Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 371

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Gwendolyn waved a hand in front of Cedrick’s eyes while smiling.

“What are you thinking about, Ceddy? Are you too nervous because it’ll be your first time being a dad,
and you’ve no experience?” Pulling himself out of his daze, he rolled with it and went along with what
she said, replying, “Yeah.

I’m ecstatic.

” After gently tucking her hair behind her ears, he bent down to help her put on her shoes, picked her
up in his arms, and started walking out.

“Let’s go home.

” The nurses craned their heads to look at Cedrick and Gwendolyn while they were on their way out.

The envious expressions that crossed their faces when they saw the couple being all lovey-dovey
caused Gwendolyn to burrow her face into the crook of the man’s neck in embarrassment.

“Don’t always spoil me like this, Ceddy.

It’s not like I can’t walk on my own.

” His lips curved into a slight smile, and his tone was calm as he replied, “Even the doctor mentioned
that we should be extra careful because it’s twins, and your morning sickness symptoms might become
more intense as time passes.

You’ve got to go through so much, so I must do something for you.

” That reply warmed the cockles of her heart.

She let Cedrick carry her out of the hospital through the quiet employees’ entrance and all the way to
the car.

After returning to Harrick Villa, Gwendolyn stared at the medical report as she sat on the bed, quietly
marveling over the miracle of life.

Meanwhile, Cedrick sat cross-legged beside her with a book on his lap, appearing to be engrossed in

However, since he was staring at the book unblinkingly, it also seemed that he was lost in thought.

Resting her head on his thigh, she asked, “Since it’s twins, do you hope they’ll be two boys or two
girls? Or do you think they’ll be one boy and one girl?” There was no response.

He was still staring at the page in a daze.

“Ceddy?” She had to wave her hand in front of him again to jolt him back to the present.

“What’s up with you today? Why are you so distracted?” “Gwenny…” He grabbed her petite hands and
looked straight into her eyes.

Recalling what Nico had said, he took a deep breath and hesitated a few times before finally pulling the

“We’ll… still have other children in the future.

Could we… terminate this pregnancy?” “What did you say?” Dumbfounded, it took Gwendolyn a while
to register his words.

She pulled her hands out of his grasp.

Her heart felt as though it had plummeted into the pit of her stomach, and an icy sensation spread
across her body.

“We’re having twins.

How often does that happen? Why would you say that?” As she struggled to wrap her head around it,
she suddenly remembered how Tania had pulled Cedrick aside a few days ago and whispered

She grimaced and asked, “So, you believe what your aunt told you and suspect the baby is Charles’?
You don’t believe in my feelings for you?” “I believe you, of course.

How could I even think otherwise? Gwenny—” Avoiding his touch, Gwendolyn turned to get off the bed
and leave.

However, Cedrick swiftly hugged her from behind.

Leaning his head against her shoulder, he hurriedly explained, “You’ve misunderstood.

You conceived when we hadn’t treated the virus in my body, so there’s a high chance that the babies
will be born with the virus.

What’s more, you could become infected.

There’s only one vial of Super Antiviral, and we can’t even administer the antidote to you since you’re

I dare not let you take such a risk with your body.

” Gradually, her anxious emotions calmed down.

“So, this pregnancy… Let’s give up on it, shall we?” he continued.

“Is that what you want?” Her gaze was calm as she turned and met his eyes.

“There’s a medicine available overseas called Mifepristone that’s very effective for early-term abortions
and is the least harmful to the body.

It’ll only take a short period to recuperate.

When your body recovers, we can try for a baby again.

Okay?” Gwendolyn did not respond.

She stared at the medical report and fell silent for a long time.

When I first learned I’d gotten pregnant, I wasn’t ready to be a mother.

Now, though, I’m genuinely looking forward to the arrival of these two babies.

However, he wants to sentence them to death cruelly.

“Gwenny?” Cedrick held her hands anxiously, uneasiness in his dark eyes.

After pondering for a while, she asked, “Did Prof.

Mallory say the babies will surely get infected by the virus?” “Well, not necessarily.

There’s a probability of it happening, but we can only wait until the babies are born to confirm it through

However, I don’t want to gamble with your health.

Giving up on this pregnancy is the safest course of action.

” A thought popped into her head when she heard that.

“Even though there’s a probability that it’ll happen, I believe luck will be on our side.

Besides, Prof.

Mallory kept a sample for research when injecting you with the antidote.

Even if I was so unfortunate as to get infected, I trust that his and Kieran’s medical skills can keep me
and the babies safe.

” Taking his hand, she let him stroke her belly.

“Since the heavens have entrusted us with these two little ones, we should cherish and protect them.

If we give up on them, even if we get pregnant again, our future babies won’t be them.

” Cedrick caressed her belly carefully.

It was still flat, and he could not feel the babies’ presence.

Despite her words, the uneasiness in his heart had not diminished even a little.

“Gwenny, I don’t want to risk—” Holding his chin, Gwendolyn forced him to meet her gaze and said
solemnly, “But I’m willing to take the risk with the babies! Even if it doesn’t work out, my life won’t be in
danger with Prof.

Mallory and Kieran around.

Ceddy, I hope you can respect my decision.

We can’t be so heartless as to rob the little ones of their right to come into this world just because of a

” Seeing the determination in her eyes, he sighed and relented.


I’ll support you and risk it just this once.

” “Okay,” Gwendolyn murmured, nodding solemnly.

“You’ve suffered too much, Ceddy.

There’s no way we’ll always be unlucky, right? I believe that the heavens will surely bless us once.

” He lightly tapped the tip of her nose, his dark eyes brimming with affection.

“What do you feel like eating tonight? I’ll go make dinner.

” She did not reply.

The way he was talking earlier seemed like he had made up his mind.

I can’t help thinking something feels off.

As that thought crossed her mind, a look of guile flickered in her eyes.

She asked, “You had even researched all about that medicine.

Could it be that you had planned something in advance?” Cedrick was silent, and the expression on his
face froze.

He had not expected the woman to figure it out so quickly.

I can’t believe she actually guessed it right.

Averting his gaze, he was planning to lie and brush off her question when his phone on the bedside
table suddenly started ringing.

He turned to check his phone and saw that the call was from Nico.

Guilt was written all over his face as the memory of how he had asked Nico to go overseas in a few
days and buy the medicine came back to him.

Just as he was about to decline the call, she took the phone away.

Furrowing her brows slightly, she fixed him with an inquisitive gaze.

“Look at how you’re fidgeting guiltily.

Why aren’t you answering Nico’s call?” “I…” he began.

Without giving him a chance to make excuses, she tapped on the phone decisively to answer the call
and put it on speakerphone.

Nico’s panicked voice rang out.

“Cedrick, I really can’t do it! It’s a matter of conscience! You want to buy the medicine while keeping it a
secret from Gwendolyn.

However, if she finds out about it, you won’t be the only one who’ll get into big trouble.

I will, too! Besides, this decision is too cruel…” Cedrick lowered his head.

He turned pale, his eyelashes trembled, and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed uneasily.

Gwendolyn shot him a frosty glare.

On the other end of the line, Nico was still trying to persuade Cedrick to change his mind.

In a glacial tone, she asked the man on the phone, “What did Cedrick ask you to buy?”

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