Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 441

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Inez grew frustrated that her wineglass was snatched away for a second time. “Give it back to me,
Kieran! Who do you think you are to me? You have no right to control what I do!”

Kieran dodged backward with the wineglass in his hand.

His arm was longer than Inez’s, so she couldn’t reach the glass, which infuriated her.

“How can you be so unreasonable, Kieran! I pursued you for a year, but you never spared me a glance.
I’m tired now, so can you just let me go?” Her eyes, red like a rabbit’s, were filled with aggrieved tears.

“Ms. Inez, no, Inez, I…” Kieran struggled to form a word. His ears and cheeks were red as he looked at


I can’t believe confessing my love is more nerve-racking than the first time I operated on someone!
Kieran took in a deep breath.

“If you don’t want to tell me, fine! I’ll leave.” Inez had run out of patience and was prepared to exit the

Kieran grabbed her hand. “Don’t go.”

He took another deep breath and emptied the wineglass in one go to build his courage.

Because he drank it too fast, he became dizzy quickly, but it did help him grow bold enough to say, “I
like you, Inez.”

Inez was stunned, unable to process the information immediately.

Kieran continued, “I was foolish in the past. I didn’t understand my own heart. It wasn’t until you left that
I realized I couldn’t forget about you. I will marry you, but we can go on dates first and discuss marriage
at a more suitable time. What do you think?”

Inez looked at him dazedly. Is he an imposter? Is someone disguising as him right now? I’ve dreamed
of this moment for countless nights in the past. I’d wake up with a smile and sleep sorrowfully for
numerous days. Now, as I listen to his declaration of love for me, I feel calm. The excitement once
swam in my heart had been drained by the innumerable disappointment I had experienced. It’s
amusing how Kieran’s bringing up dating and marriage with me now.

Seconds later, the edges of her lips curved upward bitterly. “Are you messing with me, Mr. Kieran?”

A serious expression was set on Kieran’s face. “No. I’m telling the truth.”

Inez smiled mockingly. “Is it because you’re not used to my absence after I chased after you for a

Kieran nodded and admitted, “You’re right, but I should’ve recognized my love for you earlier. My
emotional quotient was too low.”

His words did nothing to comfort her. Instead, she felt even more insulted.

“When I liked you, you never looked at me seriously. Now that I’ve decided to move on from you, you
came here and told me you like me. Will you force me to leave after you get sick of me? Who do you
think I am?” Inez’s eyes reddened as she felt humiliated. “My family may be incomparable to yours in
terms of money and influence, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with me!”

Her powerful reaction surprised Kieran. Did I really break her heart with my aloofness while she was
pursuing me?

“That’s not what I meant, Inez.” He wasn’t adept at explaining things. As he watched her weep angrily,
he wasn’t sure how to comfort her.

Panickily, he helped wipe her tears away. However, he accidentally exerted too much force and
smudge her left eyeliner.

He withdrew his hands nervously and stared helplessly at his handiwork.

When Inez noticed his odd look, she realized something. She opened her handbag and pulled out a

While her left eyeliner wasn’t smudged that much, it did ruin her delicate makeup.

That drove her fury to the extreme. “Are you a troublemaker sent by the heavens to mess with me? Did
I owe you money in my previous life? I was exhausted after pursuing you for a year, and now that I’ve
decided to abandon my goal, you’ve come to irritate me! What exactly do you want?”

Kieran stared at his hands blankly. “I’m sorry. I’ve never taken care of a woman before, so I’ve no
experience in that regard. Don’t be mad. It’s not as serious as you think.”

Someone as aloof as him actually apologized to me? For a moment, she was touched.

However, she quickly suppressed her positive emotions toward him. “I don’t care what you think or do.
Since I’ve decided to sever my relationship with you, I won’t retract that decision easily.”

Kieran gripped her hand, preventing her from leaving.

“Let me go! It hurts!”

Upon hearing that, he released her.

Inez promptly distanced herself from him and stated, “I don’t care if you have understood your feelings
or if you’re just playing with me. I have a fiancé now. Even if he’s a sc*mbag, you still can’t marry me! I
hope you’ll stay far away from me and don’t disturb me again.”

Upon finishing her sentence, she turned to the exit.

Just as she grabbed the handle and prepared to leave, she heard Kieran breathing heavily behind her.
That sounds weird…

Turning back, she saw him acting oddly and his face was flushed. Wait, is it possible that the drug
wasn’t in the glass but the entire bottle?

Inez stepped toward Kieran to examine his condition and patted his cheek. “Mr. Kieran? Wake up, Mr.
Kieran! I’ll call the manager.”

When she tried to leave, her wrist was clutched by him again.

As he was much stronger than her, he easily pulled her into his embrace and pinned her to a chair.

Then, he leaned closer to her. “Inez…” This is awful! I’ve never suffered this humiliation before as an
elite doctor! To think I consumed such a drug! I was so focused on Inez earlier that I didn’t think to
consider if the red wine was dangerous.

As he gradually blacked out, a naughty voice in his heart spurred him to lean on her.

Inez slapped his cheeks forcefully. “Stay awake, Kieran!”

Random thoughts leaped into Kieran’s mind while his consciousness was fading. Her chilly skin feels
so lovely to touch. I think it can counteract my boiling skin. Oh man, I really want to kiss her alluring

“Stay awake! I’ll call someone for help!”

He couldn’t hear a word she said as he watched her lips move.

Although the drug was of low-quality, it was effective. Abruptly, he leaned toward her and kissed her

Initially, Inez was able to struggle against him. However, she was swiftly charmed by his refreshing and
pleasant scent.

Subconsciously, she indulged in the kiss.

It wasn’t until Kieran started unbuttoning her shirt that she snapped back to her senses. If I have sex
with him today, my reputation as the daughter of the Mossey family will be ruined!

She grabbed the unfinished bottle of wine on the table and smashed it on his shoulder.

The maroon wine flowed along Kieran’s sleeve and tainted half of his shirt.

However, there weren’t any blood stains. Inez wasn’t that cruel, after all.

Kieran’s urge was diminished by the unexpected pain coming from his shoulder. Seconds later, he
aimed his pained look at her.

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