instructed someone to buy this
specific ointment.

Use it.

The wound on your back should heal faster.

” The man lowered his head and studied the box of ointment in his hand.

Although she did not tell him, he was certain that this ointment could only be acquired from the war

He figured that she must have contacted Asher to obtain it.

The medicine was indeed quite effective.

However, he had the S404 RNA virus in his body, so this ointment would not be of any help to his

“Thank you.

This is the first gift you’ve given me since our divorce.

” With red-rimmed eyes, Maverick rubbed the box of ointment gently with his thumb.

Even the wound on his body did not feel that painful anymore.

“It’s not exactly a gift.

You got hurt because of me this time, so this is my way of making amends.

Besides…” Gwendolyn paused, and her lips curled into a sinister smile before she continued, “The real
post-divorce gifts are the Wright family’s bankruptcy, your employment agreement, and that 023 special

” For a moment, Maverick was stunned.

All of a sudden, the situation did not seem so touching anymore.

Gwendolyn was delighted to see his frozen expression.

She beamed with delight as she picked up Charles’ testimony, which was lying on the desk.

She read every single word and sentence carefully.

Soon, her smile disappeared from her face, and she began to tense up.

“Charles said that he was instructed by Hector to do those things at the bar and splash that bottle of
potion?” Hector Harris was her fourth paternal uncle and an idler who lacked ambition in the Harris

Previously, Gwendolyn had considered the possibility that Gideon Harris, her third uncle, could be the
one trying to harm her.

It was beyond her expectation that Hector could be behind all of this.

Maverick nodded.

“Although Charles might not have told us everything, the fact that he could describe the details of their
communication means he’s probably telling the truth.

Hector’s son works at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Charles fears him.

It makes sense that Charles would listen to Hector and sneak into the lab to steal the drugs.

” She sat down on the small couch next to her and remained silent for a long time.

Gradually, her expression turned into one of rage.

“I can’t let Hector Harris off the hook! Tomorrow, I’ll head to Salinsburgh discreetly to have my
revenge!” Gwendolyn felt furious when she thought of how Hector tried to disfigure her with such an
underhanded method.

She would not stand for it, and she wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine.

She raised her head, and Maverick’s wound came to mind.

“You’re wounded, so stay in the villa and rest.

You’re not allowed to come with me this time.

” The man was trying to think of a good excuse.

Since she would not allow him to accompany her, he decided to take advantage of the situation.

“Okay, I’ll wait for your return at the villa.

” As he uttered the last few words, his voice grew softer.

Nevertheless, Gwendolyn did not notice it, for she was still reading Charles’ testimony seriously.

“That old fart is as slippery as an eel!” she muttered.

“It sounds like you’re well acquainted with this Mr. Harris.

Have you been to the Harris residence before?” Maverick raised his eyebrows.

Even though he had already guessed that she was most likely the heiress of the Harris family, she had
never mentioned it before.

Thus, he suddenly felt the urge to get something out of her.

Upon hearing his question, Gwendolyn looked up to meet his gaze and raised an eyebrow too.

“I’m not well acquainted with him, but I do know Mr. Treyton Harris quite well.

Perhaps Mr. Treyton Harris’ kindness to me has resulted in jealousy among the Harrises, so they
decided to harm me.

” “Oh.

” Maverick tried to stifle his laughter.

When he looked up, he discovered that she was observing his expression with a sharp gaze.

Quickly, he put on a displeased expression.

“Why are you telling me this? I don’t think Treyton is that nice to you,” he added.

With her chin propped on her palm, Gwendolyn replied in a teasing manner, “So, are you jealous
again?” Maverick lowered his head to avoid answering her question.

“I’m going to prepare breakfast,” he muttered.

Only after exiting her room did he smile helplessly.

Gwendolyn chuckled as well.

Once the man was gone, she went through the testimony two more times, then began making
arrangements for her return to Salinsburgh tomorrow.

While Maverick was preparing breakfast, Jasmine purposely woke up fifteen minutes earlier.

She wore a light pink nightgown which made her look alluring yet adorable.

Leaning against the kitchen door, she tilted her head as she watched him cook.

They say that men who can cook are the sexiest! Moreover, he’s so handsome! He’s eye candy,

I’m tempted to sneak him back to the Newton residence and have fun with him for a few days.

What should I do? Maverick sensed that someone was watching him but ignored her out of annoyance.

“Hey! I’ve been standing here for ages.

Can’t you see me?” Jasmine teased.

She pouted and looked somewhat unhappy.

Still, he pretended not to hear her and chopped the vegetables skillfully.

“You’re extremely rude! I’m both the owner and the guest, as well as the darling daughter of the
Newton family! You’re merely a housekeeper employed by Gwendolyn.

How dare you ignore me?” She was rather aggrieved.

Ever since she was a little girl, everybody pampered and indulged her.

As a result, she did not expect a mere housekeeper like Maverick to disregard her.

He stopped chopping the vegetables and stated sternly, “My only owner is Gwendolyn.

Nobody else can order me around except her.

” It was Jasmine’s first time encountering a subordinate with such a haughty attitude.

Thus, she was immensely disgruntled.

“How dare you speak to me like that! Why can’t I order you around?” She stormed into the kitchen and
poured the fresh milk that Maverick had warmed up for Gwendolyn on the floor with an arrogant

“Apologize! I want you to speak to me tenderly, just like how you speak to Gwendolyn! Otherwise, I’ll
tell her that you spilled her milk and make her punish you!” The man’s gaze instantly darkened, and his
whole body exuded a terrifyingly hostile aura.

Without hesitation, he grabbed the empty glass and threw it on the floor.

The glass shattered near the young woman’s feet, causing her to leap in fright.

Her face became as white as a sheet.

She was worried that the shards of glass might cut her slender legs.

Maverick merely shot her an icy glance and carried on with preparing breakfast.

Jasmine was on the verge of tears.

“How dare you treat me like this? You’ve gone too far!” She rushed forward in a fury and raised her
hand to slap him.

A flash of anger flickered in his eyes.

Immediately, he tightened his grip on the knife.

What an unreasonable fool! And she’s Charles’ little sister, too! If she dares to lay a hand on me, I’ll kill
her! Nonetheless, before he could make a move, someone grabbed Jasmine’s wrist from behind.

Jasmine looked back and saw that it was Gwendolyn.

Her eyes instantly reddened.

“Oh, Gwendolyn, he bullied me! He even tried to hurt me with a glass! Although he’s handsome, he’s
much worse than those guys at the bar last night!” Tears welled up in her eyes as she went on
indignantly, “He’s so disobedient and evil! Gwendolyn, you must punish him for me!” Instead of
releasing her grip on Jasmine’s wrist, Gwendolyn shot Maverick a curious look.

With a slight curve of her lips, she asked, “She says you’re disobedient and evil.

Is she telling the truth?” I wonder how he’ll react after being falsely accused by Jasmine.

Will he throw a fit, or will he accept his punishment coolly? Meeting Gwendolyn’s clear gaze, Maverick
set the knife down and washed his hands.

Following that, he approached her and held her free hand gently.

His eyes were slightly bloodshot, and he looked sullen, like a person who had been wronged.

“She wanted to order me around, but you’re the only one I obey.

Plus, I’ve always been well-behaved and obedient.

I don’t know why she’s slandering me…” Jasmine was taken aback.

What the heck? This didn’t go as planned! He’s a better actor than me!

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