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Chapter 254

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Her Right To Punch Him Cedrick entered Jenson Group’s CEO’s office.

Barely a minute had passed when Nico rushed into the room in search of rewards.

“Boss, you’re positively glowing today.

It must have been a wonderful night, right?” Nico said, rubbing his hands as he flashed a keen smile at

Positively glowing? My punishment the night before had lasted almost an hour.

Even now, my knees are swollen and bruised.

So, sure, positively glowing.

Cedrick narrowed his eyes as a dark look crossed his face.

However, a smile grew on his lips, and it was a strange sight to behold.

Nico was baffled.

It was his first time seeing such a peculiar expression on his boss’ face.

The man looked angry, but he also looked like he was in a good mood.

Thus, Nico could not figure out whether or not things went smoothly or south the night before.

Cedrick was donning a rare look that day—a pair of black leather gloves.

He then took off one of them and showed Nico his left palm.

When he spoke, there was no emotion in his deep voice.

“What do you think?” asked Cedrick.

When Nico saw the bruising on Cedrick’s left palm, he widened his eyes to the point his eyeballs were
about to pop out of their socket.

This is… Did Ms. Gwendolyn hit him again? His palm is so swollen! She’s ruthless and fierce! Nico
instinctively swallowed.

He could imagine how terrible the night went after the man did what he told him to do.

It did not help that Cedrick was the ruthless kind of person who bore grudges.

He would definitely drag someone else to hell with him.

Sh*t, not only am I failing to be rewarded for my deeds, but I’m actually stepping right into the trap!
Nico’s legs turned to jelly, and he threw himself by Cedrick’s feet before hugging the latter’s right leg.

He had no acting skills to speak of, so he could not summon any tears to his eyes.

All he could do was howl, “Boss, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have given you that horrible idea! This is all
my fault.

I’ll do anything! I’ll even be fine with a suspension, but please don’t deduct my pay anymore, or else I’ll
be stuck having mac and cheese forever!” Cedrick looked downward at Nico and curled his lips.

“Who said that I’m going to punish you?” “What?” Nico froze in his tracks, the stiffening of his grieving
expression a hilarious sight.

Confused, he uttered, “You’re not going to punish me? You can’t be raising my pay, right?” “You’re right.

I’m raising your pay,” Cedrick said in a serious tone.

Even though Nico’s lousy idea had put him on the receiving end of Gwendolyn’s punishment, it had
also opened up a path for him.

Not only did he manage to do it with her the night before, but he even managed to make Gwendolyn
agree to some rules and dealt with Marcus.

Therefore, Nico was not in the wrong.

In fact, he had even helped Cedrick out.

However, Nico could not read Cedrick’s mind, so he continued staring at the latter with wide eyes of

Were… his wits beaten out of him, or is he… a masochist? The harder Ms. Gwendolyn beat him up,
the more he gets off it.

While Nico was pondering the possibilities, Cedrick was lost in his own thoughts as well.

When he thought about how soft Gwendolyn had become during their session the night before and how
she had choked out her pleads, his heart melted, and a smile crept onto his lips.

Upon noticing the man’s expression, Nico began wondering why Cedrick’s smile was sending chills
down his spine.

Cr*p, is he even reminiscing on the moment? Is he really a masochist? Nico then scrunched up his
brows and started observing his employer.

Noticing Nico’s stare, Cedrick questioned, “Are you unhappy about the raise?” Nico beamed.

“Of course, not! I’m over the moon about the raise! Boss, summon me anytime for good deals like this
in the future.

If Ms. Gwendolyn can’t satisfy you, I’m more than happy to serve you with my hands.

I swear you’ll be contented with my service!” Cedrick’s expression turned gloomy at that.

“What in the world are you talking about? How can Gwenny not satisfy me? Are you actually offering to
substitute her in stuff like this? Who do you think I am?” Realization dawned upon Nico, and he quickly
said, “Of course, Boss, of course.

Only Gwendolyn can be in this position.

I know, I know.

It’s something exclusive for you two.

” With a knowing smile on his face, Nico exited from the CEO’s office.

Cedrick could only watch the other man leave in bewilderment.

I’ve got no idea what he’s talking about.

Meanwhile, on Gwendolyn’s side, the interviews in the ward were close to their end.

“My relationship with Walter ended the second I jumped off the bridge.

I don’t want to dwell on both the painful and sweet moments anymore.

Once I recover, I’ll preoccupy myself with work to deliver better performances for my fans and the

” The cameras in front of Jennifer flashed and clicked.

Gwendolyn had only allowed a few reporters from the most influential companies into Jennifer’s ward
for the interviews.

After hearing Jennifer’s speech, the reporters shared a look, thinking, Is she not planning to hold Walter
accountable for his cheating anymore? One of them then asked, “Ms. Weller, you jumped off the bridge
because of Mr. Vissers’ affair yesterday.

I’m sure you must have been devastated.

What made you put aside those feelings so quickly?” Another then queried, “Mr. Vissers apologized to
you the night before.

It sounds like you’re forgiving him for his action.

Do you mind telling us who he cheated on you with?” Jennifer fell silent for a long while.

At that, Gwendolyn gave Jennifer’s manager a look.

The manager and the assistant quickly intervened.

“All right, folks.

Jennifer has yet to fully recover, and it’s about time to wrap up so that she can rest earlier.

” Nodding, the reporters dispersed.

Once they were gone, Gwendolyn walked over to Jennifer and asked, “Why didn’t you take the
opportunity to reveal their wrongdoing and send the netizens after them?” Jennifer shook her head.

“It’s because I know that this will be pointless.

I know it’ll be akin to cutting off my own nose to spite my face.

So what if they’ll be targeted by the netizens now? A while later, they’ll thrive in the industry again.

Moreover, you can never erase anything from the internet.

If I publicize how they humiliated me, this will eventually become my dark history.

It’ll affect my career, so I might as well stay nonchalant about this so that people will feel bad for me

At least, I’ll leave a good impression on them.

” Gwendolyn was relieved to hear Jennifer’s words.

“You’ve grown a lot after this.

” Jennifer smiled and held Gwendolyn’s hand, commenting, “This is all thanks to you.

You’re a friend who’s much more important than family and lovers.

” “Hey, you can’t say that.

Your future husband’s going to be jealous of me if he hears this!” The two shared a chuckle.

In the afternoon, Jennifer voiced her desire to be discharged, so Gwendolyn went to get the doctor to
do a checkup on her.

All of a sudden, the manager rushed into the ward and said, “Ms. Harris, Jennifer, check your phones
right away! Lisa’s crying on stream!”

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