Novel Name : Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1966 - 1966: Helping Them Cultivate 3

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Chapter 1966 - 1966: Helping Them Cultivate 3

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Having reached a consensus, Gu Chaoyan’s next task was to make the necessary arrangements.

Since they were heading to the Bai Clan for the competition, it was unnecessary to keep so many secret guards around, wasting time. Additionally, the situation in the Saint Divine Land remained unclear. Gu Chaoyan believed that if Zhou Huaijin accompanied them in working on the barrier, it would be a distraction from resolving the issues in the Saint Divine Land, thus resulting in a waste of time.

After contemplating for a while, she decided to request Zhou Huaijin to return to the Saint Divine Land with the secret guards, carrying the pills and Dharma artifacts. Meanwhile, she, Sword One, and Lingyun would accompany the group back to the Bai Clan.

Both Zhou Huaijin and the secret guards agreed to this arrangement.

Zhou Huaijin departed with the hidden guards.

Gu Chaoyan pondered their cultivation.

Given her current level of cultivation, she had no problem with Sword Kinesis Flight, and she possessed an ample supply of Flying Heavens Pills. Thus, they had sufficient time to make it to the Bai Clan’s competition.

On the other hand, the cultivation of the four individuals was of paramount importance.

From what they had shared, it seemed that the Bai Clan lacked a conducive environment for their cultivation.

Staying in this mountain seemed rather suitable.

The presence of white monkeys and potentially other demons indicated an abundance of spiritual energy and sufficient resources within the mountain.

If they encountered some demons in the coming days, they could continue to acquire valuable items.

After careful consideration,

Gu Chaoyan made the decision to keep them in the mountains for the time being.

Before Zhou Huaijin departed, he provided them with some peach wine from the white monkey cave.

Gu Chaoyan tossed a jar to each of them. “Drink this slowly during the journey.

We will find a suitable location in the mountains to begin our practice.”

“It is not yet necessary for us to return to the Bai Clan until you have become martial artists. Prior to the competition, I will do my best to help you break through to the Great Warrior level. With that, you will have a 90% chance of securing the position of Tribe Chief.”

Gu Chaoyan spoke with confidence.

Hong Fang and the others, upon hearing the mention of martial artists and Great Warriors, were not daring enough to entertain any illusions.

Becoming a martial artist alone seemed remarkable enough after cultivating for several years.

Let alone reaching the level of a Great Warrior within such a short period of time.


None of them uttered a word.

Their utmost priority was to obey Lady Chaoyan’s commands, so they refrained from saying anything further.

“What kind of wine is this?” Hong Fang inquired curiously.

“This is peach wine brewed by the White Monkey. It is not only rich in spiritual energy, but also beneficial for bone purification. Consuming it will facilitate your cultivation,” Gu Chaoyan explained.

Peach wine brewed by the White Monkey?

They had heard some stories about it before.

The white monkeys were known for their skill in wine brewing. Apart from occasionally preying on human cultivators, they primarily relied on their own peach wine for cultivation.

This information was gleaned from their encounter with the white monkeys earlier.

Giving such a precious item to them felt like a wasted opportunity. They were fully aware of their own limitations.

Hong Zheng contemplated refusing the offer.

However, upon seeing the stern look in Gu Chaoyan’s eyes, he decided against it.

Hong Fang smiled and refrained from saying anything further.

Having cultivated with limited success, they had experienced dealing with judgmental gazes from their family members far too often. They could read people’s expressions quite well.

Knowing that Chaoyan disliked disobedience, they had no choice but to comply with her instructions.

Thus, they could only follow suit.

The four of them took a sip of the peach wine..

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