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Chapter 255

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Cruel Gwendolyn and Jennifer exchanged glances.

Then, they each took out their phones and opened the live-streaming application.

Lisa’s live stream had already surpassed ten million views.

She was crying in front of the camera, lamenting to the viewers about being informed by the company
yesterday that all her scheduled work had been suspended and that the company might be planning to
blacklist her.

She also played the victim by complaining how she was losing sleep because of that matter, subtly
implying that Jennifer was to blame for her current situation.

Furthermore, Lisa went as far as to mention that because the celebrity caught in bed with Walter
recently had a similar figure to hers, she had been wronged and unfairly blamed.

She claimed she and Walter were merely ordinary friends.

As she put on a tearful performance in front of the camera, the atmosphere inside the ward turned
particularly solemn.

Gwendolyn read the comment section of her live stream and noticed many people expressing
sympathy for her.

Because Jennifer’s interview had just concluded and hadn’t been posted online yet, Lisa’s piteous act
caused Jennifer to be heavily criticized.

Many netizens who were unaware of the truth accused Jennifer of being manipulative, deliberately
jumping into the lake to garner attention, and so on.

The public opinion on Walter’s infidelity case was also well-contained, swaying from side to side.

“How can this shameless woman be so despicable? I haven’t even confronted her, yet she’s already
insinuating things about me!” Jennifer felt sick looking at Lisa’s overly dramatic demeanor and tear-
stained face on the screen.

She wanted to throw her phone in exasperation but was mindful of how expensive the device was.

Being a girl who had experienced the hardship of life, she was reluctant to purchase a new phone.

As a result, she could only vent her anger on a pillow.

Jennifer imagined the pillow to be Lisa, wishing she could beat the latter into a pulp.

Taking in the way Jennifer was letting out her rage, Gwendolyn shook her head in amusement.

“Why are you so angry? She’s doing all this just to irritate you.

You’re just playing into her hands if you get mad.

” Then, Gwendolyn turned to the manager.

“Ignore Lisa.

Let her make a fuss.

The greater the ruckus she stirs up now, the worse humiliation she’ll suffer later!” “Yes, Ms. Harris.

” After that, Gwendolyn contacted Joanne.

“Get a prominent blogger to publish a post saying that the original source of the mosaic photo has been
found, revealing the celebrity Walter was having an affair with is Lisa tomorrow.

Half an hour after that, use Angle’s official social media account to announce the termination of the
contract with Lisa and her departure from Papilio Girls.

” Initially, Gwendolyn had shown consideration for Lisa’s reputation as a girl, so she instructed her
subordinates to pixelate the image, planning to let Jennifer deal with Lisa in private.

Unexpectedly, Lisa was a fool who didn’t know what was best for her, crossing the line when others
showed her mercy.

In that case, Gwendolyn figured Lisa shouldn’t blame her for not saving the latter’s face.

Having arranged everything, Gwendolyn told Jennifer to continue packing and prepare to be

“In the upcoming days, the media will likely show up at your door, requesting interviews every day.

My advice is that you shouldn’t accept any more interviews since you’ve already made a statement

Staying silent for now is the most beneficial for you.

” Jennifer nodded.


I’ll listen to you.

” Gwendolyn pondered briefly, then added, “I suppose the apartment you lived in is probably
surrounded by reporters now.

I’ll arrange a place for you where no one would dare to disturb you.

” Subsequently, she contemplated for a long while.

The only place in the entire Salinsburgh where the media outlets won’t dare to intrude is the Harris
residence… “Let’s go.

I’ll take you to my brother’s villa to stay for a few days.

” “Ah… Are you referring to Mr. Treyton Harris?” Jennifer hesitated.

“Isn’t that a little inappropriate? Won’t it be too much of an imposition?” “Not at all.

Treyton has multiple residences and rarely returns to his small villa at the Harris residence.

Besides, even if he comes back, I can explain the situation to him in a couple of days.

Therefore, you can rest assured and stay there without worry.

The place is tranquil, and no one will disturb you.

” Jennifer fell silent.

I’ll leave after staying for a few days.

Before leaving, I’ll make sure to clean up the villa thoroughly, so it should be fine, right? When her train
of thought ended there, she agreed.


I’ll take up your offer.

” Gwendolyn took Jennifer, who was perfectly disguised, out of the hospital and headed straight for
Mount Tranquil.

