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Chapter 370

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“This matter is quite complicated. I’ll explain to you in the future, but I can assure you it’s not what you
think. Gwenny has a very good personality, and you’ll grow to like her,” Cedrick said.

Tania remained silent.

Recalling Nico’s situation, Cedrick continued, “Since you’re back, Aunt Tania, why don’t you assist me
with the arrangements with the family genealogy?”

“Family genealogy? What is it about?” she asked.

With a determined gaze, Cedrick said, “I want to include Nico in the family genealogy and list him as an
adopted son under my father’s name!”

“All right. You’ve always known what you’re doing. Since you already have that plan in mind, I’ll help

Tania was always efficient in her work.

Two days later, on an auspicious day, she called upon respected elders from the family to witness the

Since it was a family matter among the Jensons, Gwendolyn could only stand outside and observe
from a distance.

In the ancestral hall where the ceremony was conducted, Nico followed the proper etiquette. He
presented a cup of tea to Valentino with both hands and respectfully greeted, “Grandpa.”

Valentino accepted the tea, took a sip calmly, and then lifted the tea cover. He lightly dipped his finger
in the tea and placed a dot on Nico’s forehead.

Once the elaborate procedures were completed, the family members noted “Nico Jenson” in the family
record. “You’re a part of the Jenson family now. You must be honest, abide by the laws, and always
heed the guidance of the elders of the Jenson family.”

“All right, Grandpa,” Nico responded obediently.

“Go on,” Valentino said, tapping his cane to signal Nico to present another cup of tea to Cedrick.

Nico stood up and approached Cedrick.

“Boss, here’s a cup of tea for you!” Nico’s demeanor changed completely. He smiled brightly, radiating
warmth and joy like a blooming flower.

Frustrated, Cedrick gave Nico a light tap on the head and said, “From now on, you should call me

Nico handed him the tea and sincerely exclaimed, “Cedrick!”

Gwendolyn quietly watched from outside the door, taking in the scene.

She was genuinely happy for Nico, as he had gained so much after his return from Erihal.

After an hour of going through the intricate process of being recorded in the family genealogy, it finally
came to an end.

As a gift for joining the Jenson family, Cedrick presented a small villa to Nico. It was just two alleys
away from Harrick Villa.

Upon hearing the news of Nico receiving the property, Summer surrounded him, showering him with
congratulations. She then eagerly pulled him along to decorate the new villa with some new items.

Once they left, Cedrick immediately drove Gwendolyn to a hospital in the city, heading straight to the
obstetrics and gynecology department as it was time for her routine checkup.

As the doctor conducted the examination, Cedrick was not allowed to enter the room.

He anxiously sat in the corridor, feeling restless and uneasy.

This child was conceived when he still had the virus in his body, so there was a high possibility that the
child might not be healthy and could carry the virus. There was even a risk of transmitting the virus to
Gwendolyn, making her sick too.

The more Cedrick thought about it, the more unsettled he became.

He discreetly gave Joshua a call.

Upon receiving the man’s call, Joshua was a little bewildered. “What’s wrong, Cedrick? You never
reach out to me unless there’s something wrong with your health. Are you experiencing any

“Do you always have to think negatively about me?” Cedrick’s face darkened, not in the mood for
playful banter.

He cut to the chase and asked, “Will we be able to detect the virus in Gwenny’s child if it is indeed

“How long has she been pregnant?” Joshua queried in response.

Cedrick thought about it before answering, “Six and a half weeks.”

“I’m afraid it can’t be detected at this stage, Cedrick. The current testing methods in the country rely on
laboratory tests, and at such an early stage, it’s not possible to perform such tests. We may have to

wait until the child is born for a definitive diagnosis.”

However, if the child was born before they could detect the virus, it might be too late to take any
necessary actions.

Cedrick fell into a deep silence, his mind clouded with worry and concern. After mulling over the
situation for a while, he gathered his courage and posed the question. “Is… there any way to abort the
child without causing harm to Gwenny’s body?”

“It’s not possible, Cedrick. Any method of abortion would inevitably cause some harm to the mother,”
Joshua explained.

Upon hearing that, Cedrick sighed inwardly. If only men could become pregnant. I wish I could bear the
suffering on behalf of Gwenny, allowing her to focus solely on her health and happiness.

On the other end of the phone, Joshua, unaware of Cedrick’s silent response, continued to provide
information, saying, “However, if the pregnancy is still in the early stages, there are medications
available on the market that pose the least harm to the mother. If Gwendolyn takes them and takes
good care of herself, the overall impact should be minimal.”

“What medicine?”

“Mifepristone. However, this medication is newly developed and currently prohibited for sale in the
country. It might be a bit troublesome if you wish to purchase it.”

“Got it,” Cedrick responded before ending the call.

He then dialed Nico’s number. “After you finish your current tasks in the next couple of days, I’ll arrange
for you to go abroad and help me purchase something.”

Nico listened attentively to his instructions.

Although Cedrick did not explicitly mention what the medication was for, the mention of the word
“pregnancy” piqued Nico’s curiosity. He decided to do some research on his tablet.

As he delved deeper into his search, Nico was taken aback by what he discovered. “Cedrick, are you
serious? This medication is for abortion! It will harm Gwendolyn’s body!”

Cedrick was also visibly conflicted. To him, nothing was more important than Gwendolyn’s health.

The pain caused by the S404 RNA virus was something Cedrick had experienced firsthand. He did not
want anyone else to go through the misery anymore.

Instead of discussing further with Nico, he uttered, “Do as I said and stop asking questions. I know
what I’m doing.”

Nico could not help but worry, feeling a sense of unease. “Cedrick, you don’t understand. This baby
holds a special meaning for Gwendolyn. During our time in Erihal, she went to great lengths to handle
Charles. She did that all for the sake of protecting this child.”

Cedrick fell into a prolonged silence.

Nico continued, “She cherishes this baby very much. You can’t just strip her of her rights as a mother
and then apologize later. She’ll be devastated and perhaps even develop resentment toward you.”

Those final words struck Cedrick’s heart with a heavy blow.

While his mind was still in turmoil, the lights in the examination room suddenly went out. The nurse was
the first to come out, bringing forth good news. “Congratulations, Mr. Jenson. Ms. Harris is pregnant
with twins!”

Cedrick immediately hung up the call with Nico and stood up, entering the room to look for Gwendolyn.

His expression was grave, lacking the joy one would expect from impending fatherhood, leaving the
nurse bewildered.

“Gwenny, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” he asked, gently supporting Gwendolyn and anxiously
checking the monitoring equipment to ensure he had not caused her any pain.

Gwendolyn gently cradled his face in her hands and placed a loving kiss on his lips, her face radiant
with joy. “Ceddy, the doctor explained that the reason I experienced such strong pregnancy symptoms
during that time was because I’m carrying twins. It led to an excess of hormones, but rest assured, my
health is perfectly fine!”

She was filled with excitement as she handed him the ultrasound report. “Although it’s still too early to
see clearly, in a few months’ time, you’ll have not just one, but two little bundles of joy! Aren’t you
happy, Ceddy?”

Cedrick was momentarily taken aback, his gaze shifting between the ultrasound report and the
beaming expression on Gwendolyn’s face. At a loss for words, he was unable to articulate his

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