Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 315

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Ceddy Wants To Be Tortured “Tell me more,” Cedrick said.

Nico went closer and whispered into his ear.

+25 Bonus Cedrick contemplated the suggestion and found it quite appealing.

With that in mind, he rose from his seat and declared, “Very well, let’s return to Harrick–Villa!” “All right!”
Nico followed right behind.

As he reached the doorstep, Cedrick recalled something.

He uttered with a resentful tone, “That Evelyn is too much! Cancel her endorsement, and utilize the
Jenson Group’s connections to sever all her resources and projects.

I want her to face a substantial penalty and endure a month of hardship!” “Boss…” Nico replied

Poor Ms. Evelyn, she has really taken the blame this time! Cedrick narrowed his eyes and threatened
him with a glare.

“You feel sorry for her? Should I deduct the penalty she has to pay from your salary and bonus?” -He
then snorted and stormed out of The Honey Bee.

Nico’s sympathy vanished in an instant.

He hurriedly caught up with Cedrick and pleaded, “Please don’t do that to me, Boss! She’s indeed
brainless, short–sighted, and deserves to be punished! I’ve been racking my brain to come up with
ideas for you.

I’m your good subordinate, so you can’t do that to me!” The two men quickly returned to Harrick Villa.

Gwendolyn’s bedroom was still locked.

Cedrick’s eyes darkened.

He returned to his room and wash up.

When the sound of rushing water came from the small bathroom next door where Gwendolyn was, he
and Nico climbed into her room from the small balcony.

He took off his robe and hid it under the pillow, then gently lifted the blanket and lay down completely

While Nico was taking his time to take out the handcuffs, Cedrick glared at him and silently mouthed.

“Quick! Quick!” “All right! All right!” Nico replied.

Nico promptly handcuffed Cedrick’s hands to both sides of the bed posts, positioning them in a spread-
eagle manner.

He then proceeded to secure the ankle restraints, concealing the key under the table lamp.

Cedrick’s alluring expression, captivating physique, and charming facial features were just
breathtaking! -Even Nico could not help but gulp upon seeing his boss in that position, let alone

The sound of water in the bathroom came to a stop.

Realizing Gwendolyn was about to come out of the bathroom, Cedrick panicked and mouthed the

“Belt! Belt! On the coat rack.

Quick!” Nico swiftly nodded in response, retrieving the belt from the coat rack and folding it before
positioning it 1/4 Chapter 315 Ceddy Wants To Be Tortured +25 Bonus horizontally near Cedrick’s lips,
allowing him to grip it with his teeth.

After finishing all the preparations, Cedrick signaled Nico with his eyes.

“Get out of here! Quick!” After covering Cedrick’s face with the blanket, he turned off the light.

By the time Gwendolyn stepped out of the bathroom, Nico had already completed his duty and hopped
over to the other side of the balcony.

He pretended that nothing had happened.

The leaves of the trees outside the window rustled softly in the gentle breeze.

Gwendolyn, not in a hurry to switch on the light, used a towel to dry her damp hair and made her way
to the floor–to–ceiling window.

She locked it and closed the curtains.

The room was immediately engulfed in darkness, but a subtle and intriguing ambiance lingered in the

Pretending to be oblivious to Cedrick’s presence, Gwendolyn calmly made her way back to the

She took her time blow–drying her hair and meticulously carried out her skincare routine, leaving
Cedrick waiting anxiously for a good half an hour.

Hiding under the covers, Cedrick transitioned from his initial state of a racing heart and heightened
nervousness to gradually calming his breath.

Having indulged in some drinks earlier in the evening, the warmth from the blanket embraced his body
comfortably, lulling him into waves of drowsiness.

Just as he was on the brink of falling asleep, the bedside table lamp flickered on, and the blanket
covering him was gently lifted.

A rush of cold air seeped in, causing him to tremble slightly.

With quivering eyelashes, he met Gwendolyn’s clear, starry gaze as the blanket was lifted.

“What are you doing in my bed?” Despite Gwendolyn’s mental preparation, she was still taken aback
by Cedrick’s appearance.

With the belt held in his mouth, his typically deep black eyes sparkled with innocence.

His face wore an oddly endearing expression, silently pleading with Gwendolyn to teach him a lesson.

