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Chapter 686

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Eugene was unperturbed. “His personality, surroundings, experiences, and the pain he’s facing in his
young life have already determined who he will be. How can a journal influence any of that?”

Cedrick heard the implicit meaning behind those words. He clenched his fist beneath the sleeve of his
military uniform, not deigning to respond.

“A person is known by the company he keeps,” Joshua argued. “Besides, a child is born a blank
canvas. If he takes an interest in the things you show him and makes irreparable mistakes because of
it, you will cause him harm.”

Eugene scoffed incredulously at Joshua’s accusation.

Cedrick, however, froze at what Joshua said about irreparable mistakes.

He recalled what he had heard in the ward and how certain Benedict had sounded in his childish voice.

“Even if you and Mommy are not mad at him, I’ll teach him a lesson in the future. Getting rid of
someone means they won’t be around anymore, right? I just don’t want to see him. I want him to

Benedict doesn’t like Charles. He hates him.

He wasn’t joking.

Cedrick felt anxious all of a sudden. He realized he did not know who his five-year-son was anymore.

The more he thought about it, the greater the pain he felt in his heart.

“I’m going back to the ward. I’ll leave this to you.”

Without another word, he turned around and swiftly left.

“Huh? Cedrick?”

When Joshua called out to him, he was already out of sight and earshot.

Joshua was forced to deal with the strange old man alone.

“I don’t care if you meant to or not, Eugene, but you will not give Benny any more weird reading
material even if he begs you for them. If my darling nephew grows up messed up, I won’t ever forgive

Cedrick strode back to the ward.

His mind was a mess during his walk back. His heart, too, was filled with a complicated mix of

He and Gwendolyn owed Benedict. They had been spending every waking hour of the past couple of
years trying to save him. They spoiled him even more than they spoiled their daughter Zendaya.

Being at the helm of both their distinguished families, he and Gwendolyn had so many obligations that
there were still aspects of raising a child that they had overlooked.

It was only on that day that he realized he had been so occupied with Benedict’s physical condition that
he had neglected his psychological problems.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he felt.

Soon, Cedrick found himself back at the ward.

He pushed open the door and saw that Benedict was in bed. The IV drip hanging above him had not
yet been administered.

He was sitting quietly and staring at the foliage outside the window. His frail, pale face made Cedrick’s
heart ache.

Benedict started at the sound of the door being pushed open. When he saw Cedrick, he smiled.
“Daddy, you’re back.” Then, he looked up at the drip. “The professor who came to change my
medication said there’s only one bottle left for today. You can go deal with work first if you’re busy,
Daddy. There’s no need to rush over to spend time with me. I’m already five years old, and I don’t need
you for everything. I will be good and take my drip.”

Those words gave Cedrick a prickling sensation in his heart.

He sat on the side of the bed and smiled at his son. “Are you worried that I would be annoyed, Benny?”
he asked gently.

Benedict lowered his gaze, looking sorrowful. “I’ve been sick since I was born. I’m not a normal boy.”

Cedrick took a deep breath, suppressing the heavy feeling in his heart. “Everybody falls ill,” he said
solemnly. “That doesn’t mean you’re not normal, Benny. Besides, I will never find you annoying, and I’ll
always be by your side.”

He pulled Benedict into his arms, enveloping the boy in a father’s vast, warm embrace.

“You can be yourself and laugh out loud in front of me and Mommy, Benny. You can cry if you’re sad,
make a scene, and throw a tantrum. You shouldn’t have to pretend and be serious like an adult.
Mommy and I will never abandon you. Even if you never get better, we will ensure that you spend the
rest of your days happily.”

Savoring the warmth of his father’s embrace, Benedict nestled his head against Cedrick’s chest.
“Making a scene and throwing a tantrum sounds like something Zendy would do, Daddy. I’m a boy. I
won’t cry.”

“Boys have the right to express how they feel, too,” Cedrick said. “You can cry in front of me, Benny. I
won’t make fun of you for it.”

Benedict looked up at him, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “Why do you want me to cry so much,
Daddy? Do you cry in front of Mommy to gain her sympathy?”

Cedrick’s lips twitched.

The guilt he had just felt for his child disappeared completely as a result of those words.

Cedrick remained silent for a long time before correcting his son, “Says who? I’ve never shed a tear to
gain sympathy. That’s what your mother does. She always pulls that tactic when she wants to
apologize to me, which is how Zendy learned to play the victim.”

Benedict gave a wide, innocent smile. “Really?”

“Of course. I call the shots, and your mommy—”

“Daddy,” Benedict cut him off, pursing his lips, “you usually never dare say a word against Mommy. I
somehow get the feeling that that’s not the case. Would you still tell me this if Mommy was here?”

Even my son thinks I’m a submissive husband. I am the patriarch of the Jenson family and the head of
the Federal Bureau of Investigation! What will happen to my reputation?

As Gwendolyn was back at Harris Group dealing with some urgent matter, Cedrick answered
decisively, “Even if your mommy is here, my answer will not change.”

Benedict pursed his lips dubiously. His disbelief was written all over his face.

“There’s no need to answer me so hastily, Daddy. Mommy has heard everything you just said.”


Cedrick quickly looked back. The door to the ward was still closed, and there was nobody outside.

What does he mean?

Benedict produced a child’s phone from his pocket. He was in the middle of a call with “Dearest

The call was still ongoing and had been for the past ten minutes.

Cedrick gulped. His back stiffened as he stared intently at the contact name on the screen.

Benedict smiled. “Mommy called before you came in, Daddy,” he continued in his childish voice. “She
was worried about me being bored and wanted to be with me remotely. I forgot to tell you when you
came in.”

Cedrick was rendered speechless.

Benny is trying to tell me that Gwendolyn has heard all my delusional claims of trying to challenge her
family’s position.

Glancing at his wicked child in his arms, he scowled as if he had tasted something bitter.

It appears that my son doesn’t care about me either.

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