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Chapter 748

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Whitney raised her head and shot an indifferent look at the ladies. “What do you want? Do you want to

Josie Ickleton, who shared a close bond with Lana, quickly offered a smile. “Absolutely not. This is the
employees’ cafeteria, and it’s frequented by the company’s higher-ups and employees. It wouldn’t be
wise to let the entire company in on the dispute within the logistics department, don’t you agree?”

Whitney lowered her head and ate her lunch. “If you want to fight, I’m ready to accept your challenge
whenever you want. But if that’s not the case, then please stop bothering me.”

Her indifferent attitude made the ladies upset. Nevertheless, they didn’t express their anger as they still
needed her help.

Lana spoke up. “Whitney, today’s incident was entirely my fault. I only intended to tease you with the
mouse, but I never anticipated your ruthless reaction. Honestly, you’ve proven yourself to be more
skilled and capable than our male colleagues in the department.”

Whitney grew impatient. “What do you want to say? Just be straightforward.”

“It was a harmless prank, so there’s really no need to involve the higher-ups, right? I know Isaac is your
sugar daddy, but please, let’s keep this incident between us. I promise not to play any more tricks on
you. Can’t we find a way to get along with each other?”

Whitney furrowed her brows as her hand froze midair. “Allow me to reiterate that I have no personal
connection whatsoever with Isaac Turner. Please stop spreading rumors. I don’t want these baseless
speculations to tarnish either my own reputation or that of Mr. Isaac Turner.”

The other ladies rolled their eyes silently.

It’s pretty obvious, though. Why is she still playing dumb? Is it that hard to admit that she got this job
through him?

Reluctantly, they had no alternative but to relent and offer solace. Lana replied, “Fine if that’s what you
want. We won’t bring this up again. You can focus on your responsibilities during your probationary
period, and we’ll refrain from interfering in each other’s matters. What do you say?”

Whitney agreed readily, “I won’t complain to anyone. Don’t worry.”

She got up with her tray and left the table where she was surrounded by Lana and the others. She
went to a secluded spot in the corner, settled down, and resumed enjoying her meal.

As soon as Whitney left, Lana couldn’t help but scoff. “Let’s just tolerate her for now. When her
probationary period nears its end, I’ll figure out a way to get rid of her.”

Josie commented softly, “I must admit, she’s quite skilled. I can’t believe how swiftly she caught that
mouse and fearlessly dealt with it. It seems she’s good at fighting. We should be cautious just in case
she decides to retaliate.”

Lana remained unperturbed. “She isn’t the only one in the company with a backer.”

The other colleagues swiftly surrounded her, eager for some gossip. “Wow, Lana, who did you hook up

Lana puffed her chest out arrogantly. “Guess who?”

“Is it a manager or supervisor?”

“Don’t tell me it’s a director.”

“Oh, wait. Could it be Mr. Newton?”

Lana’s lips curved into a smile, and she didn’t refute the last statement.

The female colleagues quickly sucked up to her. “Lana, you’re so capable! Mr. Newton has been single
for ages, and there’s never been a woman around him. Even his assistants are all male. Did he actually
take an interest in you?”

Deep down, Lana was enjoying all the flattery.

She swiftly fabricated a story. “Maybe Mr. Newton developed some interest in me after he called out my
name and reprimanded me yesterday. This morning, I coincidentally bumped into him at the office, and
he greeted me with a smile and told me not to take yesterday’s incident too seriously.”

In reality, Charles didn’t even show up for work today. However, those in the logistics department rarely
had the opportunity to encounter the vice president, let alone Charles himself.

“Wow, Lana, you’re incredible! I can hardly believe you’ve managed to capture the heart of Mr. Newton,
who is notorious for his chastity and aloofness!”

“That’s right. Lana, you’re my idol. Tell us more.”

The ladies wholeheartedly placed their trust in Lana and began showering her with praise.

Lana, fueled by their admiration, began spinning intricate details about her alleged conversations with
Charles. She found herself almost beginning to believe the very stories she had concocted.

