Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 237

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Cedrick Is In Danger Cedrick maintained an indifferent expression, as if he wasn’t the one
the doctor had just pronounced a death sentence upon.

“Are you saying that if I fail to suppress the virus, I might die at any moment?” Joshua lowered his head
without answering, seemingly replying in the affirmative.

His response caused Cedrick to fall silent, as he had assumed that the suppressant would easily help
him live decades more.

If he had known about it earlier, he wouldn’t have let Gwendolyn know that he was still alive.

The last thing he wanted was for her to be once again devastated by his death.

Overwhelmed by the grim atmosphere, Nico failed to keep his emotions in check and began tearing up.

Hearing his assistant’s sniffles, Cedrick shot him a glare.

“What are you crying for? I’m not dead yet.

” “I… I just feel…” I just feel pity for you, Boss… You’re barely thirty.

Yet you’re tormented by your illness and have to live out your days in suspense.

I can’t believe how cruel life is to you! Scratching his head, Joshua remarked awkwardly, “Actually, the
situation isn’t as bad as you think.

I was just painting a hypothetical scenario.

As long as Cedrick gets his treatment on schedule and maintains a strong immune system, my
suppressant can keep him alive for at least twenty more years.

” The look on Nico’s face was still depressed.

“What happens after that?” Joshua threw Cedrick a confident look.

“With twenty years to go, I’m sure I’ll come up with an antidote that will help Cedrick live a long life.

” The tension in the room gradually eased when everyone learned that there was still hope for a cure.

Blowing his nose with a tissue, Nico complained, “Prof.

Mallory, can’t you tell us everything in one go? You scared us to death!” Joshua chuckled as he injected
another dose of the suppressant into Cedrick to enhance the drug’s effects.

On top of that, he prescribed medication to help the latter’s wounds heal and painkillers for Cedrick’s
chest pain.

Finally, he reminded his patient to restrain his lust and refrain from doing intense “bed exercises.

” Despite agreeing on the surface, Cedrick was actually not paying much attention.

By the time they emerged from the lab, it was almost time to get off work.

Cedrick was heading to his car to pick Gwendolyn up from Angle when he encountered Asher walking
in his direction in a pilot’s uniform.

The latter was wearing an insidious look, while his wife, Sienna, was also beside him.

One could tell that they had just disembarked from the plane, and from the scowl on their faces, it was
clear that both of them were here looking for trouble.

Nico greeted them politely, “It’s a pleasure to see you, Mr. Asher, Mrs. Harris.

” While Sienna nodded in acknowledgment, the glowering Asher paid him no heed and approached
Cedrick directly.

Since Asher was his former brother-in-law, Cedrick had to build a good rapport with him.

Concealing the weird look in his eyes, he asked, “What brings you to Salinsburgh, Mr. Asher?”
Stopping in his tracks a meter away, Asher pulled out a gun and pointed it at Cedrick’s head.

The murderous look in his eyes couldn’t be any more obvious.

“Mr. Asher?” Nico was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

Cedrick was a sea of calm as a smirk broke out across his lips.

Appearing relaxed with his hands in his pockets, he locked gazes with Asher.

“What’s the meaning of this, Mr. Asher?” Brimming with murderous intent, Asher answered, “I’m going
to kill you!” Meanwhile, Gwendolyn had waited for Cedrick for five minutes at her office, but there was
still no sign of him.

Ceddy promised to come and pick me up for dinner.

He has always been punctual.

Just as Gwendolyn was about to give him a call, she received a message from Nico.

It read: Mr. Asher is trying to kill Mr. Jenson at the lab.

Gwendolyn was shocked.

Why is Asher back so suddenly? She knitted her brows as she remembered seeking Asher’s help to
check Cedrick’s travel records.

“Oh no!” Without a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed her handbag and took a taxi to the lab.

Before the car came to a stop, she could already see, through the car window, Asher pointing a gun at
Cedrick’s head.

The murderous look on his face was unmistakable.

“Asher, what are you doing?” Gwendolyn grabbed the barrel of the gun with one hand and shielded
Cedrick behind her with the other.

