Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 482 Kneel Or Get Whipped

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Craig made his way downstairs with great difficulty. Thereafter, Karl carefully supported him to his main
seat with the help of a housekeeper.

He sat down slowly, a needle-like pain running from his calf to his thighs. It was agonizing.

Just walking down the stairs and sitting in a chair caused beads of sweat to form on his forehead and
his face to pale.

He was deeply annoyed by the scrutiny from everyone and had nowhere to vent his He picked up his
spoon and bellowed, “Let’s eat!”

At that, Lucas and Jasmine quickly lowered their heads and picked up their forks to cat breakfast,
neither of them making a peep.

A few minutes went by before Craig questioned coldly, “Jasmine, did you see Jennifer yesterday?”

Jasmine froze momentarily and tried to swallow the piece of freshly baked bread in her mouth.

“No, when I went over in the afternoon, Gwendolyn and Jennifer weren’t at the villa. I didn’t know where
they went, so I came home.”


As soon as she finished speaking, Craig swept all the plates onto the floor with his arm, The sound of
plates breaking echoing throughout the dining hall.

Lucas was startled by Craig’s sudden outburst and dropped his fork, trembling in fear.

On the other hand. Jasmine’s eyes turned teary and reddened like a frightened little bunny.

Craig shot her a vicious glare and questioned in a low voice, “How could you come back without seeing
them? Don’t you know you should stay at the Jenson residence until you see Jennifer? What else do
you know besides slacking?”

Jasmine burst into tears. Tears streamed down her face, and she was unable to respond.

As Jasmine was Craig’s most beloved sister, he suppressed his anger and ordered, “You have to see
Jennifer and Gwendolyn today, or else don’t come back to see me.”

“Yes, I understand…”

The more Jasmine thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. Her sobs grew louder and medicantly
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“Did you go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation yesterday?”

“Ah? Grang, I was busy with work yesterday. I informed Team Nine that I’ll report to the administrative
department in two days.”

“In two days? And you chose the administrative department?”

Craig’s expression grew increasingly gloomier a storm brewing in his ey

If it weren’t for his aching arms, he would have smacked Lucas head at this moment.

“I told you to report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You are taking your time for that matter, yet
you never seem to miss a meal. What use do I have for a useless younger brother like you? Kneel”


Lucas glanced at Karl and the housekeeper, trembling in embarrassmen He couldn’t believe Craig was
making him kneel before everyone, depriving him of dignity.

Craig’s tone was cold and indifferent. He didn’t even bother to cast another glance “You either kneel or
receive a whipping in the ancestral hall. It’s up to you?

It was evident Lucas had no choice.

He stood up and kneeled beside the dining chair.


There were small pieces of porcelain from the plates Craig had swept down to the floor on the smooth
marble floor. These pieces dug into the flesh of Lucas knees, causing him to his in pain.

“Craig, it’s really painful…”

He looked at Craig with reddened eyes. Upon noticing that his brother was unfazed by his sentence, he
clenched his fists.

Meanwhile, Jasmine was still covering her mouth and didn’t dare to plead for leniency on Lucas’ behalf.

To her, an angry Craig was even scarier than a tiger.

Compared to his siblings trembling in fear, Craig felt much better after venting his anger on Lucas. The
frustration from the previous afternoon dissipated slightly, and his tone also became more calm.

“You’re not allowed to choose the administrative department. You can choose the major crimes
department, investigative department, or surveillance department. You need to establish yourself in the

Federal Bureau of Investigation as soon as possible so I can have someone to rely on. Let’s all do our
parts for the family, do you understand?”

Lucas had broken in a cold sweat due to the pain. Although he was reluctant, he could only reply
through gritted teeth, “Yes, I understand.”

“Oh? Don’t tell me you can’t say anything better than this?” Craig frowned, staring at him.

“No, I understand. I-I promise I’ll be a pillar of support for you and contribute to the Newton family.”

Lucas was in agonizing pain from kneeling on the broken porcelain pieces, so it was difficult for him to
speak clearly.

Craig glanced at Lucas’ legs and noticed the bloodstain on the ground, feeling much better upon
seeing it.

“You may get up. Don’t blame me for being too harsh on you. One must work hard to accomplish
something of worth. If I keep spoiling you, you’ll end up being useless.”

Lucas scoffed inwardly listening to his mighty-sounding words. Despite this, he only dared to respond,
“I understand. You have good intentions.”

Unable to get up due to the pain, he had to rely on Karl’s help to get back into the chair.

“Don’t just sit there. Eat your breakfast,” Craig ordered coldly as he ate a spoonful of oatmeal.

Lucas and Jasmine had no appetite. The dominance that their older brother emanated was practically

Thus, only Craig ate his fill for breakfast. He was in high spirits as he ordered Lucas and Jasmine to
accomplish what he had instructed earlier after the meal.

Jasmine was still crying aggrievedly while in the car to the Jenson residence.

Right then, her phone rang. It was Gwendolyn.

Upon answering the call, Jasmine cried, “G-Gwendolyn, Craig scolded me…”

Half an hour later, her arms were wrapped around Gwendolyn’s waist, and she was buried in
Gwendolyn’s embrace, crying loudly.

Gwendolyn stroked the other woman’s back gently and wiped the latter’s tears. She sighed. with relief
inwardly as Cedrick had gone to work. If Cedrick saw Jasmine hugging her like this, he would throw a

“G-Gwendolyn, Craig said I’m useless for not seeing you yesterday. H-He said he will kick me out of
the Newton family if I don’t see you today…

“Good girl, don’t cry. Aren’t you with me now?” After saying that, Gwendolyn suddenly recalled
something, and her expression turned serious. “Did Craig arrange the two bodyguards you brought

“Yes, what about it?”

Gwendolyn replied bluntly, “They tried to enter the villa while we were having a

conversation. They were looking around suspiciously, so they must have ulterior motives. I’ve already
told Elven and Ezra to tie them up and lock them in the basement to teach them. a lesson.”

Jasmine snorted. “Serves them right!”

By then, she had calmed down. At the thought about what Craig instructed her to do, Jasmine queried,
“Gwendolyn, where’s Jennifer? How is she?”

Gwendolyn’s expression turned grim. “I wanted to see you because of this too. She seems very
unstable, so we suspect she has been injected with a stimulant.”

Jasmine was taken aback and asked naively, “How is that possible? She has been staying in the
Newton residence. Who would inject her with that? Craig said she has some sort of contagious

“Craig was lying to you.”

Gwendolyn held her hands and sighed heavily. She decided to test the waters and tell Jasmine the

She continued, “Jasmine, besides imprisoning Jennifer and injecting her with medication, Craig has
done the same thing with

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