The handsome man had a silly but endearing expression on his face.

Not to mention, the man who was handcuffed to her bed, completely naked was the head of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It was indeed going to be a remarkable and captivating experience.

Gwendolyn felt a subtle flutter in her heart, though seeing Cedrick in such a condition filled her with a
hint of guilt.

My fiancé has been so well–behaved.

How could I possibly bring myself to tease him when I haven’t even had the chance to shower him with
affection yet? She took down the belt in his mouth, cupped his chin with her hands, and kissed him on
the lips.

After a lingering and tender kiss, Gwendolyn straightened her back and tucked him in under the

Despite knowing the answer, she playfully teased him.

“You didn’t commit any crimes, so why did you handcuff yourself to my bed?” Tue, Chapter 315 Ceddy
Wants To Be Tortured +25 Bonus Cedrick knitted his brows with a sense of dejection, and his voice
carried a hint of disappointment.

“Making you angry is a crime.

What happened tonight was due to my carelessness, and I apologize.

Go ahead, hit me to vent your frustration.

” His sincere apology tugged at her heartstrings, making it difficult for her to actually hit him.

She checked his handcuffs and noticed that his wrists were red.

Regret washed over her as she thought about leaving him hanging for half an hour.

“Does it hurt? Where’s the key? Let me unlock it for you.

” Cedrick quickly moved his hands away, preventing her from attempting to unlock the handcuffs.

The corners of his eyes turned slightly red.

“You don’t even bother to punish me? You really can’t forgive me, can you? Are you planning to break
off our engagement and marry Charles?” Gwendolyn was taken aback by his words.

What on earth is he talking about? Did all the things I said to him fall on deaf ears? What’s with his
brain? “Why are you bringing that up again?” Her tone grew heavier.

Cedrick’s eyes glistened with teardrops as he tightly bit his lip.

“Why not? Is it because deep down, you’re not sure about your feelings? It only shows you’ve actually
thought about it!” His reply rendered Gwendolyn speechless.

Indeed, she had contemplated accepting Charles‘ proposal with the intention of curing Cedrick’s

“I can’t make a decision because I just haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’ll try my best to find a
foolproof solution,” she said.

On that matter, she felt she was not ready to face Cedrick.

At that moment, she no longer had the inclination to engage in playful banter with him.

Gwendolyn pretended to search for the key everywhere and eventually retrieved it from under the table

She then helped him unlock the handcuffs and ankle restraints.

“You should go back to your own room and sleep.

We can discuss this later.

” Cedrick clenched his fists, his voice hoarse and filled with frustration.

“You and your ‘discuss this later‘ attitude! Since the incident with Charles, you’ve been making excuses
to not tell me the truth!” “You’re at fault, and now you’re screaming at me?” Gwendolyn’s temper flared,
but she suppressed it and continued, “That’s enough.

I don’t want to argue with you tonight.

If you want to use this room, I’ll go to a guest room downstairs to sleep in.

” The casual remark infiltrated his ears like a ticking time bomb, shattering his sanity into pieces.

Guestroom? Is she seeing herself as a guest now? Is she trying to stay away from me? Just as
Gwendolyn was about to turn around and leave, he swiftly sat up, wrapping his arms tightly around.

her waist, his arms trembling.

“Don’t leave, Gwenny.

Please don’t leave me!” Gwendolyn stopped in her tracks, attempting to pry his arms apart.

This action felt as though she was pushing him away.

It took him a while to win her back, yet now he found himself on the brink of losing her once more.

A 3/4 Chapter 315 Ceddy Wants To Be Tortured profound sense of desolation overwhelmed him,
leaving him breathless.

He clung to her even more tightly, pressing his forehead against her back.

His voice choked with helplessness.

“Please, don’t go…” Gwendolyn froze for a moment, a sharp pain coursing through her entire body.

She felt as if her heart had been pierced by thousands of steel needles.

The pain made it difficult for her to breathe.

Half a year ago, Cedrick had to endure the whipping inflicted by the Jensons and suffer severe injuries
all because of her.

On that evening, amidst his agony, he tightly held her waist.

He even humbled himself, pleading for her not to leave.

6 4/4

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