Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 307

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You Are The Snack Gwendolyn was left utterly confused by the man’s words.

Cedrick’s anxious but endearing voice almost made her choke out of surprise.

What on earth is he thinking? Didn’t I tell him yesterday night that I only have eyes for him? Has he
forgotten about it, or does he not believe me? Upset, she tried to pry open his arms so she could speak
to him properly, but looking at him curled up in a fetal position reminded her of what she had seen the
night before.

She caught him in the same position on the floor beside the door in the dark when she had crossed
over from her room to his and turned on the lights.

From what she studied previously in psychology, this was a position people assumed when they were
nervous and anxious–a sign of an immense lack of a sense of security.

The realization grieved her, for she had noticed that Cedrick had been struggling emotionally and
physically since he fell ill and felt inferior around her.

It was as if he was struggling between his fear of losing her and his unworthiness to love her, so much
so that Gwendolyn had almost forgotten how he used to be before all that happened.

In the past, he was a proud and forbidding man that everyone in the business sphere recognized as
successful and decisive, but despite all his exceptional elegance, he was reduced to a humble man in
front of her.

The thought of it hurt Gwendolyn so much that she felt her heart pound by a great weight until she
could not breathe.

She took some time to calm down before lying down behind him and putting her arMs. around him

“You’re the snack I was talking about, Ceddy.

You are everything I love–you will be everything I love for the rest of my life.

” The rigidness in her arms slowly dissipated away until Cedrick lowered his arms, revealing his
charming face.

“Do you mean that?” he asked in uncertainty.

Gwendolyn hugged him tighter.

With her chin resting on his shoulder and her face leaning against his, she hoped everything she did
could make him feel her love for him.

H $15 BONS “Ask me the same question when you are doubtful and lost, and my answer will still be
the same,” she whispered patiently.

Her words appeased and comforted Cedrick.

“Thank you, Gwenny.

” “What for, Ceddy? We’re a couple.

We are the only ones for each other.

I’m your fiancée, a fact that the entire nation is aware of.

” Turning back toward her and resting in her embrace, Cedrick felt his heart was full.

After they had lain in bed for a while, the two got up to prepare lunch together in the kitchen.

They were each in charge of different things–Cedrick cooked while Gwendolyn seasoned the food.

They could find joy in doing even the most mundane task in their everyday life.

Since it was almost afternoon when they got out of bed, Gwendolyn figured she might as well take
leave that day to keep Cedrick company.

The following day, they two woke up earlier to make breakfast together.

While eating, Gwendolyn read through the news that day and came across a trending topic online.

The Ferguson Group had declared bankruptcy.

Perplexed, she clicked on the news to find out what had happened.

To her knowledge, the Fergusons were no match for the Harris, Jenson, and Newton families, but it
was undeniable that their pockets still ran deep enough to own a considerable business.

Although she expected the event to deal the Fergusons a heavy blow, she did not expect them to lose
everything in a matter of days.

Here, she lifted her gaze to the man who was all focused on his breakfast.

“I bet hand in this,” she commented, showing him her phone.

“They brought it on themselves,” he replied without even looking up.

“You’re right.

They brought it on themselves,” Gwendolyn agreed.

you had a Breakfast went on peacefully until a notification appeared on Cedrick’s phone.

Seeing it was from Nico, Cedrick glanced at Gwendolyn and felt relieved she was so engrossed in the
news that she had not noticed his phone ringing.

“Gwenny, they’re not just liquidating the company; the bank will also send someone to transfer
ownership of the Ferguson residence.

Are you going over for the good show?” 2/4 Chapter 307 You Are The Snack “Am I the opportunistic
kind who takes advantage of others‘ misfortune?” Gwendolyn asked with her brows arched.

Cedrick pursed his lips and smiled.

His silence meant his answer could swing either way.

Then, he turned on his phone and showed Gwendolyn a document.

Earlier, he had asked Nico to get dirt on Eloise from the black market.

With a high reward promised to informants, Nico managed to gather much evidence and sent the digital
compilation to Cedrick.

“Take a look.

Do you want to bring this over to them?” Gwendolyn smiled when she read through everything.

“Well, I might not be the kind to push someone off the cliff, but I don’t mind adding to their misery.

After all, things are already bad for them.

I’ll go watch everything unfold later.

” Since Gwendolyn also had something to clarify with Eloise before the latter served a jail sentence,
she got ready and left home after breakfast.

As for Cedrick, he stood in the garden as he watched her leave alone.

That was the first time he did not offer to go out with her.

Once Gwendolyn disappeared out of his sight, the indulgent smile on Cedrick’s face turned cold and

Nico had arrived beside him through a path that allowed him to evade Gwendolyn.

“Boss, we got Charles yesterday night.

He’s in the outskir now.

Do you want to go over?” Cedrick nodded.

“We’re leaving in thirty minutes.

” Half an hour later, Nico drove Cedrick to a suburb where he had Charles locked up secret
interrogation room in the garden villa.

When Cedrick arrived, the prisoner was bound on his hands and legs to an upright wooden beam.

Seeing that the man with a drooping head was still unconscious, Nico threw a bowl of cold water at
him, waking him up in a jolt.

As Charles‘ blur vision finally became clear, he saw a sophisticated but hostile man sitting on a chair
opposite him.


I feel honored that this is the second time the one and only Mr. Jenson from the Federal Bureau of
Investigation went to great lengths to find me,” Charles uttered, his words laced with a hint of derision.

3/4 Chapter 307 You Are The Snack +15 Bonus Nevertheless, his sarcasm had no effect on Cedrick,
who had come solely for business.

“I heard you knew where the antidote is.

” Charles stared at him briefly and said candidly, “It seems like Gwen told you about it.

You’re right.

I know where it is all along.

” “So you knew who I was at Realm Bar.

You came at me on purpose.

” “Well, it’s not exactly true,” Charles corrected with a smile.

“No one expected someone like you to take up a CEO position at a small place like Fairlake.

I have to say you’re pretty good at concealing your identity.

” “In that case, your target’s Gwenny, then.

You must be trying to play both sides.

You wanted to gain from the collaboration with Hector and Luke and get Gwenny to think she owes you
something by trying to be the nice guy who has the antidote,” Cedrick analyzed, unperturbed by his foe.

Charles laughed and sneered, “Spot–on! You read me like a book, Mr. Jenson!” His remarks put a deep
frown on Cedrick’s bitter face.

Reading that cue, Nico grabbed a bat and swung it into Charles‘ belly twice.

At the two loud thuds, Charles felt a gush of wetness in his throat as blood trickled down the corners of
his lips.

Here, Cedrick poured himself some coffee, savoring the drink and the undisguised pain evident in
Charles‘ slender and blue eyes.

“You thought everything was going according to plan until I came into the equation.

Is that why you wanted me dead?” “Why are you asking me? Isn’t it obvious?” “What deal did you make
with Gwenny?” Cedrick asked, pouring the second cup of coffee.

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