Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 509 A Third Wheel In A Company

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Even from afar, Charles was smiling at her.

His eyes were only bright when he saw her, and she could not help but notice how blue his eyes were.

It seemed like he had gone for a haircut and a shave after coming out of the interrogation room.

Besides his skin being rougher and him looking wearier, he was still as attractive as before.

Gwendolyn remained still as she quietly watched Charles amble over to her.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

“I came over to visit Jennifer. I never thought you’d be here too. Coincidentally, I bought gifts from the
mall after leaving the Federal Bureau of Investigation. May I disturb your routine to have a meal at
Harrick Villa tonight?”

Gwendolyn mulled over it and eventually nodded. “Of course. I’m sure Benny and Zendy will be
delighted to see their godfather.”

Charles beamed.

He was never stingy with his smiles around Gwendolyn, and he was always earnest around her.

“I heard from Jasmine that Craig beat you for stealing the serum for me. Is it serious? Are you feeling
better now?” Gwendolyn posed another question.

The man gave her a nonchalant smile. “I’ve mostly recovered. It’s just a caning; it’s only skin-deep

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Gwendolyn stood stiffly. Having a private conversation with Charles felt weird, and she would only feel
at ease if Cedrick was by her side.

After that, silence ensued. Neither spoke, and the quiet was a little unnerving.

Charles had his gaze fixed on Gwendolyn, but Gwendolyn could not tell what was on his mind.

When she averted her eyes, she spotted a car with a familiar number entering her line of sight.

As the car rolled to a stop, Cedrick, who had already taken off his military uniform, stepped out of the
vehicle and headed straight for Gwendolyn.

“Hubby, I was waiting for you,” she said with a sheepish chuckle, for it seemed like Cedrick was in a
bad mood. In a gentle tone, she continued, “It’s going to be lively at home tonight. Why don’t we invite
Nico and Summer over for dinner too? They can be witnesses to Charles becoming Benny and Zendy’s

“Sure, whatever you say goes, Darling.”

Cedrick dropped his dark expression and casually lifted her hand. As if he was asserting dominance,
he pressed a kiss on her forehead.

Charles felt like a third wheel, a gigantic one, at that.

A Third Wheel In A Company

Pursing his lips into a thin line, he stared at their tightly intertwined hands for a long while

It was only after flaunting their closeness did Cedrick turn to Charles and arched his brows at the other
man. “We’ll drive you to Harrick Villa. Come on.”

Despite his words, it was obvious from Cedrick’s expression that he was not keen on inviting Charles to

their house.

It was just formality.

However, as if he could not read the room. Charles nodded and smiled. “I won’t reject your enthusiastic
invitation, Mr. Jenson. Let’s go together then.”

The look in Cedrick’s dark eyes promptly turned icy as he glared at Charles.

Sensing the lowering of temperature around him. Gwendolyn quickly towed Cedrick toward his car

“It’s getting late, and I’m starving. Let’s hurry back.”

Cedrick finally tore his eyes away from Charles and opened the car door for her. He then shielded her
head from the top of the doorframe with his arm.

Once she was seated, he leaned over to buckle her safety belt for her.

Charles quietly watched Cedrick’s gentle actions before putting the gifts he had bought for the children
in the trunk. Then, he went to take a seat at the back.

That was how the trio returned to Harrick Villa together in a tense atmosphere.

Upon reaching home. Cedrick went into the kitchen to cook while Gwendolyn and Charles, who was
carrying boxes of gifts, headed to the nursery on the fourth floor.

As Cedrick was worried about leaving Gwendolyn and Charles alone in the room, he called Nico and
asked him and Summer to hurry over to be human surveillance cameras.

Meanwhile, in the nursery, Charles took out the new toy he bought and started playing with Zendaya.

As if Zendaya knew that he was going to be her godfather, she kept giggling merrily. It seemed like she
was enamored with Charles.

When Gwendolyn leaned over to look at them, she noticed that his attention was wholly on the girl. He
even looked like he had his heart melted by her.

Chuckling, she teased, “It looks like you like daughters more than sons. I haven’t seen you sparing a
glance at Benny.”

Charles uttered softly. “To be honest, yes. I do want a daughter, but as long as they’re your children. I’ll
like them regardless of whether they’re a boy or a girl.”

With that said, he picked up the blue toy that he had bought for Benedict and went over to play with the
little boy, not wanting to be biased toward any child.

Gwendolyn knew that he was sincere about liking the children, so she dropped the topic and started
playing with the children with him.

Turning to face her, Charles let a genuine smile grow on his face.

A Third Wheel In A Company

The world seemed right at that moment, and he wished that time would stop then and there.

“Gwen, I heard that something happened in the Harris family before you gave birth to them. Apparently,
you have a younger sister?”

The smile on Gwendolyn’s face froze, but she soon let a real smile return to her lips. As she continued.
playing with the children, she muttered noncommittally. “Yes. My dad’s illegitimate daughter. She has
done many terrible things.”

Charles words were lined with worry, “Did she hurt you?”

“It’s nothing. How can she win against me so easily?”

At the sight of Gwendolyn’s confident expression, Charles huffed knowingly and said, “Of course. No
one can compare to you, Gwen.”

Gwendolyn gave him a side-eye and replied, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“And it is. You’ll always have nothing but compliments from me, was what he did not say out loud.

Softly sighing, he returned to the previous topic. “When Mr. Marcus passed away, I saw the news of
another death in the Harris family. It was the illegitimate daughter, right?”

Gwendolyn nodded. A thought popped into her head, and her voice deepened. “Regardless of whether
she’s dead or not, the Harris family will never be her home. I won’t allow her any chance to stir up

Charles expression turned equally grim.

It seemed like things were not as simple as he thought they initially were.

Right as he was about to continue asking her more questions about the matter, someone opened the
doar to the nursery.

It was Nico and Summer. When they entered the room, they were greeted by the scene of Gwendolyn
and Charles holding toys and playing with Benedict. It was peculiarly… peaceful.

Cedrick’s going to explode like a volcano if he sees this.

Clearing his throat, Nico uttered, “Ahem! We’re here to see the babies. We’re not disturbing you, are

At the same time, he poked Summer’s waist with the hand he hid behind him.

Knowing what he meant, Summer entered the room, took a stool, and sat right between Gwendolyn
and Charles, effectively separating the two.

In no time, the four were chatting merrily while playing with the babies.

Half an hour later, Cedrick was done cooking dinner.

Gwendolyn opened a few bottles of good wine, and they happily drank away as they chatted.

When dinner was over, Gwendolyn asked Ezra to send Charles back to the Newton residence because
Charles did not have a car.

On the other hand, Cedrick offered to send the half-inebriated Nico home.

A Third Wheel In A Company

Gwendolyn did not stop him, and she went upstairs to shower.

By the time she was done, Cedrick was home. He was sitting by the edge of the bed, his cheeks rosy
from the alcohol. However, he had a gloomy expression on his face.

Gwendolyn glanced at him but ignored him as she made her way to the dresser, about to start her


“Hey! What are you doing?”

A certain man’s arm had circled her waist from behind and lifted her from the chair.

Gwendolyn could only kick her legs in the air in protest.

However, afraid that she would end up kicking him in the crotch and ruining her happiness for the rest
of her life, she gave up struggling and allowed him to carry her to the bed.

He put her in a sitting position by the bedside, but he did not take a seat himself. Instead, he stood in
front of her and stared at her.

Gwendolyn recalled how Cedrick would put her by the edge of the bed and stare at her whenever he

about to confront her.

She could not help but wonder, What’s the matter with him tonight?

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