Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 323

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Things Will Get Better The next day, the floor–to–ceiling windows in the bedroom were

+15 Bonus The mist was thick in the winter morning.

The cool breeze that blew in left Gwendolyn’s face stiff and cold.

She turned and nuzzled into Cedrick’s embrace.

Jennifer was wrapping up for the filming that day.

Gwendolyn had to wake up early to head over film set to take a look and send her blessings and gift.

Another crazy night went past again.

She seemed especially exhausted just like she had not slept enough.

The alarm clock on the nightstand rang.

to the She forcibly kept herself awake and got out of bed to freshen up.

Cedrick woke up as well.

His long eyelashes fluttered slightly, and as he opened his eyes halfway, he drew his brows together.

There was only pure darkness within his vision.

-He did not pick up on what was going on.

“Gwenny, did you turn off the lights? It’s a little dark in here.

Gwendolyn was sitting before the dressing table applying some skincare.

Hearing those words, she paused at once.

Instinctively, she turned to look at the opened windows.

A look of confusion flashed across her countenance.


The windows are open.

What’s wrong?” Cedrick’s heart instantly sank to rock bottom.

I can’t see again, huh? How long will it take to recover this time? His voice was even, and his tone was
calm as he answered, “It’s nothing.

I guess I was just a little tired last night and haven’t got enough sleep.

I’ll sleep a while longer.

” He quietly closed his eyes and snuggled under the blanket again.

Gwendolyn burst into giggles.

She sat by the bed and gently caressed his face.

“You’re always saying you want to devour me.

It turns out that an evil man like you will also get tired, huh?” Cedrick also broke into a faint smile, but
his eyes remained shut regardless.

“Go on with your work.

No need to leave breakfast for me.

I’ll make some for myself when I wake up later “All right.

You’ve worked hard.

Have a good rest for the next two days to recover your strength.

Most importantly, stop thinking about devouring me!” Cedrick nodded.

“Got it.

” Gwendolyn held his face and kissed him before she got up and continued with her makeup routine.

To Gwendolyn, doing basic everyday makeup would only take her ten minutes.

When she finished packing, Cedrick still seemed deep asleep.

Not wanting to wake him up, she tiptoed out < 1/4 12:13 Wed, Jun / Chapter 323 Things Will Get Better
69% +15 Bonus of the room.

Gwendolyn took Elven with her as she made her way out of Harrick Villa.

As she walked toward the garage door, she halted in her tracks suddenly.

“What’s the matter, Ms. Harris?” Elven was perplexed.

The look on Gwendolyn’s face turned incredibly grim.

Those words Cedrick said earlier when they woke up crossed her mind again.

“Something’s wrong with him.

” “Ms. Harris, something’s wrong with who?” Gwendolyn could not be bothered about answering him.

Instead, she turned around and ran toward Harrick Villa.

“Ceddy!” She made her way upstairs and pushed open the bedroom door.

Cedrick, who was still sleeping on the bed when she left, was gone.

The room was empty, and there was no one in sight.

Gwendolyn was baffled.

I just left not long ago, and he’s already awake? “Ceddy?” As she shouted his name, she touched the
bed, only to realize there was still a hint of warmth.

It was clear the man had just gotten out of bed.

But the whole villa was exceedingly quiet, and there was no response.

Gwendolyn searched through every room in the villa.

Sadly, she did not find Cedrick.

Did he leave the house that quickly? But why didn’t I see him on my way back? She immediately called

“Did Ceddy go to work?” Nico was confused.


I’m on my way to Harrick Villa right now.

” An inexplicable sense of panic surged within Gwendolyn and completely enveloped her.

Her lack of response left Nico a little uneasy.

“What’s wrong, Ms. Harris?” “I–It seems like… Ceddy is missing…” Following those words, Harrick Villa
went into an uproar.

Nico took Elven and Ezra with him and combed every corner of the Jenson residence, and throughout
that, they tried their best not to garner too much attention.

Meanwhile, together with William and Quinton, Gwendolyn turned the whole villa upside down as she
searched high and low for the man.

They even checked the surveillance cameras and searched the garage.

Nonetheless, they could not find Cedrick.

2/4 69% Chapter 323 Things Will Get Better Even his phone was switched off.