One of the female colleagues, who had remained quiet throughout the conversation, timidly
questioned, “Lana, I heard that Mr. Newton exclusively uses the CEO’s private elevator when he’s at
the office. Are you sure you bumped into him in the elevator? I don’t mean to undermine you, but
Whitney is undeniably stunning. I believe she’s even more beautiful than all of us here.”

Something tells me that Mr. Newton would’ve fallen for Whitney yesterday after his inspection, not

Lana’s expression turned sour, and she glared discontentedly at the person who spoke up. “Everyone
has their own preferences. Maybe I happen to be Mr. Newton’s type! That’s none of your concern.
Besides, didn’t he use the regular elevator when he came to inspect our department yesterday? Why is
it so hard to believe that I encountered him in the elevator? You didn’t witness it yourself, so what gives
you the right to accuse me of lying?”


“All right, I was simply curious. I didn’t mean to imply that you were lying intentionally. Don’t be upset.”

Lana remained displeased, her annoyance evident as she angrily cut her steak into minuscule pieces
on her plate.

The other colleagues fell silent.

No matter what, it was true that Whitney was a gorgeous woman with blond hair, blue eyes, and a
curvaceous body.

Men would fall for her, and women would be jealous of her.

They could insult Whitney for her lack of education, but they could never bring themselves to lie and
claim that she was ugly.

Lana was indeed jealous of Whitney.

After nearly three years of working at Newton Group, Lana found herself in the same position as when
she started—an ordinary employee. The company had a salary increase system in place every six
months, but Lana yearned for more. She aspired to be promoted to team leader or even manager.

However, Lana’s lack of skill and competence hindered her chances of being promoted. On the other
hand, Whitney had secured her position in Newton Group through connections despite her limited
knowledge and experience. Her probationary period would probably be more lenient, a fact that Lana
found deeply unfair.

However, Lana’s lack of skill and competence hindered her chances of being promoted. On the other
hand, Whitney had secured her position in Newton Group through connections despite her limited
knowledge and experience. Her probationary period would probably be more lenient, a fact that Lana
found deeply unfair.

The incident made her hate Whitney even more.

Whitney is simply leveraging Mr. Turner’s influence, and he’s merely an assistant. I must capture Mr.
Newton’s attention and earn the admiration of all the women in the company!

After finishing her lunch alone, Whitney washed the tray.

Little did she expect to bump into Isaac at the sink. He had also just finished his lunch.

Isaac smiled and greeted her politely.

Recalling the rumors that were circulating within the company, Whitney decided to avoid Isaac and
chose to lower her head instead of responding to his greeting.

Isaac was baffled by her reaction. When no one was paying attention to them, he inched nearer and
whispered, “Mrs—Whitney, did I do something wrong to make you mad at me?”

“No, it has nothing to do with you.” Whitney let out a sigh before deciding to be honest with him. “I hope
you will stop paying excessive attention to me, Mr. Turner. I’m still a new employee on probation. It
would be best if you could treat me like any other employee in the company.”

Isaac was surprised to hear that.

Although Isaac was uncertain about the reasons behind Charles and Whitney’s decision to keep their
marriage a secret, he felt it was his responsibility to support Whitney, considering she was a newcomer
to the company.

Charles had also instructed him to look out for her.

“I heard that there was a commotion in the logistics department this morning. Was it serious? Do you
need me to investigate the matter personally and report it to Mr. Newton?”

Whitney was left speechless, realizing that he had misunderstood her words. “No, it’s not necessary. It
wasn’t anything significant. It was merely a lighthearted joke among colleagues.”

“Okay. If you ever run into trouble, do remember to let me know.”

Whitney bobbed her head and placed the clean tray aside before leaving the staff cafeteria.

While they engaged in conversation, someone discreetly captured photos of them from outside the
door. The members of the logistics department began whispering among themselves.

“Look at this. I can’t believe she lied to us, claiming they weren’t related in any way. They were
practically standing next to each other, whispering among themselves during lunch break.”

“Perhaps Whitney is indeed Mr. Turner’s girlfriend. They can’t make their relationship public as they are
in the same workplace. This is nothing serious. We should leave.”

“You’re clueless. It’s obvious they’re hiding their relationship because it’s unconventional. He must be
her sugar daddy or something like that.”

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