Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 332

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Bullied Cedrick +15 Bonus When Asher came in with a feather duster in hand, Kieran
peeked at the terrifying weapon and remained calm, seemingly approving of the former’s behavior.

On the contrary, Treyton was startled and immediately stood up to stop Asher.

“Asher, you can’t hit him! He’s weak now because of his fever.

You’re all worked up now and might lose control of yourself.

What if you accidentally kill him? What will you tell Kiddo when she’s back?” Regardless of the
circumstances, Gwendolyn was always an effective shield.

At the mention of her name, Asher regained his rationality.

Nevertheless, he did not put the duster down.

Cedrick, lying on the bed, spoke up just then.

“Considering the grudges between us, it’s pointless to beat me up and vent your anger.

If you have the guts, you should beat me to death straight away,” he provoked.

The rage within Asher burned more vehemently than ever before.

“Very well.

I’ll give you what you want.

I’ll see to it to kill you today!” he snapped.

“Asher, no! Calm down! He’s a patient.

Just treat him as someone who lost his mind from high fever.

Don’t bother with him!” Treyton blocked Asher with all his might while turning his head around to shoot
Cedrick a glare in frustration.

“Will it kill you to keep your mouth shut? You’re so annoying even I feel like hitting you!” Cedrick did not

He and Asher were not only competitors but also enemies.

The latter had even sent someone to assassinate him in Lightspring before, causing him to suffer
heavy injuries.

By the time Cedrick returned, Gwendolyn had acquired Wright Construction Group.

If it weren’t for the fact that Gwendolyn was between them, Cedrick would have fought Asher for real.

He only held back because he didn’t want to make things difficult for Gwendolyn.

Now that Cedrick was sick, Asher even visited to mock him.

Since Gwendolyn wasn’t around, Cedrick didn’t have to put on a nice front.

Thanks to Treyton’s interference, the commotion in the room was somehow contained.

Asher only managed to swat the feather duster at the bed a few times without hitting Cedrick.

As the menacing sound of the air being sliced through rang out again and again, the feathers on the
duster broke free, fluttering freely around the room.

Despite all that was going on, Cedrick was unscathed.

He covered his mouth with his fist and repeatedly coughed, no trace of fear on his pale countenance as
he waited for the blow unmoving.

Asher couldn’t reach Cedrick, and he also knew that it wasn’t honorable to hit a man in his sick bed.

With nowhere to vent his anger, he raised the duster and whipped Treyton’s arm.

III O 1/4 Chapter 332 Bullied Cedrick Following a crisp snap, Treyton grabbed his own arm and turned
to Asher with widened eyes.

“Ow, it hurts! Asher, can you aim better? You hit me!” +15 Bonus “That’s right! I did that on purpose!
How dare you betray me after just a few days of taking care of him? Since you’re so protective of him,
take the beating for him!” Treyton was flabbergasted by the turn of the events.

Although he felt wronged, he didn’t dare to dodge because of the fear instilled in him by the beatings
from Asher since childhood.

He could only shield his head with his arms pitifully.

Realizing that Asher was going to hit Treyton, Cedrick ignored his coughing fits and forced himself up
from the bed unsteadily to shield Treyton.

Yet before Asher could land another hit on Treyton, Kieran grabbed his weapon from the back.

“That’s enough.

You’re looking like a joke,” Kieran said coldly.

Then, he snorted and continued, “If you want to teach Cedrick a lesson, it’s easy.

I have a drug that can put someone in so much pain that it sucks the life out of them, but it does no
harm to the body.

Want to give it a try?” Cedrick had just stood up when he heard Kieran.

Although his expression remained unchanged, his back stiffened.

Frail from sickness, he collapsed back into bed weakly.

Asher let go of the duster and allowed Kieran to take it.

When the former noticed that Cedrick had stopped taunting and looked less overbearing than earlier,
his anger subsided.