She then suggested with a smile, “Whatever it is, why don’t we talk about it? There’s no point in
resorting to violence.

Bullets won’t solve anything.

” However, when Asher refused to budge, Sienna helped persuade him, “Hubby, why don’t you put
away the gun? You might hurt Gwendolyn.

” Only then did Asher holster his gun.

Yet the hostility he exuded didn’t diminish one bit.

Gwendolyn quickly turned around to check on Cedrick.

“Did my brother hit you? Are you hurt?” Shaking his head, Cedrick held her warm and dainty hand as
he curled his lips into a smile.

“There’s no way I would allow anyone other than you to lay a finger on me.

” His lighthearted joke brought Gwendolyn a sense of relief.

He appears fine.

Asher frowned upon seeing the two interacting intimately with each other.

Narrowing his eyes, he thundered, “Gwendolyn, do you know that he has been lying to you all this time
and manipulating your emotions?” Just a few days ago, he was still wondering why Gwendolyn was
suddenly so intrigued with her fiancé.

Upon further investigations, he discovered that Cedrick was actually her ex-husband.

Gwendolyn retorted, “I’ve already found out about that a long time ago, Asher.

Everything that happened back then was nothing but a misunderstanding.

It no longer bothers me now.

” Asher’s tone remained just as frosty.

“That’s because he tricked you! You can’t forgive him for wasting three years of your youth just like that.

I’m going to cancel the wedding for you.

” “No, Asher!” Gwendolyn hugged her brother by the shoulders.

“I have already beaten him up for his betrayal.

On top of that, he has rescued me thrice in Fairlake.

If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have returned to Salinsburgh in one piece.

Even Treyton has been moved by his actions, so please don’t hold it against him anymore.

” Asher simply gave her a silent stare.

Recognizing his silence as a sign of his wavering stance, Gwendolyn pressed on.

“By the way, our marriage is a commercial alliance.

It can’t be canceled without proper reason, Asher.

Please reconsider your decision.

” “What are you worried about? I’m more than capable of paying the compensation fees as long as
that’s what you want.

” Gwendolyn subsequently resorted to pouting and speaking in an adorable voice.

“But Asher, that’s not what I want.

I want to be with him.

” Cedrick, whose attention was on Gwendolyn throughout the exchange, felt his heart warmed by her

As Asher contemplated what he heard, Gwendolyn held his arm and continued nuzzling her head
against it like an adorable kitten.

“I’m serious, Asher.

” When Asher turned to his wife, Sienna nodded with a smile to indicate her approval.

Finally, he let out a long sigh and relented, albeit reluctant.

“Since you insist, I’ll observe him for a while.

Until you have my permission, the wedding will be put on hold just like Kieran’s.

You’re not allowed to secretly register it or sleep with him behind my back.

Otherwise, I’ll break both your legs!” Gwendolyn felt a chill down her spine as she gulped by reflex.

D*mn! I’ve already done it with him.

What am I going to do? Are my legs doomed? Cedrick’s expression froze at the same time.

When Gwendolyn didn’t say anything in response, Asher shifted his gaze between the two and noticed
something amiss.

He was alarmed, especially when he recognized the guilty look on his sister’s face that indicated she
had done something wrong.

“Have you registered your marriage?” Gwendolyn waved her hands frantically and shook her head.

“No, we haven’t.

I wouldn’t dare!” Asher’s expression turned grimmer at that.

“Don’t tell me you slept with each other?” “When we were married… Does that count?” Biting her lip,
she swiftly averted her gaze.

“You weren’t using your real identities back then.

Moreover, you’re divorced now, so it doesn’t count.

I’m asking about now.

” Gwendolyn fell completely silent.

All she could do was lower her head and stare at her toes anxiously with her ears flushed red.

As the answer dawned upon Asher, rage ignited in his eyes and the murderous aura he emitted was
enough to strike fear in everyone around him.

For the second time, he raised his gun and pointed it at Cedrick.

“How dare you sleep with her when you’re only engaged! I’m going to kill you!”

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