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Chapter 762

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After that night, Whitney felt Charles was deliberately distancing himself from her.

Although they shared a room at night, he spoke significantly less and would always keep a safe
distance from her.

The enticing closeness they used to share no longer occurred.

Whitney quickly got used to him blowing hot and cold and concentrated on her work.

Just like that, their tacit silent standoff lasted for a month.

In early November, a criminal case that shocked the whole nation took place in Salinsburgh.

While the incident was spreading like wildfire on the internet, Gwendolyn was swamped with her work
at Harris Group.

In recent years, Harris Group focused on overseas development, making their trading business thrive.

Within five years, the company became one of the top thirty most powerful corporations worldwide.

After an important meeting, all of Harris Group’s executives whispered among themselves, wearing
especially solemn expressions.

Gwendolyn sensed something was amiss but didn’t ask about it and returned to her office. Only then
did she inquire of her assistant, Joanne, who had been transferred from Angle, about what was going
on. “What were they discussing today? After the meeting ended, they seemed to be talking about the

Joanne was taken aback. “Ms. Harris, you don’t know about it? This incident is being hotly reported on
the news. The news came out this morning and is already making the headlines of all major media

outlets. I think everyone in Salinsburgh is discussing it.”

Gwendolyn nonchalantly browsed through an agreement, seemingly unfazed. “I’m too busy, so I
haven’t had the time to read the news online.”

With her interest piqued, Joanne elaborated to her employer, “Just last night, the once-prestigious
Cloud family was annihilated overnight. I heard all of them died tragically. The whole villa reeked of
blood, and the crime scene was said to be so gory that it could induce nightmares. After all, the Cloud
family was an elite household, yet they were wiped out just like that. It is said that the Cloud family’s
heiress, Jessamyn, died by the window with half her body hanging outside. It seems she was trying to
escape through the window. When she was found, her clothes were in disarray, and she had dozens of
lethal cuts all over her mangled body. It looked like someone had a vendetta against her. Over a
hundred people were there, including members of the Cloud family, the housekeepers and bodyguards,
but none survived. I-It’s truly gruesome…”

Joanne’s voice trembled as she narrated. She was terrified just by imagining the scene. Colors drained
from her face, and she even wobbled a little as her legs turned to jelly.

Gwendolyn, who was initially listening halfheartedly, grimaced.

She furrowed her brows, mulling over Joanne’s words in her mind. Over a hundred people? After what
Charles did to the Cloud family due to their offense previously, Cloudington Group had long been in
decline, nearly exiting the circle of wealthy families and declaring bankruptcy. Under such
circumstances, there was no way the Cloud family could account for over a hundred people, even if
that number included the bodyguards and housekeepers. Unless…

“Was the Cloud family hosting a banquet last night?”

Joanne nodded. “I heard it was Mr. Ignatius Cloud’s birthday. Because of the troubles faced by
Cloudington Group, the other elites of the society didn’t attend. Ignatius merely invited family relatives

to have a simple celebration in his garden. Unexpectedly, something like that happened, causing the
entire Cloud family to be annihilated.”

Gwendolyn took a deep breath, unable to imagine such a tragedy taking place in Salinsburgh, a city
jointly governed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the police department, known as the safest
city in the country.

Moreover, the culprit had even resorted to such a brutal method to massacre every member of the
Cloud family.

With mushy flesh flying everywhere, the bloodiness of the scene would traumatize anyone who saw it.

Gwendolyn felt that the incident couldn’t have happened for no reason. The culprit is ruthless to have
slaughtered so many people. What exactly was their goal?

A sense of foreboding surged within her, and an inexplicable panic crept into her heart whenever she
pictured the scene described by Joanne.

Extremely concerned about Cedrick’s investigation, Gwendolyn instructed Joanne to take her leave
and dialed Cedrick’s number.

In the past, he had always answered her calls immediately, but this time, the phone rang for a full
minute, yet all she heard was the melodious ringtone in the receiver.

