Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 452

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Harris Group was the second largest conglomerate in Chanaea after Jenson Group.

Five percent of its shares was already a significant amount.

Yet, Craig demanded fifteen percent in one go, and this was meant to cover the costs of the
engagement gifts alone.

They would have to spend even more by the time they got married.

Gwendolyn and Treyton wouldn’t have minded if all fifteen percent of the shares were to be given to

However, the Newton family were the ones taking it all.

The atmosphere in the living room was grim, and no one spoke for some time.

Craig observed Gwendolyn’s and Treyton’s expressions with a smile.

“Jennifer is a popular celebrity.

Since the announcement of her identity as the Newton family’s daughter, many aristocrats have been
coming to me to propose an engagement.

Most of them offered fifteen percent of their company’s shares.

That’s why I’m consulting your opinion about this, Mr. Treyton.

” Treyton remained silent.

He had no say in this matter, as Harris Group didn’t belong to him.

He only possessed fifteen percent of Harris Group’s shares as the third son of the Harris family and
needed permission from the family head before using them.

It was outrageous for all of it to go to the engagement.

Gwendolyn chuckled.

“Mr. Craig, don’t you think this is a little much? How could you compare fifteen percent of Harris
Group’s shares to that of other companies in the market?” “The other families offered monetary gifts in
addition to fifteen percent of their company’s shares.

It is only reasonable that I stated this one request.

After all, Harris Group’s stock price is much higher than most others,” Craig replied.

Gwendolyn was annoyed by his sly smile and proceeded to give him an earful.

“Mr. Craig, you’re simply being unreasonable.

After Jennifer left the orphanage, she made her debut through my company’s talent show with her own

Angle and Treyton had been with her every step of the way to provide her with the resources she

You can’t deny that behind the glory of winning the Best Actress Award, besides her own talent and
hard work, Jennifer’s achievements wouldn’t have been made possible if not for Treyton and me.

The Newton family never lent her a hand in the past twenty years.

Besides giving her a place in a prestigious family, the Newton family has contributed nothing to her

How dare you ask for fifteen percent of Harris Group’s share? Dare I say the Newton family will be
hogging all of it while Jennifer won’t even get a cent? The Newton family cannot take credit for bringing
her up.

To think you still treat her like a bargaining chip while she’s in a relationship with Treyton! Craig, you
sure are ruthless and materialistic!” Craig’s expression remained indifferent.

He took a sip of coffee leisurely and said, “Calm down, Gwen.

We’re just discussing.

Nothing is set in stone yet.

You all can take your time and think it over before deciding.

I’m not in a hurry.

” Gwendolyn ignored him and smoothed out the hem of her skirt.

“Which room is Jennifer in? I want to check on her.

” “She’s getting dressed right now, so it probably won’t be convenient.

You’ll see her soon now that the banquet is starting anyway.

” I can’t believe he won’t even let me see her! Incensed, Gwendolyn turned around and left.

After taking two steps forward, she turned back.

“I don’t feel comfortable with you addressing me as Gwen.

You should address me as Mrs. Jenson in the future.

” Craig’s expression froze, but quickly, he put on a smile again.


” Cedrick, who was waiting outside, came up to her at once when he saw her walking out.

“Gwenny, how did it go? Did the engagement go well?” Gwendolyn shook her head solemnly.

Cedrick frowned.

“Craig didn’t agree? But Treyton and Jennifer are already an item although they never announced it

I don’t see a reason why he’d disapprove of it.

” “I was the one who disapproved.

” Gwendolyn lowered her gaze.

“He asked for fifteen percent of Harris Group’s shares as the engagement gift.

” “Fifteen percent?” Cedrick’s eyes widened slightly in surprise.

“The gall of him to ask for such a hefty amount! He must be bored out of his mind with the lack of work
at the bureau these days.

Let me have a word with him.

” “Never mind that.

” Gwendolyn held him back.

“The engagement has nothing to do with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so it wouldn’t be
appropriate of you to pressure him as his superior.

I doubt we’ll reach an agreement regarding the engagement by tonight.

I’ll wait for several days and try again.

” Cedrick ran his hand over her cheek, feeling heartbroken.

“Now you know how difficult it is to be the head of the family.

” “You’re right.

I have to be responsible for every little thing in the Harris family.

The fact that there are a bunch of old geezers waiting for me to make a mistake to inflate their ego isn’t
helping either.

” Cedrick massaged her shoulders skillfully as he whispered seductively in her ear, “You deserve a
reward tonight for your hard work, Darling.

Were you satisfied with my sensual and sexy dance from two nights ago?” Gwendolyn’s face flushed
as red as a tomato as her mind was instantly filled with images of his sultry dance moves on the bed
that night.

She struggled to get a grip on herself at how sensual it was.

It was a shame she couldn’t indulge herself in it.

She sighed.

“I’ll have to take a rain check.

I’m still having my period.

You’ll be tortured if we can’t go all the way.

” Cedrick inclined his head as he removed his suitcoat and wrapped it around Gwendolyn’s shoulders.

“The weather is rather chilly tonight.

I don’t want you to get cramps from catching a cold.

” While they were engrossed in their conversation, Treyton walked out of the living room, looking

Gwendolyn took one look at him and asked, “Treyton, what did you and Craig talk about?” “He won’t
allow me to see Jennifer.

” Gwendolyn consoled, “Let it go.

Now that we’re at the Newton residence, things would get ugly if Jennifer had to pick sides between
you and her brother.

” Treyton didn’t seem convinced.

“Kiddo, I have this gut feeling that something’s off somewhere, but I can’t seem to pinpoint what exactly
it is.

” He felt extremely uneasy about not being able to meet with Jennifer.

Gwendolyn and Cedrick exchanged a serious look but did not comment on the matter.

The garden was adorned with fairy lights everywhere.

Even the bridge and brook were decorated elegantly.

The guests began to trickle in.

In about half an hour, the garden was a hive of activity.

All of them were dressed up elegantly.

Gwendolyn, Cedrick, and Treyton sat at one table.

They all sipped on red wine except for Gwendolyn, who drank a cup of warm milk since she was still on
her period.

Craig had invited several reporters from major international media portals due to Jennifer’s identity as a
celebrity and a popular female idol group to perform on stage.

The atmosphere was at its peak after their performance.

Craig then got on stage and thanked the guests for their attendance according to the script he’d
prepared beforehand.

Treyton was becoming increasingly anxious since Jennifer still hadn’t appeared after such a long time.

Craig was still giving his speech.

He only glossed over the details about Jennifer’s harsh upbringing at the orphanage and blamed
everything on the kidnappers, washing the Newton family free from all guilt.

“Tonight, besides celebrating the return of Jennifer, I have another announcement to make since
everyone is gathered here.

” Craig paused to create suspense.

“Just a moment ago, I agreed to the engagement proposal of the Abbot family.

The engagement ceremony of Jennifer and Mr. Remus Abbot will be held at Summit Hotel in two

” Everyone at Gwendolyn’s table froze on the spot.

Treyton didn’t hear a single word Craig said after that as all he could think of was Remus and Jennifer’s

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