Novel Name : Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2333 His Fate

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Chapter 2333 His Fate

Leonel's eyes narrowed when he heard this. The implication wasn't far off from his assumptions, but it also wasn't that close either. After hearing about humans and some of the politics that decided things in wider Existence, Leonel had always somewhat assumed that the Fawkes had fallen due to the combined efforts of other races. That might still be the case now, but it seemed that their part was more subtle and covert.

But this also meant something else. Humans, at least the humans of back then, even without the Envoys of the God Beasts, weren't complete pushovers either. That meant quite a few things, whether that meant explaining why his grandfather was so cautious, or how he'd decide to take his next steps forward as well.

"The details of that matter aren't something you need to know. I'm sure in time you'll unearth them yourself and we also don't have much time."

"Well, whose fault is that?" Leonel asked.

Emperor Fawkes chuckled. "You're still saying that after learning how the Dream Plane works?"

"Do you just spend your time spying on me, old man?"

"And why not? Can a grandfather not pay some attention to his grandson?"

"Why does it feel so gross when you say that? Like it's some sort of sick power play? It's not as though I chose who to be related to, you're a little too arrogant."

Emperor Fawkes got a good laugh out of that. This grandson of his was indeed a little too sharp. It was a bit like that... though, he doubted the current Leonel would understand why fully.

"That aside, I'm sure you understand that there's some things that are better kept to yourself, and there's also some things that you can't mention without alerting those who have the greatest karmic ties to the matter. If not for you making a sudden breakthrough in your Dream Force, I would have allowed you to leave here steeped in ignorance.

"But even if you have taken that step, it doesn't make you infallible. I still have to be cautious with what I can and cannot say."

Leonel nodded slowly, understanding. He had already understood this, of course. But this grandfather of his loved his power plays. Since he realized that Leonel wouldn't go out of his way to ask questions of him, he instead made the decision to explain things clearly instead.

It was a bit amusing, actually, because this was exactly how El'Rion had reacted as well. Was his demeanor really that annoying?

"What I can tell you is that the Human Race of Wider Existence is separated into three main powers currently, all three of which you have met. Though, soon enough, it will likely be just two as your father has cost one of them a devastating loss.

"Those three powers are the Cult, the Godlens and the Dream Pavilion."

Leonel's gaze narrowed.

The Godlens and the Dream Pavilion weren't too much of a surprise. It was more of a surprise that the Four Great Families weren't among the listed as it had seemed that the Dream Pavilion was beneath the Four Great Families in the Cataclysm Zone.

But beyond that, the Cult was the most surprising. Wasn't one of its founders a demon? And wasn't another one born in an Incomplete World? How was this one of the pillar powers of the Human Race? It didn't make any sense.

Also, how did Shield Cross Stars relate to all of this? Were they just the outward face of the Three Finger Cult after all?

But his grandfather didn't say anything. It seemed that these details were among the few that he couldn't go into too deeply.

That made sense. In the past, before he transformed his Dream Force and entered the Impetus State, Leonel couldn't even think about the Demoness without sensing her eyes drift toward him.

Of course, just the fact he could sense a hint of her attention to begin with went to show just how amazing his Dream Force affinity was, but it was still uncomfortable, feeling as though someone could take a look into your mind whenever they wanted.

This aside, if they started talking about these details in earnest, Leonel wasn't yet strong enough to stave it off entirely.

"I cannot give you more details than this: "The Four Great Families are not to be trusted. The Dream Pavilion will never be as fragile as they seem. The Godlens are the most aligned with goals that you might describe as... the greater good. The Cult can be used. And your best chance at survival is the Dream Pavilion."

Leonel blinked when he heard all of this. It felt like his grandfather was talking absolute nonsense.

The Four Great Families weren't to be trusted? Well, wasn't that obvious? It wasn't like he would come to them with hat in hand hopping for some handouts. If for no other reason than Aina, at the very least, the Brazinger family couldn't be allowed to continue to exist.

The Dream Pavilion isn't fragile seemed like another obvious one.

The Godlens were... good?

The Cult could be used was another head scratcher, and on top of that, if the Godlens were good, then why was his best chance for survival the Dream Pavilion instead?

Hadn't King been the head of the Dream Pavilion? Shouldn't they be his greatest enemies?

Wait, how did he know that?

Leonel's pupils constricted. This matter was far more complicated than he knew, and Fawkes was clearly driving that home.

"What will happen to this Incomplete World?" Leonel finally asked a question.

"I will be taking it with me."

"And you aren't asking me to go with you because?"

"You're an annoyance."

Leonel's lip twitched. He knew that this wasn't the real answer, but shouldn't this old man be a bit more mature in this situation? Unbelievable.

"I will be taking your grandmother and your mother with me."

Leonel looked up and met his grandfather's eyes, then eventually nodded. He doubted his mother would be very happy about it, but he also doubted that she would get much of a choice in the matter too.

He much preferred things to be like this.

"Your cousin, however, will be with you. Whether he lives or dies, will be decided by his fate."

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