Treyton gave Gwendolyn a key to the villa previously.

She handed the key to Jennifer and reminded the latter of a few things before returning to Angle.

As soon as Gwendolyn reached the CEO’s office on the top floor of the building, she saw a woman’s
enticing figure standing at the doorway, talking to Joanne.

Noticing Gwendolyn advancing in their direction from the corner of her eyes, Joanne jogged up to her
and said, “Ms. Harris, Ms. Evelyn here wishes to meet with you.

I told her you weren’t here, but she insisted on waiting.

” The woman who had her back facing Gwendolyn heard Joanne’s words and turned around haughtily.

She flashed a dazzling smile and extended her hand politely.

“Hello, Ms. Harris.

I’m Evelyn.

” Gwendolyn didn’t shake her hand, nor did she respond because, from the moment Evelyn spun on
her heels, Gwendolyn noticed the girl regarded her with a peculiar expression.

Moreover, she felt Evelyn look familiar as if she had seen the latter before.

Still, Gwendolyn had no recollection of being acquainted with Evelyn.

Evelyn was nineteen years old and was considered relatively young in the entertainment industry.

Nevertheless, she was already a top-tier actress.

However, no one would visit another person without a reason.

Angle had never collaborated with Evelyn.

Hence, Gwendolyn reckoned there must be a catch behind Evelyn’s sudden advent.

“What brings you here, Ms. Evelyn?” Although Gwendolyn didn’t respond to her handshake, Evelyn
continued to smile elegantly, seemingly unembarrassed.

“That’s because both our names end with ‘-lyn,’ so I’ve always wanted to meet with you, Ms. Harris.

Now that I’ve got to see you in person, you are indeed pretty, much better looking than those minor

” She was secretly mocking Gwendolyn for not being as famous as her.

Gwendolyn fathomed Evelyn’s intention, but she merely grinned in response.

Thus, the young Evelyn became more complacent, raising her chin arrogantly.

“Actually, I came here today because I’m the new spokesperson for Jenson Group’s latest Rossi

I heard you’re very close to Mr. Jenson, so I specifically came to take a look.

” “Well, you can leave now that you’ve seen everything you want.

” Gwendolyn flashed a mirthless smile.

Evelyn shook her head.

Boring her eyes into Gwendolyn’s, she uttered straightforwardly in Joanne’s presence, “Ms. Harris, I
have something to inform you.

I’m interested in your man, so I want to compete fairly with you for his affection.

” Before Gwendolyn could speak, Joanne flipped out first.

“Do you think you can do as you please just because you’re popular and have a huge fanbase? Mr.
Jenson and Ms. Harris are already engaged.

What right do you have to demand a fair competition for his affection?” Nevertheless, Evelyn was

“It’s only an engagement.

The circumstances are prone to change until the moment you get your marriage certificate.

Am I right, Ms. Harris?” That was something Gwendolyn had once said to Eloise.

Gwendolyn furrowed her brows and looked up again at Evelyn’s face.

A sarcastic sneer spread across the latter’s childish yet exquisite countenance.

“What do you mean by that?” Gwendolyn queried.

The young woman pouted and grinned mischievously.

“Nothing in particular.

I know you come from a distinguished background, and I can’t compete with you in that respect.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t underestimate me, Ms. Harris.

To be able to secure the best actress position in the industry at my age, my patron is quite formidable
as well!” She moved closer to Gwendolyn and uttered in an undertone, “If you let me have Mr. Jenson,

I’ll tell you.

What do you say, Ms. Harris?” Gwendolyn’s visage was frosty.

“Ours is a marriage of convenience, so it can’t be easily called off.

If you are as capable as you say, why don’t you give it a try, Ms. Evelyn?” “You have a point.

What’s earned through our abilities is always the best.

” Gwendolyn couldn’t be bothered to continue the conversation and demanded Evelyn leave.

“Joanna, see Ms. Evelyn out of Angle.

” She turned around and was about to enter her office when Evelyn suddenly reached out and grasped
her wrist.

“Ms. Harris, don’t you feel that you’ve always been too cruel to Mr. Jenson? Truth be told, you only love
yourself and have always mistreated him.

In that case, wouldn’t it be better for you to return him his freedom and let me have him?” Gwendolyn’s
expression turned increasingly solemn after she heard that remark.

She whirled around and sized Evelyn up.

“How do you know that I’ve been cruel to him? Who told you this? What else do you know?”

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