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Chapter 304

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Devastated +15 Bonus Underneath the dim moonlight, the corner of Charles‘ lips curled
into a smile.

With his sea- blue eyes, he stared at Gwendolyn’s leaving silhouette with an admirative gaze that
bordered on obsession.

Despite hearing what he said, Gwendolyn didn’t turn around and quickened her pace instead.

Now that she had the serum, she had to hurry back to the lab.

She was worried about arousing Cedrick’s suspicions if she were to return too late.

****** After washing up, Cedrick went to bed obediently, but sleep just wouldn’t come to him.

He stared into the dark of the night.

His mind was unsettled by the frantic look on Gwendolyn’s face before she left.

All he could do was space out while looking out the window.

Two hours passed with no sign of Gwendolyn’s return.

The growing concern he felt added to the emptiness in his heart.

He sat up and picked up his phone to give Gwendolyn a call to ascertain her safety.

Coincidentally, he received one from Neville.

Considering the late hour, it definitely had to be something important.

Once the call connected, Neville spoke immediately.

“I’m sorry, Boss.

I’ve made a mistake.

I’ve just gotten news from the high–security prison!” Cedrick’s brows furrowed.

“What happened?” “Charles was released on bail yesterday!” An icy glint flashed across Cedrick’s eyes
a An icy glint flashed across Cedrick’s eyes as they emitted a murderous aura.

“Who bailed him out?” “Mr. Asher of the Federal Bureau of Investigation!” Asher? Cedrick’s fingers
quivered, and his phone slipped through them before he could end the call.

His breathing came to an abrupt stop.

He felt as if someone had squeezed his heart and 1/5 61% Chapter 304 Devastated ripped it apart.

+15 Bonus When Neville didn’t hear a reply, he grew worried.

“Boss, you have to stay calm.

Your health is everything.

Don’t let your chest pain act up again.

Perhaps there’s some misunderstanding here!” As there was still no answer, he continued, “Ms.
Gwendolyn knows how much you hate Charles.

She must have a reason for making such a decision.

Boss, you-” A call–end tone interrupted him abruptly, as the outraged Cedrick didn’t want to hear
another word.

All of a sudden, he recalled that Gwendolyn had been acting strangely in recent days.

He just didn’t pay much attention to it.

On top of that, he had just heard a man’s voice in the background of his call with her.

As the growing suspicions began to suffocate him, he ordered Nico to track Gwendolyn’s movement
over the last few days.

Half an hour later, he received all the information on his phone.

Gwendolyn picked Charles up when he was released yesterday.

Does this mean that she went to meet him at this ungodly hour? Upon leaving the abandoned factory,
Gwendolyn rushed back to the lab.

Joshua, who was sleeping, was dragged up by her to get to work.

After handing him the blue serum for further examination, she waited outside anxiously.

Finally, Joshua emerged ten minutes later.

“There’s nothing wrong with the serum.

It looks good.

From my preliminary tests, I can see that it is capable of suppressing the S404 RNA virus.

On top of that, it won’t harm the patient post–injection.

” Joshua handed her the data which he had printed out.

“This is amazing! Where did you get the serum, Ms. Harris?” Gwendolyn took the report.

She was equally delighted.

However, she didn’t answer Joshua’s question as she carefully studied the report.

Joshua continued, “That said, since the source of the serum isn’t clear and our database doesn’t have
any information on it, my advice is for you not to give it to Cedrick in haste.

Leave it with me so that I can study it further over the next two days.

” “All right.

Thanks for the trouble.

” 111 2/5 Chapter 304 Devastated +15 Bonus “Not at all.

This is my responsibility after all.

Cedrick is really lucky to have someone like you do everything you can for him.

” After smiling in response, Gwendolyn realized that it was midnight upon checking her watch.

“Sorry for interrupting your night.

I got to go now.

Let me know if there’s any progress with the serum.

” “Sure.

” Joshua nodded as he watched Gwendolyn hurry off.

Gwendolyn returned to Harrick Villa as fast as she could.

As she calmed herself down from the excitement, she stood at the villa entrance to tidy up her messy
hair and clothes.

Only then did she carefully turn the knob and open the door.

Inside the dark living room, Gwendolyn could sense a solemn aura within it, causing her to turn on the

The moment she did, she was gripped by the sight of a grim–looking figure seated on the couch.

As it was already dawn, the low temperature made the room feel chilly.

Yet Cedrick was just wearing a thin woolen robe.

Despite the fact that his lips were blue from the cold, he didn’t seem bothered by it.

Just like a stone statue, he sat there motionless and without expression.

“Didn’t I ask to go to bed early? Why are you waiting for me on the couch? You didn’t even turn on the
lights or get something proper to wear.

” Gwendolyn immediately grabbed a coral fleece jacket from the coat stand and put it on for him.

The moment she came into contact with his body, she realized he was already frozen stiff.

Angry and pained by the sight, she quickly rubbed both his hands and blew hot air on them to warm
him up, Cedrick didn’t resist.

All he did was watch her quietly before saying in a deep voice, “I couldn’t sleep until I know that you
have returned home safely.

” “Now that I’m back, let’s get you into bed.

” O 3/ Chapter 304 Devastated Instead of budging, Cedrick asked, “Where did you go tonight?”
Gwendolyn was ready with an excuse.

“Treyton wasn’t at home, and Jennifer had a lot to drink, so I went back to the Harris residence to take
care of her.

I only came back after tucking her in.

” Cedrick didn’t comment as he lowered his head in silence.

Underneath his sleeves, his fingers had already balled into fists.

Noticing the strange mood Cedrick was in, Gwendolyn raised his jaw by force.

She was greeted by the sight of his reddened eyes with tears welling up inside them.

“Ceddy?” Cedrick’s face darkened as he shoved her hand aside.

“Why are you lying to me still? Did you meet Charles tonight?” Gwendolyn was slightly stunned.

“It seems you already know.

” Her affirmative answer suffocated Cedrick further.

He had never felt more devastated in his life.

Tears began to cloud his eyes as a sense of sorrow gripped his being.

This was the very first time he had cried in front of her.

Gwendolyn’s eyes were equally moist.

Knowing that he had gotten the wrong idea, she frantically explained, “I wasn’t intending to keep it from
you, as it would be impossible to do so.

I just didn’t know how to break it to you yet.

” She had wanted to wait for Joshua to give the green light on the serum before sharing the good news
with him.

Only then would she sneak in the news about Charles.

Little did she expect Cedrick to find out first.

“Ceddy, I—” Gwendolyn extended her hand to wipe his tears away.

However, she felt him grab her wrist so tightly that his fingers were trembling.

Even breathing had become painful for Cedrick, and the sadness in his tone was unmistakable as he
said, “Gwenny, I’m aware that my days are numbered.

That’s why I have no intention of holding you back.

Even if you leave me right now, I won’t stop you at all.

1 accept that you’ll find another man to love you after I’m gone, but why, of all people do tro Chapter
304 Devastated have to choose Charles?”

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