Under the circumstances of trying not to alert the other members of the Jenson family, the group
searched for more than half an hour yet could not secure any leads.

The uneasiness within Gwendolyn grew more intense.

About half a year ago, the day after she learned of Maverick’s death, she returned to Bay Villa and
searched the entire house as she did now.

Yet, she found no one.

She sat at the edge of the bed, dispirited.

Her trembling fingers indicated the trepidation in her.

On the carpet in the room were Cedrick’s bedroom slippers.

+15 Bonus Gwendolyn frowned.

He didn’t even wear shoes.

It’s so cold right now.

Where can he go? Why is he hiding again? A wave of emotional turmoil stirred within her.

But at that very moment, she caught sight of the slightly ajar wardrobe from the corner of her eye.

Just as she wanted to walk over to check, Nico entered the room.

“Ms. Harris, we couldn’t find him here.

I’ve contacted Jenson Group but Boss isn’t there.

He’s probably still at the Jenson residence.

” “I got it.

Continue looking around.

Make sure to search carefully.

You must find him, even if it means throwing the world into chaos!” “Yes.

” Once Nico left, Gwendolyn stealthily inched toward the wardrobe and opened the door without making
any noises.

A man was hiding in the corner of the wardrobe.

With his knees bent, he curled up into a ball and wrapped his arms around himself, his grip tightly
clenched on the sleeves of his pajamas.

It was Cedrick.

Seeing that familiar face, Gwendolyn heaved a sigh of relief.

We’ve been looking for him the entire morning, but it turns out that he’s actually hiding in the wardrobe.

What exactly is he trying to do? Gwendolyn bent down quietly without alarming him and carefully
observed his condition.

She had already sensed that Cedrick did not sccm to notice her presence.

The man’s deep, dark eyes looked empty and bleak.

His gaze was scattered and unfocused as he looked toward an area.

An ominous premonition suddenly crept up inside her.

She reached her hand out and tentatively swung it before Cedrick’s eyes.

However, his gaze remained unmoved, almost as if he had died on the inside.

Gwendolyn held a hand over her mouth.

Her eyes reddened, and tears flowed uncontrollably down her checks.

C–Ceddy… can’t see anything? 3/4 69% Chapter 823 Things Will Get Better +15 Bonus Enduring the
unbearable sense of suffocation in her chest, she carefully reached out to Cedrick.

“Ceddy…” Cedrick’s body shuddered upon hearing her voice and feeling her touch on his wrist.

Without hesitation, he raised his arms to cover his face, refusing to let Gwendolyn see his eyes.

“How can this be?” Wiping off her tears, Gwendolyn tried to hold back her sobs as she lifted her hand,
intending to hug him.

“Don’t be afraid, Ceddy.

I’m here…” Cedrick, however, was resistant to her hug.

He lifted the corners of his thin lips into a self–deprecating smirk.

“Since you’ve found out, yes, I’m blind! I don’t need anyone to take pity on me.

Leave me alone!” He initially thought he would gradually regain his vision like how he did a few days

He thought things would improve after hiding and staying alone for a while.

But that was not the case this time round.

His blindness came too quickly that he had no time to devise a backup plan for himself or help.

Gwendolyn settle in.

“I’m not leaving, Geddy! I’ll not go anywhere! I want to keep you company! Why would I pity you? If
anything, I love you and will only feel heartbroken for you!” Gwendolyn grasped his hand tightly to give
him a sense of security.

“I’ll surely find you a cure.

Trust me.

Nothing will happen to you.

You’ll be healthy and live well into ripe old age! We’ll live a blissful life like any other ordinary person!”
Cedrick shook his head.

“That’s not possible, Gwenny.

I don’t have a chance anymore.

” The virus in his body had spread.

He had turned blind.

He reckoned he would lose his hearing in no time as the virus slowly invaded his brain.

I won’t be able to survive this winter… Gwendolyn cupped his icy face and repeated, “You’ll get well.

Everything will be all right.

Let’s go look for Professor Yancey.

If he can’t help, I’ll get Kieran to come back here.

I’m sure he’ll be able to heal you.

Ceddy, if your eyes are beyond cure, I’ll be your eyes then.

I’ll still marry you and have a few adorable kids with you! I’ll never abandon you!” 4/4 Prev Next

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