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Chapter 810 Silenced

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Cedrick lowered his gaze, deep in thought. I see… Joe went through all the trouble just to make me
panic, to instill fear in me, and to torment my psyche. The tragic annihilation of the Cloud family may
not be related to my grudges with Joe, but rather due to other reasons.

After connecting the dots, Cedrick drove straight to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, picked up
Swain, and prepared to personally interrogate Joe.

When Joe was brought out again, he smiled oddly

Upon seeing Cedrick, he mocked, “How does it feel, Mr. Jenson, to be deceived? Is it enjoyable? Is it

Cedrick had no mood to play riddles with him. He just said indifferently. “Did you do that to the Cloud

This time around, Joe didn’t deny it. Instead, he readily admitted, “Yes. I did it. Is there a problem?”

“What’s your motive? Nearly a hundred people from the Cloud family have died by your hand. You’ve
truly lost all sense of humanity.”

Cedrick’s voice gradually deepened. Although he had no particular connection with the Cloud family,
and he didn’t consider himself a good person, the thought of an innocent family, old and young, all
perishing without exception, was excessively cruel.

Joe shrugged nonchalantly. “If it’s about silencing someone, then so be it. What’s the need for a
motive? I. Joe, never need a motive to do anything. Lennon had learned something he shouldn’t have.
To avoid future troubles, I had no choice but to wipe them out.”

The lives of hundreds of people were spoken of so casually by Joe as if he had just slaughtered a
bunch of animals. There also wasn’t a trace of remorse on his face.

“Boss.” Swain’s voice sounded in Cedrick’s ear. “After the investigation, it’s confirmed that Lennon did
receive a threatening call before the incident. We have retrieved the call recording and, by
reconstructing the voice within, we can confirm that the person threatening Lennon was indeed Joe.”

“Mr. Jenson.”

The door to Joe’s interrogation room swung open, and the agents from the Federal Bureau of
Investigation walked in. Cedrick nodded at the newcomers.

One of them opened the notebook in his hand and said, “Mr. Jenson, last night, we captured one of
Joe’s subordinates, who was indeed involved in the Cloud family tragedy. After the interrogation, it was
revealed that Joe was the mastermind behind this incident. The DNA found at the scene matches
Joe’s. The Prosecutor’s Office has already granted the authority, all evidence has been submitted to
the Judicial Bureau. The final sentence will be determined once the Judicial Bureau reviews and finds
no errors.”

Joe laughed maniacally, his eyes full of wickedness. “Why bother with a trial? Aren’t you, Mr. Jenson,
extraordinarily capable? If you’re so competent, just sentence me to death right now.”

As he spoke, Joe struggled to rise from the interrogation chair.

With urgency, Swain stepped forward, firmly restraining him, and warned, “Joe, you’re on the brink of
death. You’d better behave yourself!”

“Cedrick, even if I die, I won’t let you off. I’ll become a vengeful ghost and haunt you. You must pay for

Eryn’s life! You should atone for the sins you’ve committed’ Do you know why your son is always sick?
That’s the retribution you deserve, all falling on your son. The $404 RNA virus will claim his life sooner
or later!” Joe yelled.

He actually knows about the $404 RNA veras?


With a swift kick, Cedrick kicked and toppled the table before him. His eyes filled with a bloodthirsty
rage as he gripped Joe’s throat and fumed, “Joe, stop cursing my son.”

The children and Gwendolyn were his bottom line. No one was allowed to cross it

“Stay calm. Boss” Swain held back Cedrick, who wanted to beat up Joe, and shook his head. “Boss,
you can’t do thic

The others from the Federal Bureau of Investigation were still present. Even though Cedrick was
Swain’s superior, Cedrick would be punished if he publicly threatened to harm a prisoner. Swain had to
make sure Cedrick wouldn’t fall for Joe’s provocation.

Staring into Cedrick’s crimson eyes, Joe laughed fearlessly. “What’s the matter? You can capture me,
but you can’t decide my fate? Aren’t you in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Don’t you
have a gun in your hand? Shoot me! Come on!”

“Boss, don’t fall for his tricks” Swain kept holding Cedrick back, fearing that he might do something
rash. Boss has never been impulsive, but unfortunately, Joe keeps provoking him and getting on his
nerves. Benedict’s health has always been poor, which is a constant worry for Boss.

Seeing that, the other two also stepped in to advise, “Mr. Jenson, let us handle the interrogation from
here. You should go back and rest first.”

Joe sneered, “Cedrick, no matter how capable you are, it’s useless if you can’t protect your son. What
will be your reaction if he turns into a tiny corpse one day?”

He laughed wildly, with a touch of madness.

Ignoring what Joe had said, Cedrick left the interrogation room with a cold expression.

Swain silently followed Cedrick, not even daring to breathe loudly.

A figure approached from the distance. Swain, as if grasping at a lifeline, hurriedly waved and called
out, “Nico!”

Seeing the displeased expression on Cedrick’s face, Nico waved his hand, signaling that Swain could

The two brothers ascended to the rooftop, the cool night breeze dispersing the restlessness in
Cedrick’s heart.

Nico sat down directly on the ground and patted the spot next to him. “Is Joe still not willing to

He had no idea what could make Cedrick so irritable.

“Got a smoke?”

Seeming greatly shocked, he nervously clutched his own clothes. “Cedrick, have you lost your mind? If
Gwendolyn finds out you’re smoking again, not only will you be in deep trouble, but I’ll be doomed, too!”

In the Jenson family, Gwendolyn was the person in charge.

After the incident the last time around, Summer was upset because Cedrick took his cigarette box. He
spent several hours making four cigarettes, only to ruin the whole box in the end. He was severely
scolded. for that, so he dared not do it again.

Cedrick sat next to him and uttered in a casual tone, “I’ll just take a sniff. This is something known only
to you. If a third person comes to know about it, Nico, you’ll be off on a mission to the border of


Ylarora was akin to hell itself, perpetually sweltering, not to mention it was a borderland contested by
various nations, with never-ending disputes.

Although Jenson Group also had businesses there, with annual profits not being low, Nico could totally
become the second Cedrick if he went. However, Nico didn’t want to leave his wife and comfort zone,
he still wanted to stay in Salinsburgh and do his job as the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of

“Cedrick, just this once, okay? The last time!” Nico took out a cigarette from his pocket and handed one

Cedrick took it, his fingertips exuding an air of nobility. He lazily sniffed the scent of the tobacco.


The faint light emitted by the lighter illuminated Nico’s face.

He lit one for himself, took a deep puff, and leisurely exhaled a cloud of smoke, appearing quite content
and carefree.

Cedrick stared at him fixedly. “Daring to light a cigarette next to me, are you seeking death or tired of

Nico’s face turned slightly pale.

Nico was sitting too close, so the smoke from Nico would drift onto Cedrick.

Gwendolyn’s sensitivity to smoke could rival that of a dog’s nose, there was no fooling her.

Cedrick wore a stern expression, directly snatching the cigarette from his hand. He decisively threw it
on the ground and stomped it out.

Afterward, he got up and left.

“Keep an eye on Joe’s trial outcome, let me know if there’s any news.”

After saying this, Cedrick gave his military coat a slight shake.

He needed to thoroughly clear out even the faintest trace of smoke from before to avoid letting
Gwendolyn catch a whiff of anything suspicious and getting him into trouble.


Watching Cedrick’s retreating figure, Nico couldn’t help but sigh in sorrow. I’ve barely taken a couple of
puffs. and this cigarette is so expensive! All the money I make is my hard-earned money!

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