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Chapter 449

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Jennifer mentioned that Mrs.

Newton had a red mark on her wrist.

However, Craig is her son and the head of the family.

Why would he harm his mother? Something suspicious is going on.

As Gwendolyn graciously accepted each spoonful from Cedrick, she asked curiously, “Craig is the
deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, isn’t he? How well-acquainted are you with
him?” Cedrick’s hand froze in mid-air.

His chiseled features contorted into a cold and stern expression, betraying a hint of displeasure at the
sudden topic of discussion.

“Why are asking about him all of a sudden? Did his appearance at last night’s banquet captivate you?”
His words held a tinge of bitterness.

Cedrick remembered the striking resemblance between Charles and Craig, except for their different
eye colors and auras.

Gwendolyn was stunned speechless by his reply.

She playfully tapped his forehead and teased, “What’s going on in your mind? Are you getting jealous
again without reason?” Cedrick maintained his silence, his expression conveying a deep-seated
resentment and lingering agitation.

Gwendolyn took a deep breath and said sincerely, “I asked because I’m genuinely concerned about
Jennifer’s situation.

You and our precious babies mean everything to me.

No other man could ever grab my attention.

” Her words provided him comfort, alleviating his doubts and insecurities.

“Craig is a cunning and calculating person.

Having known him for many years, I know he is driven by self-interest and practicality.

Familial and romantic relationships are a low priority to him.

” Gwendolyn seemed to have understood the situation.

“So, if his interests are threatened by Mrs.

Newton, he may potentially harm her?” “Well…” Cedrick lowered his head and pondered for a moment.

“It’s hard to say.

After all, she’s his mother.

It’s unlikely he would abuse her.

” Gwendolyn’s worry for Jennifer grew further.

“I truly hope Jennifer can survive the homecoming feast unscathed and establish herself as a legitimate
heiress within the esteemed family.

It would be wonderful if she could become engaged to Treyton and marry soon.

” Setting aside the half-eaten risotto, Cedrick embraced Gwendolyn’s waist and leaned his head gently
against her belly.

“Instead of concerning ourselves with other people’s weddings, why don’t we focus on planning our
own?” “Uh… Our babies are just over a month old.

Maybe we should wait until they are a bit older before we proceed with the wedding.

There’s no need to rush.

” Cedrick decided not to say further as he did not want Gwendolyn to be mistaken that he did not care
about the babies.

He lovingly caressed her belly and said, “We can certainly postpone the wedding.

Why don’t we embark on an unforgettable honeymoon trip abroad in the meantime?” “We can’t.

Our children are still so young.

If we went on a trip, it would be for several days.

It would be challenging for Mdm.

Yarde to care for both babies.

Let’s consider it when the babies are at least ten years old and can care for themselves.

” Cedrick couldn’t help but feel a blend of disappointment and frustration as the realization of having to
wait so long for the trip sank in.

However, he couldn’t voice his objections.

Gwendolyn’s mahogany ruler was stored in the bedside drawer, and the well-crafted Lego pieces were
tucked away in the closet.

Those two objects made him feel suffocated.

As Gwendolyn gently caressed his hair, she was lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly, she recalled Jennifer’s request from last night and quickly dialed Treyton’s number.

She relayed every word that Jennifer had asked her to pass on.

“Treyton, this is the situation.

Jennifer believes there is more to the Newton family’s secrets, but her phone has been confiscated.

Hence, she asked me to update you on the situation.

” Treyton remained silent for a while before he spoke.

“Got it, Kiddo.

I will investigate this matter in due course.

” “When are you planning to visit the Newton family for the engagement proposal? I will arrange my
schedule in advance and accompany you.

” After a brief pause, Treyton replied, “We will visit the Newton residence the day after the homecoming
feast is over.

” “Okay,” Gwendolyn replied.

The days preceding the much-anticipated homecoming feast unfolded with an uncommon sense of

Gwendolyn’s focus was divided between Harris Group and Harrick Villa.

Two days prior to the homecoming feast, Angle made an exciting announcement about the recruitment
of trainees.

They were rumored to possess both talent and captivating looks.

Intrigued by this, Gwendolyn resolved to personally evaluate the promising newcomers.

However, she knew revealing her plans to Cedrick would only invoke his well-known jealousy.

He would drag her home in no time.