Overwrought, Gwendolyn clenched her fists. Why isn’t Cedrick answering the phone? Did something
happen to him? The Federal Bureau of Investigation will surely have to step in to investigate such a
high-profile case. Did they encounter an ambush or an assassination?

While her mind was filled with wild guesses, the ringing of the phone was coming to an end.

Gwendolyn’s breath hitched in her anxiety.

Just before the call was about to disconnect, it went through.

Cedrick’s deep and magnetic voice sounded from the other end of the line. “What’s the matter,

Gwendolyn let out a sigh of relief upon learning he was safe. “Where are you?”

“I’m at the Cloud residence investigating a horrible incident that happened last night. I had my phone
on vibrate, so I didn’t pick up your call in time.”

“That’s all right. I just needed to know you were safe.” She exhaled lightly, scrolling through the major
news about the Cloud family on her computer.

Cedrick chuckled softly on the other end. “I’m here for the investigation. I’m not involved in the case, so
why would I be in danger?”

Gwendolyn wore a solemn expression as she skimmed through the reports about the Cloud family’s
tragedy online.

“Hubby, how’s the investigation into the Cloud family’s mass murder going?”

“So far, it’s unclear. We’re still gathering the bodies in the villa and sending them for postmortem
examination. There isn’t any weapon left at the scene. Whoever did this was extremely meticulous.”

Gwendolyn grew more concerned the more she listened to him. “Can I go over and take a look?”

“Don’t. We haven’t started cleaning the scene yet to preserve any potential evidence. This place is still
filled with the stench of blood, and you may feel uncomfortable witnessing it. Be good. After I finish my
work here, I’ll pick you up at Harris Group.”

“Do you… have a prime suspect yet?”

Cedrick fell silent for a few moments, and the background noise started to fade. It sounded as if he was
moving toward a more deserted location.

After ascertaining there wasn’t anyone eavesdropping in the surroundings, he said, “Judging by the
way the crime scene was handled, the culprit is either a seasoned criminal or someone with military
training. They’re well-versed in perpetrating a murder.”

Gwendolyn furrowed her brows as her heart skipped a beat. “Are you suspecting him a little?”

There was a pause before Cedrick finally hummed in agreement. “He used to be one of the top talents
in the Central Intelligence Agency. Moreover, I’ve gathered information on the people Ignatius and his
family had offended in the past couple of months, and the only person that fits into this category is
Charles. Last month, his blind date with Jessamyn turned sour, and he made a series of moves to
target the Cloud family.”

“He wouldn’t,” Gwendolyn responded almost instantaneously. “I believe in his character.”

Cedrick fell silent once more.

After what felt like a long time, he asked in a low voice, “Do you trust him that much? Do you really
know his character? If you do, and if he isn’t someone who would break the law knowingly, he wouldn’t
have stolen medication from the laboratory and splashed it on me back then.”

Gwendolyn was rendered speechless. That’s right. Although we were childhood friends, and I’ve known
Charles for many years, his personality suddenly became twisted in the few years we were separated.
He behaved like a lunatic, treating everyone with malicious intent except for me.

After pondering briefly, Gwendolyn still stood by her opinion firmly. “We’re talking about slaughtering
over a hundred people. Charles would never commit such an atrocious act.” Besides, even though he’s
the person in charge of the Newton family and Newton Group’s CEO, he doesn’t wield power in any

armed organizations or forces. Therefore, Charles couldn’t have accomplished a large-scale raid like
this, barging into the Cloud residence and butchering all those people.

Once again, Cedrick remained quiet.

Neither of them spoke for two minutes before he finally uttered, “All right. I got it. I’ll thoroughly
investigate this matter and not let any suspicious person off the hook. I won’t wrongly accuse anyone

After hanging up the call, Cedrick, who was standing at one corner of the Cloud residence, clenched
his phone. His pensive dark eyes were filled with gloom.

In fact, he also thought Charles couldn’t have done something like that, but after hearing Gwendolyn
defending Charles so decisively, he couldn’t help but feel utterly displeased.

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