“That’s a good idea! It’s the best way to punish a crazy dog who loves taunting and acting tough,” he
expressed his agreement with Kieran’s proposal.

Placing the duster on the bedside table, Kieran returned to the dressing table and continued to prepare
the drug.

Meanwhile, Treyton walked around Asher and approached Kieran, whispering, “Kieran, are you really
going to drug him? It will be embarrassing if people find out that we ganged up on a sick man.

Why don’t we just let this go?” Kieran ignored him and focused on his task at hand.

Since Treyton couldn’t get through to Kieran, he turned around and began convincing Asher.

“Asher, you know very well how mean Kieran’s ideas are.

Kiddo is a grudgeful girl.

If she comes back and finds out we tortured Cedrick in various ways, she’s going to be upset!” “We can
just keep it from her,” Asher sneered.

“But Cedrick can talk.

She will still find out if he tells on us.

” Kieran chimed in, “I’ll make him mute with drugs.

” 2/4 Chapter 332 Bullied Cedrick +15 Bonus “Wonderful.

We can just tell Kiddo that he can’t speak because of the virus in his body.

Doesn’t that solve it?” Asher said.

“But…” Treyton was stumped for words for a while.

After glancing at Cedrick with sympathy, he went on, “But he has hands.

He could tattletale on us by writing!” “Then I’ll paralyze him with drugs,” Kieran retorted indifferently.

Bobbing his head, Asher agreed, “It’s exhausting to take care of a paralyzed man for long.

When Kiddo gets sick of him, we can get a new brother–in–law.

That’s perfect!” Totally out of ideas, Treyton could only look at Cedrick and silently wish him good luck.

Cedrick did not show much reaction.

With his blank expression, he looked weary and sickly.

He suppressed his coughs and ripped off the cooling patch on his forehead before curling under the
blanket snugly.

After a long silence, he finally uttered feebly, “I want to nap.

Please leave.

” Right at that moment, Kieran finished preparing the medicine and placed the powder in a capsule.

When he handed the capsule to Treyton, the latter stared at it for a moment before lifting his head to
study Kieran’s expression.

“Kieran, what’s this?” “Watch him take it, then make him take the medicine from yesterday half an hour

” With that, Kieran turned on his heels and left the bedroom.

One could feel his aloofness even from his leaving figure.

Treyton sighed in relief as he realized what Kieran meant.

He poured Cedrick a glass of water and walked up to the bed, instructing, “Take this before you nap.

I’ll wake you up after half an hour.

” Cedrick knitted his brows tightly and instinctively pulled the blanket over his lips.

“I’m not taking it,” he stated.

A contemptuous smile crossed Asher’s face at that.

He was acting so tough earlier, yet now, he’s scared to take the medicine.

Just as he was about to mock Cedrick again, they were told that the people from the Federal Bureau of
Investigation were waiting at the gate of Harrick Villa to report to Cedrick.

Asher could only get up and leave the room to send Cedrick’s subordinates away.

When Asher’s footsteps faded, Cedrick asked Treyton quietly, “What drug is this?” “Don’t worry; it’s just

With Kiddo shielding you, Kieran won’t actually drug you,” Treyton answered while holding back his

Naturally, Cedrick trusted Treyton.

He sat up and spread out his palm, waiting for the latter to hand him the capsule and the water.

The capsule immediately melted on his tongue after Cedrick took it.

The next second, bitterness exploded in his mouth.

His stomach churned, and he doubled over the bed and retched repeatedly.

3/4 Chapter 332 Bullied Cedrick +15 Bonus However, he was unable to spit anything out.

The medicine was a hundred times more bitter than any drug he had ever taken, and its overpowering
and unpleasant taste seemed to flood his senses.

Noticing Cedrick’s ashen face, Treyton could tell that the drug Kieran had prepared this time was
intensely bitter.

He stifled a chuckle and gloated, “That’s why people say you shouldn’t offend a doctor.

They have tons of ways to make you suffer!”

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