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Chapter 437

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Kieran found a closed shop with shelter by the roadside and took shelter from the heavy rain.

He roughly estimated the distance to the Mossey residence and the distance back to the hotel and
realized that the time required for both routes was almost the same.

He decided to go all out and dashed into the rain.

After running for an hour in the rain, he still hadn’t reached the Mossey residence.

He had checked the navigation twice before heading out, but he ended up relying on his memory
because the sky was too dark. In the end, he got lost, not knowing which street he had taken the wrong
turn on.

It was three or four in the morning, and there wasn’t a single car or person on the street.

He could neither go back to the hotel nor find the Mossey residence.

He stood alone in the rain helplessly.

Ironically, he was actually miserable now because his plan to play the victim didn’t turn out as he

Salinsburgh was as peaceful as any other day the next morning. The sun was shining brightly in the

After finishing breakfast, Jennifer called Craig nervously.

The moment the call connected, Craig spoke before she could say anything. “Have you thought it

Jennifer took a deep breath. “Yes. I’m willing to move back to the Newton residence.”

Craig chuckled lightly, seemingly in a good mood. “It’s good that you’ve come to your senses. Send me
your address. I’ll have the driver come pick you up.”

“It’s okay. No need to trouble yourself. Treyton will drive me there.”

Craig’s voice turned cold on the other end of the phone. “You are a member of the Newton family. It’s
only natural to take the Newton family’s car, not Treyton’s.”

Jennifer was puzzled. “What’s wrong with that? Treyton is my boyfriend now. It’s only right for him to
drive me there.”

Craig fell silent for a moment. “Listen to me, Jennifer. Pack up and wait obediently. I’ll send the driver to
pick you up.”

Jennifer didn’t respond.

She was in a daze when Treyton took her phone from her side.

“No one will dare to say anything if I drive Jennifer there, Mr. Craig. Although she’s a celebrity, no one
will dare to report us even if we’re caught on camera given my influence in the entertainment industry.”
His deep voice sounded colder than before. “Or do you look down on me, Mr. Craig? Do you look down
on the Harris family?”

Craig snorted. “Of course not.”

In the end, Craig gave in and allowed Treyton to send Jennifer to the Newton residence.

When they hung up the phone, both Jennifer’s and Treyton’s expressions turned grim.

“Craig has strong control tendencies, and he’s a person who bullies the weak and fears the strong. Try
not to let him lead you by the nose when you’re with him,” Treyton said. “But don’t be too

confrontational either. After all, he’s the one in control of the Newton family. Gwendolyn and I have no
say in matters concerning the Newton family.”

Just as he finished speaking, he realized something from the pensive expression on Jennifer’s face.

“Um… Is it inappropriate for me to badmouth your brother to your face?”

Jennifer was amused by his slow reaction. “Regardless of whether it’s appropriate or not, you’ve
already said it. You can’t take back your words, can you?”

“You’re right.” Treyton felt a little awkward, but he quickly regained his composure. “But I know you
won’t mind.”

Jennifer pursed her lips and smiled sweetly. “Yes, I don’t mind.”

After packing a few belongings, they left the villa together, got into a car, and headed to the Newton

The closer they got to the Newton residence, the more uneasy Treyton felt. He gripped Jennifer’s hand.

“Jennifer, you mustn’t be too hasty even if you want to investigate the incident on the top floor. Craig
will definitely be on guard since you’ve been there once. You should obey his rules for a few days first
until he let down his guard a little before making any plans.”

Jennifer nodded. “Don’t worry. I know what to do.”

Still concerned, Treyton reminded, “If anything happens, just shout for help. The people that I arrange
to stand guard outside the Newton residence will rush in to find you no matter what. I will come right
away too.”


They continued to chat casually until they arrived at the Newton residence.

Craig had cleared his schedule and returned early. He was already waiting at the entrance of the
Newton residence.

It was still a friendly meeting between Craig and Treyton. They smiled at each other simultaneously
and nodded politely to each other.

Then, Jennifer was led inside by Craig.

As they walked through the garden of the residence, Craig said, “Take some time to familiarize yourself
with everything here. If there are no issues, I will arrange for your homecoming feast as soon as
possible and publicly announce your identity as the daughter of the Newton family.”

“Okay.” Jennifer lowered her gaze and walked alongside him.

Craig continued, “There will be a business gala in two days. I will take you with me and introduce you to
some influential business figures.”

Jennifer was perplexed. “I’m a celebrity. I won’t be working at Newton Group in the future. Why do I
have to meet your business partners?”

Craig simply replied, “It’s always good to make connections.”

Jennifer wanted to raise her doubts further, but Craig changed the subject. “Since you’re back, you can
stay in the room I arranged for you last time. I have the servants clean it regularly, so you don’t have to
worry about it being dirty. But I hope you won’t engage in any dangerous activities like climbing beds
and walls as you did last time.”

At the mention of the incident, Craig’s expression became cold. “Although I didn’t punish you last time, I
won’t be lenient on you if you ever disobey the rules again. Even if Treyton pleads on your behalf, you

won’t be able to get away with it. Do you understand?”

Jennifer nodded softly. “I understand.”

“Good. Go to your room and unpack. Get some rest before lunch. We’ll eat in the dining hall later.”
Craig put his hands in the pockets of his military pants, his face void of expression.

Jennifer had just picked up her luggage and walked a few steps forward when she turned around and
asked, “I haven’t met my mother all this time. When will I see her?”

Craig smiled. “You will see her during lunch at noon.”


Treyton had told Jennifer that her mother was gentle, elegant, and had an excellent temperament,
which made her all the more curious.

She walked into the villa cheerfully.

Craig stared after her slender figure with a gloomy expression as he stood on the pebble path leading
to the garden.

The rain was pouring heavily at night in Fairlake. After being drenched for several hours, Kieran finally
found a place that could barely shelter him. He huddled up there and endured another two hours of

It wasn’t until dawn that he finally found a passerby and asked for directions to the Mossey residence.

The passersby were stunned when they saw him soaked from head to toe.

Not only was his handsome appearance unaffected in the slightest, but he also looked more attractive
when drenched.

Kieran attracted everyone’s attention along the way as a celebrity would.

He was extremely annoyed because he didn’t expect the trip to Fairlake to turn out to be one of the
worst experiences in his life.

As he thought about it unhappily, he finally arrived at the entrance of the Mossey residence after half an

The bodyguard was taken aback when he saw Kieran. “Who are you, Sir?”

Kieran raised his head and looked at the bodyguard coldly. “I’m Kieran from the Harris family in
Salinsburgh. I’m here to see Mr. Mossey.”

“Mr. Kieran?” As the bodyguard examined him from head to toe, he was stunned by his disheveled yet
dignified demeanor. He immediately went in to inform the Mosseys.

The Mosseys were having a meal in the dining hall when Kieran suddenly arrived. Jerome and
Madelyn put down their cutlery and went out to greet him personally.

Inez didn’t bother to go out.

Having chased after Kieran for more than a year, she realized that she couldn’t move his heart, and
she was tired of doing that already.

As she continued eating, she caught sight of her parents welcoming a tall figure in through the corner
of her eyes.

When she looked up, she froze.

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