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Chapter 692

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That morning, Charles found out that Whitney had resigned from the oceanarium three days ago. He
never expected to meet her at Athena Restaurant, let alone for her to work as a waitress there.

Whitney nervously adjusted her waitress apron and maintained a submissive demeanor. “My
situation… is rather complex.”

Jessamyn soon realized that the trio were acquainted. However, she was still displeased. “Ms. Zendy,
this woman appears to be around my age or perhaps even a bit older. Why did you address her as
‘Whitney’ and call me ‘Ms. Cloud’?”

Although the waitress had a pleasant appearance, she seemed too ordinary and couldn’t compare to
Jessamyn, the daughter of the prestigious Cloud family.

“I don’t judge people by their looks but by their character. Whitney has a kind heart; she’s like a fairy.
And, in my opinion, she’s even prettier than you.”

Jessamyn’s face darkened at once. “Are you implying that she has a good heart while I don’t?”

Zendaya raised an eyebrow and replied, “I never said that. Ms. Cloud, you can’t blame me for making
your own inference.”

How dare she compare me to a waitress? I’m the esteemed daughter of the Cloud family! Has Zendaya
gone blind?

Despite her annoyance, Jessamyn chose to keep silent as she was aware of Zendaya’s identity.

The girl hopped down from Charles’ arms and ran to Whitney. She grabbed her hand and said, “I went
to the oceanarium this morning, but I didn’t see you. Uncle Charles told me you’re going back to your
hometown and probably won’t be coming back. I didn’t expect to see you here, Whitney!”

Over the past few years, Whitney had taken special care of Zendaya’s pet dolphin at the oceanarium.

Furthermore, Charles had shared with Zendaya that Whitney had saved her from a potential accident,
preventing her from falling into the water when she was just a year old. Since that incident, Zendaya
had come to see Whitney as her older sister and a dear friend.

Whitney bent down and patted Zendaya’s head fondly.

“Why are you working as a waitress here? Are you short on money? My mommy and Uncle Charles
are very wealthy. You can work for me instead,” Zendaya offered.

“Well…” Whitney chuckled awkwardly in response.

Interrupting, Charles politely requested, “Ms. Mellor, I’d like to talk to you in private. Is there another
place where we can speak?”

Jessamyn was displeased by his request. “Mr. Newton, our lunch is not yet finished. Wouldn’t it be
inappropriate for you to make such a request at this moment?”

Nonetheless, Charles rose from his seat, straightened his suit, and delivered a cold statement, “Ms.
Cloud, I accept your apology. I believe there is no need to proceed with the blind date any further.
Henceforth, let us simply remain strangers.”

Following his statement, he swiftly scooped Zendaya into his arms, his other hand tightly gripping
Whitney’s wrist.

With that, he departed from the private room.

“Charles—” Jessamyn began, but before she could complete her sentence, the door resounded with a
decisive slam.

The man had departed without a moment’s hesitation or a single glance back, leaving Jessamyn

While traversing the hotel corridor, Whitney made an effort to release her wrist from Charles’ firm hold.
Yet, his grip remained steadfast, preventing her from freeing herself.

Despite the slight discomfort, she couldn’t help but be aware of the warmth emanating from his hand.

Whitney was momentarily stunned, and she experienced a fleeting reluctance to let go.

Unaware of her internal musings, Charles scanned his surroundings, seeking an appropriate location
for their conversation.

He casually pushed open an unoccupied private room and instructed the passing staff, “Inform your
manager that I’ll be using this private room for a meeting.”

“Certainly.” The staff nodded in understanding but took a second glance at Whitney, who happened to
be donning the same uniform as they were.

Upon entering the private room, Charles released his hold on Whitney’s wrist and gestured for her to
take a seat.

Feeling a slight pang of disappointment, Whitney tenderly touched the spot where Charles had firmly
held her wrist. She then settled into one of the available chairs, a mix of emotions swirling within her.

After ensuring Zendaya was comfortably seated nearby, Charles shifted his attention to Whitney and
inquired, “You mentioned you were heading out for a blind date. How did it go?”

Whitney merely shook her head. “I declined it.”

“Why did you decline it?” the man asked, perplexed.

Lowering her head, Whitney began to explain, “I had contemplated returning to my hometown for a
more stable life. However, upon reflection, I realized that there was no one eagerly awaiting my return
or concerned about it. Going back wouldn’t hold much significance. Having spent over four years in
Chanaea, I’ve developed attachments and hesitations about leaving. I wanted to give it a few more
days of thought. Unexpectedly, I bumped into you and…” She paused momentarily before resuming,
“Your blind date with Ms. Cloud. I apologize if my presence caused any discomfort. I genuinely am

Charles reassured Whitney, “My blind date with her is already concluded, but it had nothing to do with
you. You don’t need to feel apologetic. Even if you hadn’t shown up, I wouldn’t have pursued the date
any further. Moreover, I made it clear to Jessamyn that we will not have any further contact.”

“Then… what kind of girl are you searching for, Mr. Newton?” she murmured.

However, Charles remained silent, opting not to answer the question directly. Instead, he addressed
another matter, saying, “Given that you won’t be returning to your hometown anytime soon, you might
encounter difficulties with expenses, meals, and accommodation. If you’re open to it, you can come
back to the oceanarium and resume your position as the manager. We can consider these past few
days as your paid vacation, and your salary will continue as usual.”

Whitney clenched her apron tightly, and her fingers stirred the edge of the fabric repeatedly.

“You are truly a wonderful boss, Mr. Newton. Not many bosses are as approachable and kind as you
are,” she expressed, taking a momentary pause. Her gaze turned melancholic as she continued,
“Unfortunately, I don’t need that.”

Charles had always been attentive to her because she had saved Zendaya many years ago.

He hadn’t anticipated that she would choose to work as a temporary waitress in a high-end restaurant
instead of returning to her managerial position at the oceanarium.

“I recall you mentioning that you came to Chanaea in search of someone. How has that search been
progressing?” Charles inquired.

Whitney gave a self-deprecating smile. “I found him a long time ago, but he doesn’t remember me at
all. Moreover, he has achieved so much now, far beyond the person I once knew. He’s definitely out of
my reach.”

She lowered her head, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Charles, and whispered softly, “Lately, he
has been going on blind dates, and it appears that some of the women have taken a liking to him. He is
handsome, and his ability to charm the opposite sex must be remarkable. I’m afraid that…” Her voice
trailed off, leaving her thoughts unfinished.

She felt a sense of opportunity slipping away, and her apron tightened in her clenched hands as she
continued with solemnity, “I have made my decision. After receiving my final month’s salary from the
oceanarium in a few days, I will leave Chanaea and return to Tayhaven for the blind date. It’s time for
me to settle down.”

Charles’ jawline tightened slightly, and his brows furrowed.


Although he couldn’t recall whether he had met Whitney before, he was certain he had been to

It was a country with a noticeably less advanced culture, frequently troubled by unrest and localized
conflicts. Charles had previously worked as a teacher in the remote mountain regions of that country.

As past memories resurfaced, Charles’ brow creased even more.

Now that I recall her words, the way she would speak about searching for someone, and the sense of
familiarity I experienced when we first met…

Charles couldn’t shake off his suspicion, and it seemed that even Zendaya had picked up on something

“Whitney, is Uncle Charles the person you’ve been searching for?” Zendaya inquired, her innocent
curiosity shining through.

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