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Chapter 367

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Gwendolyn glanced downward silently, her expression cold.

The plaintiff’s lawyer raised his hand and continued, “The defendant is not refuting precisely because
she’s guilty. It is true that she shot Mr. Vidar Lund that day. Your Honor, we suggest that she be

While he was making a reasoned and well-founded accusation against Gwendolyn, the legal assistant
beside him, who was recording the notes on a laptop, suddenly received an email.

The assistant opened the email. After she read the first two lines, her eyes widened in shock. She
quickly turned the laptop to Kylie.

Kylie read the email attentively. As she read the rest of the email, her eyes reddened and tears started
streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably. Unable to control her emotions, she broke down.

The legal assistant had no choice but to interrupt the trial. “Apologies, Your Honor. Our plaintiff is
emotionally distressed. We request another recess!”

The lawyers representing the Harris family were initially prepared to reveal their trump card after the
plaintiff’s lawyer had finished speaking. They wanted to use the evidence that Charles was not an
adopted son, while also proving that Gwendolyn had acted in self-defense. They planned for a dramatic

However, there was yet another unexpected recess, leaving everyone baffled.

During this recess, Kylie suddenly withdrew the lawsuit without any prior warning.

It seemed that she had admitted defeat in this battle.

Gwendolyn could not understand it. Before the second recess, she had noticed the sorrowful
expression on Kylie’s face when Kylie was looking at the laptop.

What was written on it? Or did Kylie eventually decide to back down since this is, after all, a royal

Treyton hugged her shoulders and led her out of the courtroom.

Just when they reached the entrance hall of the courthouse, Kylie, Gerhardt, and the rest happened to
walk out from the other side.

They came face to face with one another.

Kylie glared at Gwendolyn, unable to conceal the hatred in her eyes.

“Gwendolyn, you should thank Charlie for the fact that you can still walk out of here freely instead of
being handcuffed and detained as a criminal. If it weren’t for him, I would never have let you off the

Thank Charles?

Gwendolyn was utterly confused.

With an arrogant snort, Kylie spun around and walked away, denying Gwendolyn the opportunity to ask
any questions.

Treyton patted her shoulder lightly. “Kiddo, don’t think too much about it. In any case, the matter has
now been resolved.”

“Yeah.” Gwendolyn nodded.

As they exited the courtroom, she immediately spotted a man leaning against a luxury car. That familiar
and handsome figure caused her restless self to find solace in an instant.

It was Cedrick.

Quickly running up to him, she slipped her small arms under his black coat and embraced his sturdy
waist. She could feel the warmth from his body.

“When did you wake up? How do you feel? While Kieran is still in Salinsburgh, I’ll have him cure you

Having heard those words of concern, Cedrick happily stroked her head. He wrapped her thin body
within his coat and hugged her tightly.

“I probably woke up while you were still in court. Don’t worry. With Kieran’s medical skills, there won’t
be any traces of the illness left within me.”

Gwendolyn felt less worry.

Cedrick leaned closer to her ear and whispered mysteriously, “Gwendolyn, I want to take you


“You’ll know when we get there,” he replied in a gentle tone. He opened the car door, carried her, and
carefully placed her in the seat. Then, he turned around and said to Treyton and Kieran, “I’ll borrow
Gwendolyn from you two for now. It’s almost the New Year. I’ll formally thank both of you on New Year’s

With a look of understanding on his face, Treyton waved his hand impatiently and said, “Leave quickly.
Don’t act all lovey-dovey here.”

Kieran remained expressionless and did not say a word.

In the driver’s seat, Nico beckoned to Nicole as she stood meekly behind Treyton.

Nicole immediately opened the door of the passenger seat happily and got in with a joyful smile.

While the luxurious car drove away, Kieran stared at it with a face filled with displeasure. He
commented in a cold and sarcastic voice, “He’s acting as if he’ll return her to us.”

Treyton chuckled. “Kieran, that’s not very upright of you. Why didn’t you say it in front of Cedrick just

Kieran gave him a cold glance. “Get the hell out of here and go find your girlfriend.”

After saying that, he turned around and left.

Staring at Kieran’s departing figure, Treyton sighed helplessly and only dared to mutter under his
breath. “You and your personality… It’s no wonder you haven’t found a wife after all these years!”

Nico drove all the way to a private airport.

Gwendolyn looked at the airport terminal in confusion. “Ceddy, why did you bring me here?”

Cedrick smiled and did not explain. Holding her small hand and interlocking their fingers, he led her
toward the airport terminal.

Nicole naively followed them out of the car before getting stopped by Nico, who gently shook his head
to tell her to stay in the car. She got the hint and obediently waited in the car with him.

Cedrick held Gwendolyn’s hand and went up to the fourth floor.

Cedrick pointed out the window. “Gwenny, look.”

Gwendolyn looked in the direction he was pointing at. Through the glass, she saw someone walking up
the stairs toward Cedrick’s private plane.

The person’s back looks so familiar. It resembles…

Her eyes reddened as she stared out of the window in disbelief.

The person turned his head slowly upon reaching the top of the stairs. Standing outside the aircraft, he
raised his arm high and waved in Gwendolyn’s direction.

Although they were far apart, Gwendolyn could clearly see the look of affection in his deep blue eyes
as if he was silently bidding her farewell.

Despite her shock, she did not forget to wave back at Charles.

Seeing her response, Charles withdrew his gaze in satisfaction and entered the cabin.

It was only after the cabin door closed that Gwendolyn turned her head to Cedrick. “Ceddy, what did
you do?”

How can Charles possibly be leaving on his private plane? How can he still be alive? I clearly saw him
falling down after being shot.

Cedrick looked at her earnestly as if he could read all the doubts in her mind. He answered them
patiently, “The grudges between Charles and me have been written off. The reason Kylie withdrew the
lawsuit is that she received an email from Charles. I initially planned to bring him to court as a witness
to prove your innocence, but he no longer wants to live as Charles or Vidar anymore, so he asked me
not to reveal that he is still alive. He wants to leave quietly and take a break overseas.” He reached his

hand out and gently caressed her cheek. “When you were in the cathedral, you were so nervous that
the bullet missed the target. Knowing deep down that you couldn’t bear to see him die, I let him go.”

Tears rolled down Gwendolyn’s cheeks. She felt both moved and incredulous. “He treated you badly
and hurt you, and you’re willing to let him go?”

Cedrick wiped away her tears with his fingertip, his eyes filled with tenderness. “I can’t bear to see you
sad and guilty because of his death.”

“Thank you.”

She hugged him tightly. Even though tears were flowing down her cheeks, her heart was filled with
immense joy.

However, Cedrick did not embrace her this time.

Sensing that there was something off about him, Gwendolyn quickly released him and raised her head
to look at him. “What’s wrong, Ceddy?”

Looking down, he said awkwardly, “I heard that you could accurately tell Charles’ likings in court. Looks
like you really… know him well.”

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