Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 513 Seeing Evelyn At The Gala

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Cedrick halted in his tracks and looked at Gwendolyn quietly from the side as he waited to hear her

With a charming smile on her face, Gwendolyn answered, “I’m a married woman with a pair of cute
fraternal twins. My husband is the CEO of Jenson Group. I think you’ll meet him soon, Mr. Gray, I think
you guys will be such friends. Also, I’m glad we’re getting along well.”

Cedrick’s expression became friendlier when he heard Gwendolyn’s graceful response. He then
walked up to her elegantly and wrapped his arm around her waist.

When Gwendolyn turned around and saw Cedrick’s handsome face, she subconsciously flashed a
sincere smile.

“You’re here! Let me introduce you to someone. This is Mr. Gray, Dovil Group’s founder and CEO. He’s
also Astoria’s crown prince.” With a bright smile on her face, Gwendolyn turned toward Neal and
uttered. “Mr. Gray, this is my husband. The CEO of Jenson Group and head of the Jenson family?

The men looked at each other and shook each other’s hands.

Neal was taken aback. “I never thought Mr. Jenson would be your husband, Ms. Harris! What a

Gwendolyn froze momentarily and looked at Cedrick. “Do you guys know each other?”

“Yes. I have previously cooperated with Astoria on a cross-border arrest mission, and I have worked
with Mr. Gray twice. We’ve known each other since then.” Cedrick explained.

Neal noticed the affection the couple had for each other and clicked his tongue enviously. “Mr. Jenson
and Ms. Harris, not only are you both business geniuses, but you guys are also deeply in love with
each other. In Ferropene, they will regard you guys as a match made in heaven.”

The trio laughed, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Thinking it was time to make her next move, Gwendolyn mentioned the collaboration.

However, Neal preferred to do things by the book, so he didn’t accept her suggestion on the spot. “Ms.
Harris, I would love to collaborate with Harris Group, but I prefer to play it by the book. When the time
comes, I’ll hold a tender event. Perhaps you should be there, Ms. Harris. Please get your subordinates
to draft a business proposal. If everything goes well, I think Dovil Group will most probably end up
working with Harris Group.”

Hearing that, Gwendolyn knew she had no choice but to attend the event and go through the motions.

Thus, she accepted Neal’s invitation gratefully and replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Gray. In order to show you
my commitment. I’ll personally prepare all the paperwork to strike a collaboration deal with Dovil

Neal looked at her in admiration and praised her after that.

However, Gwendolyn wasn’t pleased because she couldn’t obtain the collaboration deal on the spot.
Hence, she couldn’t be bothered by his compliments.

Although she was smiling politely, she was starting to get distracted.

Seeing Evelyn At The Gala

Fortunately for her, Cedrick and Neal were chatting away happily, so neither of them noticed the slight
change in her expression.

Suddenly, a woman in a white gown walked past Gwendolyn.

Gwendolyn saw the woman from the corners of her eyes and frowned immediately.

When Gwendolyn lifted her gaze, that woman in white had already walked away. That woman’s back
looks so familiar! That looks like someone I know!

The smile on Gwendolyn’s face vanished at once, and a solemn expression replaced it. Could that
really be her? Why on earth would she show up at an event like this?

While Cedrick and Neal were still conversing. Gwendolyn had gone after that woman in white. She
simply looks too familiar. The more I look at her, the more she looks like Evelyn! She’s wearing an
expensive gown, so she must be the female companion for one of the CEOs here. Could she have
hooked up with a big shot after she escaped from the countryside?

Gwendolyn was feeling uneasy, so she picked up her pace.

The hall was packed, and all of a sudden, the woman in white disappeared after she walked past

a tall man.

Gwendolyn halted in her tracks and checked her surroundings, unable to find that familiar figure


Terry was entertaining an attendee when he saw the anxious expression on Gwendolyn’s face. Upon
excusing himself, he approached her to ask, “Ms. Harris, are you all right? Is there a problem?”


Gwendolyn furrowed her brows and recalled the familiar figure she saw. “I think I saw someone I know.
She’s a slender woman in a white gown, and she walks gracefully. Do you know anyone like that?”
That question stumped Terry. “Ms. Harris, I don’t think I can help you with that. Almost all the CEOs at
this gala brought their female companions along. Besides, a lot of them are dressed in white. Not only

are they all slender, but they’re all very beautiful. I don’t think I can point out the woman you’re looking
for. However, over half of the bigwigs here are foreigners, and their female companions are also
foreigners. These women have high net worth and are popular. You might still be able to find the
woman you’re looking for, Ms. Harris. I can get the servers to jot down the names of all the women in
white. Once the event ends, they’ll give you a list of names.”

Gwendolyn was happy with the suggestion. “Thank you, Mr. Jenkins.”

“You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do.”

That incident ruined Gwendolyn’s mood, and she had to endure the gala listlessly.

Cedrick knew something was amiss, but he couldn’t mention anything because Neal was there. Hence,
he merely held her hand to comfort her.

The business gala ended at around eleven that night.

Gwendolyn got her wish when Terry gave her a list of names of all the women in white that evening.
When she was on her way back to Harrick Villa, she focused on the name list and gave Elven a call.

“When I get home, I’ll give you a list of names. I need you to run a check on all the names written on it.
I don’t care if you use the dark web or information networks. You must find a photo of everyone on the

she ordered

“Okay. Don’t worry. I’ll get it done,” Elven replied.

Upon hearing the firm response from Elven, Gwendolyn hung up the phone and continued to place her
focus on the names on the list.

Cedrick glanced at her a few times before taking one of his hands off the wheels to hold her hand.
“What’s the matter? Did something happen?”

As her thoughts raced, Gwendolyn uttered, “Do evil people really not die! Hubby, I think Evelyn is still
alive. At the gala, I saw a woman who looked just like her from the back.”

Cedrick’s expression turned solemn as well, and he gave her his analysis by asking. “Darling, are you
sure? A lot of people in this world look the same from behind. You can’t jump to a conclusion without
looking at the woman from the front. Besides, the attendees were all influential people. When Evelyn
fled from the countryside, you told everyone she was dead. She wouldn’t dare to keep her identity if
she were still alive. Prior to this, the people who were secretly backing her were your father and your

Cedrick’s expression changed slightly, and he quickly changed his words and continued. “Your father
and Asher. Now, your father has already passed away, and Asher has already stepped down. He’s no
longer as influential in Chanaea. Without those two backers, who could she ask to bring her to such a
grand event?”

Gwendolyn fell silent. Well, I don’t know… Evelyn’s social circle back then was clear for everyone to
see. She was named the best actress when she was very young, so everyone knew how arrogant she
was. Thus, she didn’t have friends in the entertainment industry

Indeed, Evelyn had to rely on Marcus and Asher back then.

Gwendolyn was puzzled. Without the status of the Harris family’s heiress, which big shot could she
have hooked up with? I can’t think of anyone.

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