To avoid unnecessary conflict, Gwendolyn asked Cedrick to stay at Harrick Villa with Zoey to take care
of their babies while she embarked on her secret mission.

She took a cab to Angle Corporation.

There were twenty-four youthful and charming trainees meticulously arranged in three neat rows.

Their vibrant energy and captivating appearances were a feast for Gwendolyn’s eyes.

Her eyes wandered through the group of trainees, scanning each one until they finally settled on a
young man in the back row.

His eyes had a deep shade of brown that accentuated his exquisite allure.

With a perfectly sculpted nose and impeccably balanced facial features, one couldn’t help but be
captivated by his undeniable attractiveness.

It was as if the heavens had bestowed him a truly remarkable face.

“What is your name?” Gwendolyn asked.

The young man smiled and said, “Hello, Ms. Harris.

I’m Jimmy Cruz.

” “How’s your dancing skills?” The young man turned his head and locked eyes with her, his handsome
face radiating warmth and positivity.

“I have been practicing for seven years.

If you have the time, I’d be more than happy to perform for you.

” “Sure, I’d love to see it,” Gwendolyn replied.

Joanne brought a chair for her to sit at the front.

The other trainees made space on either side, creating a stage for the young man’s solo show.

As the melodious music began to fill the room, Jimmy immediately immersed himself in the dance.

His movements were powerful as he effortlessly blended strength and emotional depth.

The audience in the dance studio was engrossed in his performance.

The first half of the routine proceeded flawlessly.

However, the melody evolved into a more upbeat rhythm.

Suddenly, Jimmy altered his dance style.

He executed a forceful hip thrust while provocatively tugging at his pristine white shirt.

His gaze was alluring and beguiling, holding everyone in thrall.

Gwendolyn’s fluttering eyelashes betrayed her unease.

She did not anticipate the dance to escalate with such intensity.

There was no way she could let him continue.

Just as she was poised to intervene and halt the performance, the dance studio door swung open.

The man’s eyes blazed with fury, radiating an unmistakable aura of anger.

“Turn off the music.

” His cold, displeased voice cut through the air.

The music abruptly ceased, bringing the young man’s dance to a sudden halt.

The others in the room said in unison, “Hello, Mr. Jenson.

” Ignoring their greetings, Cedrick approached Gwendolyn with an intense gaze.

She smiled awkwardly and asked, “Why did you suddenly show up?” His expression resembled that of
a husband catching his wife doing something mischievous.

Unfortunately, the dance Jimmy had just performed did ignite one’s imagination.

Feeling a twinge of guilt, Gwendolyn offered a sheepish smile.

“What do you think of his performance?” Cedrick asked with a solemn expression.

Gwendolyn glanced at the young dancer, Jimmy, who was eagerly staring at her.

“To be fair, he danced well,” she replied.

As her words hung in the air, a cold tension enveloped the dance studio.

Cedrick, consumed by jealousy, swiftly bent down and hoisted her onto his shoulder.

“Let’s go home.

” Everyone in the dance studio watched in astonishment as the affectionate couple departed and left
behind a few audible gasps in their path.

Gwendolyn’s face flushed in embarrassment, but she didn’t struggle.

Instead, she turned to Joanne and said, “Record everyone’s solo performance, and we will use it for
the selection.

” “Understood, Ms. Harris.

” Cedrick continued walking without looking back, unwilling to release his hold on her as they entered
the elevator.

Blushing with embarrassment, Gwendolyn gently tapped his sturdy waist, silently pleading for him to
release her.

“Hubby, could you please let me down?” Cedrick remained unresponsive.

She let out a soft sigh.

“This position is quite uncomfortable.

My stomach feels uneasy, and I’m still having my period.

” Cedrick immediately bent down and gently placed her back on the ground.

However, without missing a beat, he slid his arm beneath her knees, lifting her again into his embrace.

Gwendolyn remained in his embrace, albeit in a different position.

He made sure to hold onto her like a lion declaring its sovereignty over its territory.

“Are you angry?” she asked coyly while her hands cradled his chin.

Cedrick grunted, his expression stern.

“Is he good-looking?” Gwendolyn replied earnestly, “Yes, he is good-looking.

With his striking appearance and undeniable talent, he has the potential to become a renowned star in
the entertainment industry, enjoying a prosperous and enduring career.

” She was discussing work matters, but all Cedrick heard were the words “good-looking.

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