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Chapter 491 New Interrogation

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The Newton residence was the only one still buzzing with activity deep into the night.

Karl had asked for a doctor from the A&E department to come.

Charles body was covered in blood, and he seemed severely injured. However, he was whipped by a
cane, so his injuries were only external, not internal

Methodically, the doctor cleaned the bloodstains with saline water before applying medicine to the
wounds. He then bandaged grave wounds and inserted an anti-inflammatory pill into the mouth of the

Even though Charles wasn’t fully conscious, he never said anything that would disadvantage his
situation. After the treatment was done, the doctor left.

Jasmine sat next to his bed and sobbed “Why did you do that right after you returned here, Charles?
Are you truly willing to toss away your life for Gwendolyn?”

While she wasn’t sure of the details, she did receive a general summary of the situation from
Gwendolyn. Hence, she more or less guessed why Charles tried to steal Karl’s keys.

Charles was in so much pain that he couldn’t move from his bed. Weakly narrowing his eyes, he turned
his sight toward the white curtain with pursed lips. Yes, I was willing to take the risk for Gwendolyn.
However, she’s not the sole reason I’m doing this. There’s something new I want to try getting my
hands on.

Meanwhile, Jasmine continued to weep as she watched him lost in his thoughts.

Too many things had happened in a relatively short period, which was why she had gotten gloomy and
cried more times than in the past years combined.

“You should rest, Jasmine. I’m fine.” Charles looked pale and closed his eyes tiredly.

“Okay. You should sleep early, Charles. I’ll find a way to plead Craig for mercy on your behalf.” Upon
finishing her sentence, Jasmine left the room.

The pain and exhaustion were so overwhelming that Charles fell asleep shortly after.

A few hours later, he was woken up by a bodyguard. “You should wake up. Mr. Charles. Mr. Craig is
inviting you to the garden.”

Charles felt his head splitting apart as he struggled to open his eyes. He was still so weak that he
couldn’t sit up

The edges of his lips curved upward mockingly. While I survived last night’s ordeal, today’s new torture
and interrogation have barely begun.

The bodyguards could tell he had woken up but had no intention of leaving the bed. Thus, they carried
him downstairs by the arms.

Each step the bodyguards took stretched his wound, agonizing him.

Thankfully, Charles’ room was located on the second floor, so he arrived at the bottom floor soon.

The bodyguards then dragged him to the pebbled path in the garden and forced him to kneel there.

Reflexively, Charles bent his waist as his head collapsed on the ground. The bodyguards had to force
him. to sit straight “Mr. Craig said that if you’re willing to admit your wrongdoing and tell him where the
stolen item is hidden, you’ll be allowed to stand back up, Mr. Charles”

“I didn’t take it.” Tightening his fists, Charles took a deep breath and straightened his back under the
bodyguards watch.

Two hours later, the first thing Jasmine did after waking up and dressing up was visit Charles’ room to
check up on him.

However, the door to his room was wide open, and no one was inside. Even the bed had gone cold.

She stopped a passing-by housekeeper and asked in a panic, “Where’s Charles? Where did he go?”

“I think he’s in the garden,” replied the housekeeper.

Without delay, Jasmine bolted downstairs. Just as she exited the building, she saw Charles’ face
looking pale and on the verge of collapsing in the garden.

Her eyes reddened almost instantly as she attempted to beg Craig for mercy. However. Karl blocked
her path. “There’s no point in meeting with Mr. Craig, Ms. Jasmine. Mr. Charles losing the key and the
item on the top floor isn’t a small matter. Mr. Craig won’t release him until the truth is revealed.”

Heartwrenching, Jasmine turned to Charles, at a loss for what to do next. “What do I do, then? What
will it take for Craig to forgive Charles?”

Karl sighed. “Mr. Craig mentioned that Mr. Charles will have to kneel in the garden until the evening
without receiving any food or water as long as he refuses to reveal the location of the stolen item. He’ll
be punished in the ancestral hall again if he still doesn’t divulge that information during the night.”

In response, Jasmine stared at him in shock. She didn’t expect Craig to be that merciless. “It’s not even
confirmed that Charles is the culprit! How can Craig do this? Charles was so badly injured yesterday.
There’s no way he can pull through!”

Lowering his head, Karl sighed once more. “If you wish to help Mr. Charles, you should convince him to
speak the truth as soon as possible, Ms. Jasmine. You should also persuade him not to oppose Mr.
Craig anymore.”

After finishing his sentence, he left.

Jasmine’s line of sight was affixed on Charles while she felt conflicted.

In the end, Charles couldn’t bear the pain any longer and dropped to the ground. The bodyguard next
to him immediately splashed cold water onto his face.

The instant he was reawakened, he was lifted by the two bodyguards again and forced to kneel.

Oh, my god! Jasmine’s initial optimistic and pure worldview was on the verge of collapse. A military
man’s torture methods are terrifying… I doubt I can convince Charles to spill the truth considering how
stubborn he is.

After a few moments of internal debate, she returned to her room and texted Gwendolyn.

At that moment, Gwendolyn was still resting.

The moment the sun rose, Cedrick woke up as if he had just drunk a can of energy drink and had
intense sex with her.

It lasted for a few hours before he left to take a shower.

Gwendolyn was in deep slumber, which was why she didn’t hear the notification on her phone.

However, Cedrick, who just stepped out of the bathroom, did.

He wrapped the lower half of his body in a white towel while leaving his attractive upper half body
naked. As he dried his hair with another towel, he approached the bedside table and checked the
message Gwendolyn’s phone received.

Initially, he thought it was work-related. His expression swiftly turned serious after he read the text from
Jasmine: Did Charles help you steal the object on the top floor, Gwendolyn? Craig has discovered the
theft and punished Charles severely. He’s been torturing Charles since last night, and it’s still
happening. Please save him and return the object!

Charles is exposed? The look in Cedrick’s eyes turned dark before he glanced at Gwendolyn, who was
sleeping soundly.

Swiftly, he locked Gwendolyn’s phone and returned it to the bedside table. Then, he hastily changed
into his clothes and left quietly.

Upon leaving Harrick Villa, he called Nico. “You have five minutes to dress up and meet me in the
garage. Also, ask your subordinates to wait five hundred meters from the Newton residence.”

Nico was never late for any work-related matters.

Exactly five minutes later, he arrived at the garage.

Both of them visited the Federal Bureau of Investigation first.

Cedrick and Nico promptly changed into solemn military outfits and added a warrant to the database.

After everything was prepared, they headed to the Newton residence.

Half an hour later, they gathered with the team of officers waiting five hundred meters away from the

When the group arrived at the Newton residence’s entrance, the bodyguards were dumbfounded. They
didn’t know who Cedrick was after in a military outfit. “Please wait for a moment, Mr. Jenson. Allow me
to report this to Mr. Craig first.”

With an icy expression, Cedrick spat, “No need. All guards are required to cooperate with the Federal
Bureau of Investigation from now onward. He doesn’t have the right to stop me. Move.”


Cedrick shoved his hands into his pockets and strolled into the Newton residence in a very intimidating


Just as he did, he saw Charles kneeling weakly on the pebbled path not too far away from him.

Charles was soaked in cold water and blood because his injuries, which hadn’t yet recovered, were still
bleeding, and he had fainted multiple times.

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