Novel Name : Wooing My Ex-Wife

Chapter 731

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Charles smirked. “Are you suggesting that it’s my fault for not revealing your true identity in the Newton
residence earlier? Are you blaming me for telling them that you’re a housekeeper, which resulted in
Haisley and the rest bullying you?”

“No… That never crossed my mind.”

He chuckled, a mischievous glimmer dancing in his eyes. “You hesitated.”

“I swear I didn’t,” insisted Whitney helplessly.

“You’re obviously lying.”

She chose to remain silent, feeling a tad annoyed.

With her naturally golden hair and captivating emerald eyes, Whitney’s face exuded a pristine charm,
resembling that of a delicate doll. Despite her frustrated expression, her cheeks puffed up cutely.

She’s quite adorable.

Unable to hold himself back, Charles burst out laughing.

Why didn’t I realize how entertaining Whitney can be? I didn’t know I could tease my wife like this. It’s
hard not to be charmed by how adorable she is when she’s trying to suppress her anger.

His long lashes fluttered as his gaze unintentionally fell upon Whitney’s soft alluring lips.

He couldn’t quite explain why, but Whitney seemed to grow more pleasing to the eye by the day. The
more he looked at her, the more beautiful she appeared in his eyes.

Unconsciously, he found himself leaning closer to her, drawing nearer to her lips.

Perhaps, it’s not bad to have such an amusing and pretty wife. If Whitney continues to behave herself,
we can always renew the contract when the one-year marriage period is up.

For the first time ever, such a thought crossed his mind. Slowly, he found himself drawn closer to

The two were just mere inches away from each other, and Whitney could feel Charles’ warm breath.

His every breath seemed to be filled with lust, causing a tingling sensation on her cheeks and skin. It
felt like his warmth could permeate her bloodstream, setting her entire body ablaze.

As his lips drew closer, Whitney found herself so nervous that she held her breath, fidgeting restlessly
on his lap.

Is Charles going to… kiss me? Perhaps, experiencing his tenderness will leave me with some precious
memories even after we divorce. It doesn’t sound all too bad…

In a complete daze, she closed her eyes, not wanting to disrupt the inexplicable atmosphere between

However, just before their lips could touch, Charles paused and asked softly, “You’ve been looking at
your phone quite often lately. What’s keeping you so busy?”

This completely unrelated conversation disrupted the atmosphere.

Whitney opened her eyes and saw Charles leaning back in his chair, maintaining a measured distance
from her.

He never intended to kiss her, and she was merely being delusional.

As a result, her ears burned from embarrassment.

“D-Didn’t I already tell you? I’ve been looking for a job.”

“You still haven’t found one?”

She nodded, her voice reflecting a tinge of frustration as she grumbled, “Your expectations are too
high, Mr. Newton. No drinking or socializing, no revealing outfits, no staying out late at night…”

“I’m just concerned about your safety.” He raised his eyebrows, wearing a half-smile. “But how much
longer do you plan on sitting on my lap?”

Realization struck Whitney like a bolt of lightning, prompting her to swiftly bounce up from Charles’ lap,
as if she were avoiding the plague. “I’m sorry!”

Charles was at a loss for words. She didn’t have to react like that.

His gaze drifted down to his legs, where Whitney’s warmth still seemed to linger.

This woman’s figure is quite… sexy.

“Well…” Whitney fidgeted with her fingers nervously. “I came to bring you a glass of juice and express
my gratitude. Now that I’ve said what I needed to, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

“Okay,” replied Charles casually.

Turning on her heels, Whitney hurriedly fled, burying her flushed face in her palms.

As the door closed behind her, the room fell into silence, leaving Charles alone again.

Absentmindedly, he gazed at his right palm.

When he had reached out to pull Whitney into his arms earlier, his right hand rested on her waist.

Her waist was remarkably slender, yet astonishingly soft to the touch.

His throat suddenly felt parched, and an unusual feeling of passion began to rise within him.

He had known Gwendolyn for many years, but ever since they bid goodbye to their youth, he had never
held her again.

No matter how much he yearned to embrace her, that possibility was forever out of reach now that she
was Cedrick’s wife.

Whitney was the first woman he had been so intimately close to since his youth.

Lost in his thoughts, he fixed his gaze on his palm.

After a while, the sound of an email notification on his computer finally snapped him back to reality.

Recalling what Whitney said about finding a job, Charles picked up his phone and sent a message to
his assistant. Then, he fully immersed himself in his work.

Meanwhile, Nico was howling pathetically at the Jenson residence the moment he woke up.

Feeling like her eardrums were bursting, Summer slapped his head.

“Stop wailing! It’s just putting on makeup. Do you really have to act like it’s the end of the world? It
won’t kill you!”

Nico shut his mouth, his handsome face displaying an aggrieved expression.

“I’m a grown man, and I’m being forced to wear contact lenses, draw eyeliner, apply lipstick, and even
stick on false eyelashes! I might as well die!”

“D-Didn’t I already tell you? I’ve been looking for a job.”

Summer was on the brink of losing her temper. “You’re hopeless! Serves you right for remaining single
your whole life!”

Nico chuckled warmly and wrapped his arms around Summer’s waist. “I don’t need to look for a wife
anymore. I already have one. I’ve been taking care of her for nearly two years.”

Summer pouted. “You’re the one who paid for the betrothal gift and the dowry. You also handle the
family’s finances! In the end, you are the one who pocketed everything. What an intricate plan!”

“You’re the biggest winner here, okay? I may be handling the finances, but you’re managing me!
Doesn’t that make everything yours?”

“You’re right.” Summer chuckled and continued applying his makeup.

After all, the thought of getting a divorce had never crossed her mind. Since Nico had married her, she
was determined to stick with him for life.

Twenty minutes later, Summer finished applying the makeup, putting the final touches in place.

“Ta-da! My husband looks absolutely stunning with makeup on! It’s all thanks to your natural features!”
She excitedly held up a mirror in front of Nico, allowing him to admire his reflection.

He glanced into the mirror and saw himself with two neatly tied ponytails and makeup so exquisite that
it concealed every pore. Even his complexion appeared fairer than usual.

The eyeliner and fake eyelashes made his eyes appear more prominent and captivating than before,
while the bright lipstick gave his lips a dewy and youthful charm. As he pouted, he exuded an
irresistible appeal.

He was in utter shock.

“Is this… me?”

Summer laughed so hard that she doubled over. “Of course it’s you! Well? What do you think of my
skills? You look stunning, don’t you?”

Nico had never seen himself like that before, and he had to admit that he looked pretty. This is fun!

After yesterday’s experience, he seemed much more natural and graceful in the maid outfit today.

Summer couldn’t hold back her laughter. “You know, men either never cross-dress in their lives or
become absolutely addicted to it after trying it once. Perhaps, you’ll be so enamored with cross-
dressing by the end of the month that I’ll lose a husband and gain a girl bestie instead!”

Nico flicked her forehead. “What are you thinking? I’ll never get addicted or become your girl bestie!”

After thinking about it, he added, “But I can be your buddy.”

Summer glared at him. Instead of being angry, she teased, “That sounds fine to me. But I wonder if a
straight man like you can handle it if I’m at the top!”

With that, she stared at Nico’s miniskirt and slapped his perky butt playfully.

Nico froze as a grim expression crossed his face.

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